She will bear him a child. But in return, his weaknesses are revealed. The restoration of his clan will lie in her womb. Part I of the Experiment Arc, rated M. dark KakaSaku, SasuSaku


First off, what is Mendori-chan's "Experiment Arc?"

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a/n: I think that there are some authors who will agree with me when I say that Sasuke might end up taking Sakura for granted. I doubt that he will change sooner or later. He might even take advantage on her innocence and love for him. But of course, that's only my opinion. In this fic, I will let Sasuke realize his humanity, that he too is capable of feeling jealousy, pain and regret.

oooooo Scene I oooooo

"Don't try too hard... you'll only hate yourself in the end."

She hurled enough chakra as she concentrated with her eyes closed, her hands creating a steady hand seal. The flow of amounting chakra within her was beginning to burn up her palms since she had intentionally concentrated it there. No detours. Everything had to be done with one swift blow.

Her emerald eyes slowly opened to meet her target-- a tall, silver-haired man standing ten meters away from her. And, as quick as the blink of an eye, she evanesced from her current position to deliver her attack, hurling every strength within her body for the assault. Speed wasn't the problem; it was touching him that made the whole exercise exhausting.

The clenched fist that desired to meet his face had been easily evaded, much to her shock. She was, afterall, one of the fastest students he had ever taken care of. But it wasn't good enough. The unseen sidestep he made was unbelievably fast that once her attack had missed, it made her upperbody completely vulnerable. Easily, with just one single motion, he gave her a hit on the back, causing her to lose balance.

The rest was simply humiliating. Her face met with the grass below, making her cough out the green vegetation from her mouth. Slowly, she looked up, only to meet the teasing crinkled up eye that was her sensei's. She cursed.

"I'll get you next time."

But her body refused to move once she tried to stand up. Already, she had exhausted her chakra and pushing herself beyond her limitations was just insane. This, in some way, made her sensei watch her with amusement.

"Sakura-kun, you're only wasting your chakra. It's the thirty-fourth time you fell to the ground already."

She frowned, her emerald eyes glowing with determination. She managed to sit up, though, and look up to her teacher's eyes.

"Kakashi-sensei no baka!"

For some odd reason, he had not grown used to her calling him that. Ever since she told him not to go easy on her, she had been calling him a baka for numerous times and for countless, objectionable reasons.

"Oh.." was all he could reply, overwhelmed by his amusement. Even the most disrespectful of children would dare not call him such a name. Hatake Kakashi was afterall, one of the greatest shinobis during his ANBU days. Yet, he could not figure out why his student had suddenly lost respect. She no longer cared about his past, nor did she care about his mysterious face, covered by that annoying mask.

She would even complain how unfair it is for her sensei to wear his head protector slanting over his face, covering his left eye. It would be harder for her to read his movements by seeing only one of his eyes... although, if ever he took it off, things would have been waaaay harder now that his Sharingan is exposed. And she knew this, so she couldn't ask him to gain more advantage of her.

However, it didn't matter much to him. Whenever she was around, he could be himself.

He chuckled in amusement.

"Kakashi-sensei, you were cheating!" His pink-haired student struggled to rise from her sitting position. She was as mad as hell now. "I never told you to sidestep!" Somehow, with her pouting cheeks, creased face and whining tone, they made her... well, charming.

"You never told me to go easy on you either," he replied, a smile forming under his mask. Now, he placed his hand on her head and continued, "Your chakra has grown much more compared to yesterday. I think you've had enough training already."

He knew her fairly well now. Ever since her two comrades had set off somewhere far from Konoha, she would ask for advanced lessons on how to control her chakra efficiently and precisely. She wanted to train harder and so she strived to improve herself... ever since. Ever since that day he told her she was nothing but a worthless piece of crap.

This amazed him, though he wouldn't allow her to see it that easily.

His gaze turned to the setting sun. "Ja... let's get you home."

Haruno Sakura had no time to object. Her teacher had already picked her up from the ground and carried her on his back. It felt awkward, really, but she had no choice but to agree.

"Sensei no baka... I'm really going to get you tomorrow!"

