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"Chihiro," The teacher called, looking furious.

Chihiro lifted her head from the desk, blinking away the sleep.

"This is the Fifth time I catch you sleeping in class again," The teacher scolded.

Chihiro gave an apologetic look. "I'm sorry Mr Richmond, truly I am, I…I haven't been sleeping well lately," Chihiro answered, hoping that he would take this as her excuse.

The teacher nodded. "Why don't you try talking to the school councilor," he asked.

Chihiro nodded. "Can I go now," Chihiro asked.

The teacher nodded. "You may be excused," he said.

Chihiro bowed. "thank you sir," she thanked.

Placing her books together, she stood up, worried faces stared at her. Chihiro glanced at Yukiko, her best friend that sat next to her, she too had a worried face.

Ever since Chihiro moved to the school, she had always been quiet and always kept her thoughts to herself, it seemed to everyone else that she was always away in her own world.

Yukiko had tried countless of times, asking her why, she was like that. Most of the answers she received was just a mere 'I haven't had enough sleep' or 'I'm fine, just tired,'

Not only was Yukiko worried, the whole school was. Lately Chihiro has been dosing off in class, her excuse always because she hasn't had enough sleep.

Her parents though were the most worried of all. They always tried talking to her, but she every time they tried, she would just answer 'oh it's nothing, just studying to much I guess,'

Her grades were relatively high above average, indicating to her peers around her that she was hiding something that she felt by burying her head in books all the time.

Chihiro walked out of the class room, glancing away at all the students staring at her with questioned faces.

Quietly, she stepped out and to the hall way. She made her way down the hall and to her locker, placing her books in there. Opening her locker, she saw the picture that she had stuck inside, it was a picture of a dragon, a long silver dragon, with blue fur that ran on its back from its head to its tail.

She had drawn this picture, not long after she had visited the spirit world; she drew it so that it would remind her each day of the promise between girl and boy, made a long time ago.

She smiled at the memory.

"Will we meet some time again," she had asked.

"Sure we will," he answered, smiling.

"Promise," she asked quickly.

"Promise," he answered.

"Now go…and don't look back," She remembered his last words.

She shook away the memories that haunted her.

"Where are you Haku?" Chihiro whispered, with a sigh.

She packed her bag, and walked to the front door.

Ignoring what her teacher had instructed her to do.

She walked quickly, so that she would be unnoticed by the teachers that were teaching in other class rooms.

Though she forgot that her 8 year old brother, Keitaro, would be in one of the class rooms, that she walked pass.

He had spotted her walking, holding her school bag.

He excused himself by lying that he was sick. The teacher sent him to the medical bay, unaware of what he was thinking of doing. He ignored the instructions of the teacher, all that wondered in his mind was where his sister was going, and why she had left without him.

Everyday in the afternoon, they would meet once school finished and she would walk home with him. But today was different, she just left.

He grabbed his bag, and followed her out of school.

She looked from the path on the road, or the path that led her into the forest, where the entrance to the spirit world once stood.

Smiling, she decided to walk home through the forest, savoring every bit of the cool air.

She was still unaware of the stalker that followed her close behind.

Her brother wondered closely behind, watching her actions.

Walking through the forest took some time, though he still followed close behind.

For an 8 year old, he was pretty mature with his actions.

Chihiro accidentally came across the entrance.

She stopped for a moment, startled, anxious and scared, thousands of questions ran through her mind. 'what if…'

"Don't go in," Keitaro chanted, he didn't like the idea of following his sister into some sort of place that could possibly be of harm to both of them if some maniac was in there.

She did the exact opposite, she sniffled and walked into the darkness.

Keitaro stopped for a moment, "I think I should follow her in," he said to himself.

Chihiro walked through the old ruin she once walked through 8 years ago.

She remembered it clearly.

"Don't cling like that Chihiro, you'll make me trip," her mother had stated.

Smiling, she entered the spirit world.

Quickly she took some food from her bag and ate it, she had remembered her close accouter with disappearing forever.

She ate it whilst she walked to the bridge.

"Chihiro..what are you doing," Keitaro asked.

Chihiro stopped 1 step away from the bridge.

Falling to her knees, tears sprang from her eyes.

Keitaro noticed the dark clouds that suddenly appeared in the sky.

"No, not rain of all days," Keitaro cursed.

Small droplets of rain fell, Keitaro hid under the closets tree, still keeping a close eye on Chihiro.

She still knelt there crying to herself.

"Haku," she kept murmuring.

"Chihiro," a lady asked, walking across the bridge. She had long brown hair, and wore pink clothes.

She knelt down, and placed an arm on Chihiro's shoulder.

"You've returned, after 8 years," the lady said.

Chihiro looked up. "Lin," she asked.

The lady nodded. "It's been a while huh," she said smiling.

"I saw the bath house, no smoke from the chimney, I thought it was out of business, I didn't think there would be anyone here," Chihiro shot out.

"No, it's not out of business, thankfully otherwise where would I get to stay," Lin asked, with a smile.

"Lin.." Chihiro started.

"How about we get you out of the rain," Lin suggested.

Keitaro looked down to his hands, they were see through.

Scared he screamed.

"Chihiro," he yelled, running over to her.

"Keitaro," Chihiro said questionably.

Lin stared amazed, she wasn't sure what to think. Was the little boy Chihiro's son? Or was he her brother?

"I'm disappearing Chihiro, what' happening," Keitaro asked.

"Here eat this," Chihiro said, handing him a bar of chocolate.

Keitaro did as he was told and ate quietly.

After he finished he looked at his arm. "I'm solid again," he said smiling.

"Why did you follow me," Chihiro asked with a frown.

"I wasn't sure whether you would remember to walk me home this afternoon, so I thought maybe I'd leave with you," Keitaro answered, with a proud smile.

Chihiro nodded. "Mum and dad are going to be furious when they find us missing," Chihiro said.

Keitaro frowned. "What do you mean find us missing," Keitaro asked.

"Sorry to break this up, but the rain is getting heavier," Lin said.

They both nodded, and walked to the front shade of the bath house.

"Missing," Keitaro asked.

Chihiro bent down and placed her arms on either side of Keitaro.

"This world, Keitaro, is not like ours, it's the Spirit world, I'm not sure how long time really fly's in our world when we are here, all we can do is guess, and I guessed that it would be a few months or something," Chihiro said.

"Few months, Chihiro what are you thinking, leaving mum and dad behind, along with me to worry about your where abouts," Keitaro struggled to say.

Chihiro shook her head. "It's not like that Keitaro, you must understand, 8 years ago, I came here accidentally, when I left a promise was made between a girl and a boy, a promise that has become a burden to the girls life as she grew up, all she ever thought about was if they would met again," Chihiro explained.

"That girl was you," Keitaro answered.

Chihiro nodded. "I…"

"That's why you always seem sad," Keitaro said.

Chihiro nodded again. "I do care about mum and dad Keitaro, but this promise, I had to fulfill it, otherwise I would go crazy, day and night all I think about is the last time we linked eyes, I had to leave, even if it meant 6 months or even a year, I had to come back to see if what I saw 10 years was really real……..I have things that I need to tell him, that are very important to me…I need to know if he feels the same," Chihiro said.

Keitaro smiled. "Well, if it makes you happy, I guess we can stay for a while, mum and dad won't miss us anyway, their always too busy working," Keitaro snorted.

"Don't say that, you know they work so that you can get your toys and I can get my clothes," Chihiro said.

Keitaro chuckled. "I guess," he said.

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To Be Continued...