Run the Numbers

I have gone through and reworked this story. The basic essance of the tale has not changed but I have cleaned up a lot of the grammatical problems and I have altered Alan's character a little. He seemed too upset and overly emotional to me. I have written enough Numb3rs pieces now that I felt it was time to go back and make some changes to this first Numb3rs fic that I ever wrote.
This story is rated PG13. There is no sex or profanity in this story but there is TV rated violence.It takes place in season one before there had been major character development.

Summary: After an accident that leaves him with no memory of who he is, Charlie is kidnapped by two ruthless men who force him to decode encrypted data that was stolen from a biogenetics laboratory.

Main Characters from the show:

Charlie Eppes
Don Eppes
Alan Eppes
Larry Fleinhardt
Assistant Director Walt Merrick
Terry Lake
David Sinclair

Original Characters created for this story:

Doctor Martin Shaw
Robert Slocum
Dr. Trevor Baker
Michael Reed
Devlin Jacobs
Dr. Castor
Dimetry Yokonovitch
Sub Director Mark Reynolds
Agent Jeff Armstrong