"A, ah." The teacher chuckled. "You'll have all the time in the world, Sakura-kun. Your potential is great."

She only sighed. He would always comment her that way. Even if she found it quite flattering at first, the statement became mundane. So she fell silent as they walked along the street that had been painted with shades of red and yellow due to the gradual disappearance of the star they call the sun. Her head had fallen unconsciously on his right shoulder, perhaps her stamina completely abused already.

"Sakura-kun?" Kakashi's steady voice spoke up once he stopped along the sidewalk. She had already fallen asleeep. A smile crept in, tickling his hidden cheeks. She has, indeed, grown. But that would never change the fact that he could still find remnants of the Sakura he knew so long ago: a happy, intelligent, open young woman.

"Oyasumi nasai."

oooooo Scene II oooooo

Sometime later, she began to stir. Her eyes flew open and she found herself lying awake on her bed with the clock that read 3:23 am. Kakashi must have explained to her mother that she had fallen asleep on his back again after exhausting her chakra.

She exhaled sharply. "Baka... I can take care of myself."

Haruno Sakura sat up and looked around her room, making use of the small light the moon provided from outside. It was dark and cold... and she had this stupid migrane. Perhaps it was because she didn't have time to wipe off the sweat on her skin and that she slept without cooling off a bit. But she grew used to it. It was always like this after training.

Carefully, she made her way out the door with only her soiled red dress and a blue jacket to keep her warm. Once she arrived outside the porch, she just realized that it had been raining already.

And it made her heart ache a bit.

Subtle, it was, but she could still sense the feelings left behind for an Uchiha Sasuke. Apparently, the rain was the sole reminder for her of that day...

As usual (four years ago, that is), she spotted her Sasuke-kun with a keen eye. But this time, he was making his way to Tsunade-sama's home. It gave her a very disturbed feeling, so she chose to follow him. Stealthily, she eliminated her presence with the advanced Genjutsus her sensei had taught her, making him unable to detect her existence. Even if he would turn to her direction every once in a while, he still could not see her. So he carried out on his plan: assassinate Konoha's Godaime, Tsunade-sama.

And she could not help but wonder that for some odd reason, he looked different that night.

Sakura snapped back to reality once she heard a creak on the roof. Her attention was completely swallowed by her thoughts that she noticed her silver-haired sensei, crouched on top of the roof only now. Her emerald eyes widened, utterly confused to see Kakashi here this early.

But before she could spit out a word, he spoke first, "I have told you time and again that a ninja must never allow his enemy to come from behind."

He was as clever as he was before. She couldn't even sense a single thing that he was just sitting there, watching her. Maybe, she thought, that's how he managed to grab hold of his success.

"H-How long have you been there?" The slight tremble of her voice was caused by the cold, and because of her minor migrane as well.

His eyes crinkled up into a smile. In a moment, he disappeared from the roof and re-appeared right in front of her, his features completely soaked from the rain. "Sakura-kun, in a situation like this, what do you think I should do?" His voice was deep and calm, making her shrug uncomfortably.

It confused her at first, but it seems that her sensei had started yet another lecture. A dark smirk played on the young woman's lips when she replied, "Kakashi-sensei, a lecture at 3am like this can be useful in some way... that is, if you were really a teacher."

His eyes widened and he immediately withdrew once Sakura grabbed hold of a kunai. She threatened to stab him already, but the silver-haired man just stood there, perhaps smiling. "You've grown quite a lot."

The pink-haired girl frowned. Her sensei would never ask such perverted questions, even if he read quite a lot of Icha Icha Paradise. Still, she knew him too well.

"Since when did you come back... Sasuke-kun?"

The man who stood as Kakashi vanished and was replaced by another man who had haunted her dreams for four years. His dark image had matured over the years, creating a firm outline of his sculptured face. She could slightly see the scars from numerous battles carved on his pale skin, and the developed muscles in his arms that boasted its magnificence through his black sleeveless shirt. Dressed to kill, as always, that Sasuke. He looked even more handsome... but became deadlier.

