This is a collection of 100+ word drabbles I've written in my LJ. The titles are taken from Canary's KI Titles. There are meant to be 100 of them, but since I've practically given up on ever becoming a serious fanficcer, here are the remaining ones I haven't posted yet. However I will still continue with this when inspiration strikes. If you enjoyed any of them, comments will be appreciated. Thanks to everyone who reviewed:)

011 :: 好きなんだ! (I love you!)

It happened all too suddenly.

I managed to gulp down the sake before I could spit it out in shock. The liquid rushed up my nostrils and I choked in a fit of coughs.

"Ka… Kakashi-sensei???"

But he only smiled sleepily at me, and I watched as his sake cup fell onto the table and his body hit the tatami in a flop. The jonin was completely smashed. Surprisingly, Kakashi doesn't hold his drink very well.

I could feel my face burning, and I knew it wasn't from the alcohol. If only he could say it when he was sober.

012 :: 虫 (insect) For Kiasca

"I saw you with your shirt off today."

It took Iruka a full second to register what Kakashi just said. In the suffocating heat of his small apartment and with the loud mating calls of cicadas hammering at his head, the last thing Iruka needed was some jonin inviting himself into his apartment to start a third degree.

"Iruka-sensei, I saw you with your shirt off today," apparently Kakashi thought by repeating the same sentence, only slower, will somehow help Iruka comprehend the logic behind it. Even through his mask, Iruka could make out Kakashi's long pout from the stretch of the fabric. He wondered how Kakashi keeps himself from fainting in his full Shinobi gear. The man didn't even break a sweat.

"Kakashi-san, it's summer. It was a sparring session. An Aburame kid slipped a cockroach under my shirt."

"That explains the little strip dance you did."

013 :: 精神安定性 (tranquillizer)

Iruka slowly opened his eyes and stole a glance at Kakashi. His head was tilted and too close to focus, and Iruka could barely make out his expression.

His arms securely around Iruka, Kakashi's eyes were fully shut and his brows relaxed into a katakana "ha". Feeling his deep, contented breathing and warm, searching mouth, it's hard to believe that this man, who's kissing Iruka with all the trust and concentration of a suckling child, was the same Kakashi Hatake who had just eliminated a ninja village.

Iruka closed his eyes again and tightened his grip on the blood-soaked torso.

014 :: call (For rocky5mew)

It was summer, and the day was long, hot, and slow. For the most part Kakashi endured the sticky fabric of his shirt sandwiched between his vest and his sweaty back, and by evening the only things on his mind were a nice hot shower, beer, and air-conditioning on full blast.

It was only fair that he had completely forgotten his promise to meet Iruka and discuss his new team over dinner.

And it was only fair that, five hours past the proposed meeting time, Iruka showed up at Kakashi's doorsteps with his students' report cards, past assessments, health records, documents for graduation, progressive reports, Iruka's personal student notes, and the most beautiful smile with the deadliest glare.

015 :: 幽霊 (ghost)

Iruka has been away from the village for two weeks. Before he left, we slept together, and we kissed goodbye. He left me a daily to-do-list in case I forget to cook and wash.

Kakashi-sensei is more quiet than usual, Sakura observes. Sasuke will hardly care, and Naruto is too busy mastering a jutsu he promised to show Iruka when he returns.

By night, the real challenge comes. Images blur, colour fades, and memories haunt me in the dark hours. I am cocooned in my sickness.

"Iruka… please hurry back, soon…"

Without you, I am only a ghost of myself.

026 :: 声(voice)

"I hate you."

Iruka-sensei has his back facing me. He hasn't spoken for three hours.

"I hate you."

We had a fight. I've already forgotten what it was about.

"I hate you."

I love you. I love you. I love you.

"... I hate you."

He is still correcting the papers. He won't turn around. My voice lowers, until it's barely a sob.

"... I really, really hate you."

At that, he put down his pen and practically slams his face into the test papers. He ears turning into the cutest shade of pink.

Looks like he understood me afterall.

086 :: wasurerarenai (I cannot forget)



"If you died, I will forget you."


"Even my parents, I never thought I could possibly forget them, but now I can only vaguely remember how they looked." So I will definitely forget you.

"…That's okay. I want you to move on. And be happy." Kakashi smiled. "But if you chose to remember, Iruka-sensei, I know a way." And it will be my last gift for you.

Kakashi had been gone for ten years. But Iruka remembered. Every morning when he looked into the mirror, the red reminder would stare back with a mischievous glint from the reflection.