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Several months has passed since the Ogino Family made their entrance to the Spirit World.

Haku and Chihiro managed to get permission from her parents for the two to sleep in the same room, but in different beds. That didn't stop them from joining the beds together at night did it?

It took some time for Chihiro's parents to believe everything, the speaking frogs, the eight legged man Kamaji, the spirits. At one stage they even threaten to return to the human world. But they saw how happy Chihiro was and decided this was where she belonged, no matter how hard they would try to she wouldn't leave Haku.

So eventually they settled in their own house. Saying that they'd rather retire here and stay permently in the spirit world, not having to worry about money as Haku had it all provided for them. Mail that was sent to them was magically redirected to Chihiro's parents house in the spirit world.

Their relatives however, only had knowledge that the Ogino family had decided to stay in some remote forest away from civilization. None knew where they really were.

Keitaro went to school in the local primary school in the Spirit World. Whilst Chihiro remained in the bath house, helping Haku out in the accounts for the bath house.

Chihiro's parents were both given management jobs for the bath house which they proudly accepted.

Chihiro stood on the balcony of their room, staring out at the ocean.

She shivered from the wind that blew around her.

'How do I tell him?' Chihiro thought.

This was the only time she had away from him. Haku was downstairs talking to customers, and she managed to sneak of back to the room.

It was lunch time by now, though she remained standing there lost in thought.

So lost she didn't even hear Haku sneak up behind her.

"Hey." He whispered in her ear. His hands came to rest on either side of her.

Startled, she smiled, refusing to turn around she started.

This was it, she had to tell him. She has kept it a secret for too long already.

"Haku. There's something I think you should know." She said.

Haku tilted his head, startled by her words. "What do you mean?" He asked.

Chihiro chuckled. "I don't know how to tell you this." She struggled to say.

Finally after some time she build up the courage, she took his hand in hers, and placed it on her abdomen.

Haku gasped at what she did.

"I'm…..pregnant Haku." She said, closing her eyes.

"Ours?" Haku whispered.

She nodded.

Haku stood there dumbfounded at her words. Truly he was the happiest man alive.

Having a child with Chihiro! That's what he has always wanted, more than anything in the world.

Though he didn't know that she was afraid. Afraid that he may not want this with her.

She was startled when Haku's thumb started to brush her skin.

Leaning in he kissed her neck. "Chihiro. You've made me the happiest man alive." Haku smirked.

Chihiro kept quiet, slowly trying to take in what Haku had just said.

He asked, breaking the silence. "Are you okay with this Chihiro? Do you want this Chihiro, with me?"

Shocked at his words, Chihiro turned around in his arms which were now resting on either side of the railings.

Her eyes had tears in them, happy tears. She smiled, resting her hands on Haku's chest.

"I do…I mean Of course I do Haku. Carrying a child that is yours is unbelievably wonderful. To know that a part of you grows within me is wonderful Haku. I thank you for giving me such a gift none other could. I just am scared because this is my first time carrying a baby and I'm just nervous with going through the whole pregnancy thing." Chihiro explained, ending with a sheepish smile.

Haku moved his hands to rest on her arms.

"We will go through this together okay? Everything, the morning sickness, mood swings, I will be there all the way." Haku said.

Chihiro nodded then smiled.

Her smile soon dissolved and a frown appeared. "What about my parents? What do I tell them?"

Haku chuckled. "Tell them the truth. Tell them that you are pregnant with a baby."

"How about who the father is?" Chihiro smirked.

Haku nodded with a smirk. "Who is the father?"

Chihiro giggled. "Well he's this really handsome man who I met 8 years ago. He's got greenish black hair, jade eyes and also turns into a dragon. A beautiful dragon I must add. Anyway he's really sweet, has a great body and loves me terribly."

Haku had his mouth open. "Where is this man, I want to go beat the life out of him for stealing you away from me." He said seriously, though you could see the smirk in his eyes.

Chihiro smirked. "It so happens he's right here, in front of me."

Haku smiled; staring into her eyes he stayed silent for a moment.

"Will our child take on your dragon form?" Chihiro asked.

Haku smiled then nod. "He would have my immortality and magic, therefore I become a mortal like you though I can still perform magic."

Chihiro frowned. "Why do you give up immortality? I mean having the chance to live forever is a good thing. Is it not?"

Haku smirked. "I would rather life a mortal life with you, then to live forever without you."

Chihiro smiled at his words.

Taking a deep breath in Haku whispered, leaning in to kiss her on the lips. "I love you Chihiro."

He bent down, lifted her shirt slightly and kissed her stomach. "I love you too buddy." He whispered to her abdomen where the small foetus laid.

Standing up he met Chihiro's gaze.

She stared at him lovingly as he kissed her abdomen. It was amazing to see how soft and gentle Haku had become after she told him about the baby.

His touch against her abdomen was so soft you could just barely feel it.

Haku stood up fully. "Come on, we better get you inside before you get sick." Haku said, leading Chihiro into the room.

"Shall we tell them now?" Chihiro asked.

"When you are ready then so am I." Haku smiled.

Chihiro smiled, she placed a hand on his cheek. "You really are the sweetest man I've ever known."

Haku smiled, taking her hand and resting it against his chest he said. "And you. You're the most breath taking women I've ever seen in my life. It's you that makes my heart stop and my lungs locked out without air. It's you that sometimes leaves me blanked out with words. I love you Chihiro, the mother of my child." Haku smirked.

Chihiro chuckled.

Haku smiled. "I wonder what our future has for us."

Chihiro smirked. "Lets find out." Taking his hand and leading them out of the door.

The End

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