"Hora, aren't you glad to see me?" His voice was nonchalat, but it was as cold as ice. Uchiha Sasuke had finally retuned. Although she was so unsure what to say, he remained still, examining her features. Buttocks firm and sweet, hair pale pink and glossy, emerald eyes shaped with uncertainty, and curves good enough to grab hold of. She grew quite a lot...a lot more than he expected.

Sakura bit her lower lip. She felt like a woman captured naked in a painting as he gazed at her with so many thoughts... good or bad, she didn't know.

"I waited for you..." Her voice began to tremble again. "D-Dammit, Sasuke-kun, why now!"

She had already burst into tears, but what surprised him was the fact that she didn't let her guard down even for a second. Her hand was still clutching the kunai, eyes never giving in to any hint whatsoever that she might put it back down.

But he just smirked again.

Sasuke walked towards the girl who had once fallen madly in love with him. The girl who used to follow him everywhere, who used to flirt and act cute towards him, and who used to add "Sasuke-kun" before she ended a sentece. Yes, he thought it was so annoying and frustrating. But now that he realized how much she has grown...

He wanted to toy with her so badly. To claim her body as his. To make her feel pain. And to leave her battered and crying.

His fingers wet from the rain left a trail of water on her cheek as he traced its outline. He was so fascinated. Was it possible for a once insensitive and childish girl to grow and mature into a woman he was gazing at this very moment? The monstrosity of time... it flies too fast. Perhaps too fast for him to even realize that the hand he used to smooth her cheek had killed hundreds of men from unspoken A-rank missions. Now, he was smiling, a dark intention crossing his mind.

But Sakura only looked at him with disgust. She pulled away, cursed him, and then threw a shuriken with the use of her free hand. He reacted just in time, though. Sasuke had returned under the rain, anticipating her next move as he stood beside a sakura tree. But she was quick enough to run after him and cause a small cut on his cheek with the kunai she grasped. And as of now, the rain slowly soaked her as well.

"You've improved," he swiftly grabbed both her hands and pressed them harshly on the treetrunk, "...but you're still weak."

The way he spoke was completely devoid of emotions. She could not even determine if this man had a boy she once called Sasuke-kun living somewhere within him. He was a stranger disguised in the Uchiha heir's flesh. Without hesitation, Sakura spit in his face.

"Disgusting," she hissed, struggling to break free from his grasp. But he wouldn't allow her; instead, his grip had tightened as he inched closer to her face. His dark eyes reflected a kind of sadistic hatred, a stare she would never expect even Sasuke to possess.

"Ii zou, Sakura. What is it that you've wanted so desperately to say in my face?"

Her blood boiled. He had no right to return and talk to her about anything at a time like this. He is no longer a part of her life, and she had moved on ages ago, hoping she would never see his face ever again. "You left me-- no, all of us hanging, Sasuke-kun. We waited for you and believed that your heart was not capable of betraying Konoha as a Missing-nin." She bit her own lip fiercely. "Damn you!" Gradually, tears had finally escaped her emerald eyes. With her voice breaking, she uttered, "I waited for you long enough..."

It was so unnoticeable that even the most keen of eyes wouldn't see, but she sensed it. Sasuke's eyes twitched.

He covered it all up quickly though. And he was so damn good in hiding his feelings. Maybe this is what he had learned for the past four years.

"You can wait no longer, can you Sakura?" His face was hovering just above hers, and one more inch closer, their lips would have overlapped. "Aren't you glad to have me this close? Where is the Sakura who used to flirt and follow me? It seems that after that night…"

He began to trail off that she felt his grip loosen. Sakura quickly hurled her right hand and slapped him then and there, causing his speech to hinder. His face had been forced to face left because of the attack and a small red bruise formed on his cheek.

"You hurt him." She could only hear the bitterness and hate in her steady voice. Sasuke turned back his head to meet her gaze once more, his dark and emotionless eyes being covered by his drenched tresses. "I cannot forgive you for that!" she hissed more, her tone barely above a whimper.

The night that Sasuke designated to assassinate Tsunade-sama was the night he unexpectedly met up with their ex-sensei, Hatake Kakashi. The silver-haired man had long anticipated that night and there was no way he was going to allow his former pupil to carry on with his plan.

"Don't get in my way…" he hissed.

"I will not allow you to lay a finger on our Godaime."

Sakura watched both males converse from her invisible position, looking awfully curious. That night was, indeed, unforgettable. She sat hidden amid the trees that covered her even more and witnessed a fight that traumatized her for years. Sasuke was left bloody on the cold ground as Kakashi stood victorious.

"You are a strong pupil, Sasuke-kun. But I will not allow that fact to intimidate me."

"Damn you!" The boy continued to charge at him blindly, but missing every single punch, hit, kick and blow.

Just when his defeat began to become certain did the Uchiha show his last resort. It was a gamble, but he wasn't about to back off with his plan. He created a number of hand seals to summon an application of his Sharingan, something even the most advanced shinobis could not pull off without a risk. Kakashi could not escape.

After that moment, their sensei was left to rot on the ground as Sasuke fled, on his way to the Godaime's dwelling. Sakura couldn't find a reason to hate someone she had long loved, but after that night, every ounce of pain resurfaced.

The pink-haired young woman exhaled sharply. "I cared for Kakashi-sensei after what you did." He sensed the hate and overwhelming emotions surging within her body. "Sasuke-kun, you are no longer needed here—" Sakura placed her hand on her heart. "—and since that night, my feelings for Kakashi-sensei grew."

He was stunned.

"I don't love you the way I always told you I would."

He bit his lip and took a step back. "I didn't come here to know that, idiot." The coldness of his voice was impenetrable yet calm. A dark hint in his eyes was revealed. "I came to break you."

oooooo Scene III oooooo

Hatake Kakashi woke up from his sleep.

A feeling of uncertainty nudged him out of his dream, and it was enough to convince him that something was going terribly wrong. He didn't have time to change, so he exited his apartment with only his outdoor pants and a black sleeveless shirt to shelter his body from the rain. With only a handful of shurikens and kunais as his weapons, he didn't care less about the outcome. Sakura was in danger, and she needed him.

The rain hadn't ceased yet at this hour; it continued to pour down on him, soaking his tall figure as he sped on his way to Sakura's house. The silhouette of his shape displayed the eerie resemblance of a ghost. For some odd reason, he felt unsure… was he going to end up that way tonight?

He shook his head and eliminated all his pessimistic thoughts.

"If that man came back…"

oooooo Scene IV oooooo

The very next thing she realized was the picture of her being shoved to the muddy ground and being crushed.

She lost the voice to scream for help. She could not understand what was happening as he took her in his arms and brought her deeper into the forest.

When they arrived at a spot, his cold hands began to take off her red dress while she just lay against the moistened grass, having no idea of his plan. Her heart was racing as he positioned himself above her, eyes still and aloof.


"He's dead."

Tears began to fall. "K-Kakashi…sensei will—"

He pressed two fingers against her lips to keep her silent. "Don't speak of any other man in my presence!"

She shut her eyes, ultimately scared. A man whom she had loved so dearly years ago was now attempting to break her. The Sasuke-kun who used to cover for her during dangerous missions… the Sasuke-kun who used to scold her for not training properly… he was gone. The sheer reminder of that man was this stranger's face.

When he pressured her shoulders down to the ground, Sakura could not fight back anymore. The afternoon training with her ex-sensei made her consume all of her energy and Chakra, making all of her attempts to escape useless.

But she had to do something.

Slowly, she opened her eyes to meet the gaze of the man before her. He was staring back at her, unable to decide on what to do next. He was confused, perhaps bickering with his childhood heart and his thirst for vengeance.

But with all her courage, she traced remnants of vestige feelings for this man and resurfaced it all as her last resort. And tenderly, she moved upward to meet his lips. Yes, she kissed him with all the yearning and pain she had felt years ago. She kissed him tenderly.



Her warmness could not make him understand. Why did he feel like an asshole?

But then, he realized: he was falling for her plan. Hastily, he broke the kiss and continued to undress her.

She began to cry.

"Why are you doing this…?" Her voice was hoarse and breaking.

"I am not entitled to be asked questions."


Finally, his eyes went back to hers. "Dammit, what do you want?"

But the sharpness of his tone vanished once Sakura began to smooth her fingertips against his pale skin. "You've been seeking for love, haven't you?" She remained calm, trying to understand his situation with all the goodness in her heart. He was devoid of emotions back then, and it was only now when the regret really started to seep in. The hurt, the anguish in his eyes were concealed perfectly over the years… but she saw right through them.

"Sasuke-kun… If only you let me, I would have poured everything just to see you happy."

He stared at her, stunned.

"But it's too late now, Sasuke-kun." The steadiness of her voice began to falter while she struggled not to stammer. "You were never there for me when I needed you the most… unlike the way Kakashi-sensei comforted me during those times when I yearned for you greatly." She traced the outline of his cheek, feeling the warmth of the tears he shed. "It was too late…"

Crying… it was an alien word in his mind. Since when did he, the great Uchiha Sasuke, shed tears for a stupid situation such as this? Since when? Since his clan was swiped out? Since happiness was robbed away from him? Since he had no other choice but to lead a path he never wanted to follow? Really, it was absurd…

But he was crying nonetheless.

"If only you realized your humanity sooner…" Haruno Sakura embraced him warmly. No, it wasn't an embrace of love and affection. It was an embrace he desperately needed since then; an embrace that made him see that even she was capable of giving. "I would have held you like this forever."

He bit his lip. "Why did you wait for me?"

"Loving is beyond time and space."

It was simple, but he refused to understand it fully.

This time, however, his pride was far too great to be sacrificed, especially in front of the woman he wished to break. The restoration of his clan… will lie in her womb.

As if nothing had happened before, Sasuke resurfaced his sadistic eyes and uttered, "Your Sasuke-kun is gone now. And, as I've told you before, I will break you." He harshly shoved her back to the ground and tore the remaining wear that protected the most sacred part of her body. Despite her screams, he refused to hear them. He refused to listen.




He felt the sweetness of her innocence flow down his manhood as his rhythm paced. She had been clutching and gripping on his shirt, desperately trying to get rid of the pain he had caused. She had pleaded for him to stop long ago, but he continued to delve within her deeper whilst she moaned in pain.

He couldn't have been this cold…

Who was this man ripping away her soul?

A stranger… she knew nothing of.

As short as a glance, she stared deep into his dark, emotionless eyes; eyes of which were completely preoccupied with his doing. She was near to tears once she realized the reality of all this, that the man who was taking away her innocence was a boy she had known long ago.

"Sasuke-kun…" her voice was dry, breaking.

Still, he continued to hasten his pace, shattering the hopes and dreams of a young woman who was only guilty of loving him too much. The pain was so intese that she could not scream, could not feel anymore, could not understand.

She turned away and struggled to reach for a kunai that was barely touching her fingertips. But her strength was already exhausted; the pain was too much to bear.

Emerald eyes blinded by tears, her soiled muddy dress soaked against the cold grass, and her aching heart…

She couldn't reach it.

She couldn't go on.

And once her hand had finally fell limply on the wet grass beneath them that had been covered by her own blood, she reminisced.


"Omae wa… urusai na."


Faint sobs echoed throughout the dark forest, seeking for someone to hear them.


He finally exited her womb, panting heavily as she stared back at him in fear.


A dark smirk of triumph; a haunting image of a stranger living in the shell of a once great shinobi— it lingered in her head… a nightmare.


He bent down to nibble on her already bruised ear. A whisper, so soft, yet it made her scream inside.

"Bear me a child."



Was it long? Hm… please leave a review. Really weird plot. :D It's my first time in a rated M fic, so I didn't put much details. I'm too young to understand anyway. Hehe :D Btw, this is sort-of like an idea I got after reading those Sasuke-becomes-a-missing-nin-and-does-it-with-Sakura, only I included Kaka-chibi-chan in the scene. I love him, but I hate Sakura. Why I made such a pair is something only God knows… :D