I just wrote this randomly. tell me how it is? ONE-SHOT, and if people like it, despite it's shortness, i may write a sequel.

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He walked down the hallway with a confident smirk on his face. His morning ritual, as it were. Almost as much his ritual as it was hers.

They passed each other, continuing to their designated classes. He wasn't quite sure when it began, but he would take more notice of her. He would rationalise it with how he could never care about how those robes fit her so well, or how that hair cut was rather flattering. He could never notice those things. He hated her.

But in truth, he had stopped hating her long ago. Despite the pain it caused him, he was forced to admit it to himself. There was no way he could hate such a beautiful creature.

But, pretences must be upheld, rules abided to. He could not give in. They continued to pass each other in the hallways, silent as ever. Almost as if it would break all the boundaries they had set down. Boundaries they would never dream to cross.

He knew she felt the same way about the boundaries. She would never love him. Oh what he would to make her love him the way he loved her. Despite the odds, he saw her as the most intoxicating, beautiful woman he had ever had ever laid his eyes upon.

Soon, all too soon for him, it was graduation day. The last day the ritual could be performed. Their ritual. He turned the corner and wandered down the hall. He could see her in the distance, slowly approaching him. Calming himself, he walked forward.

They met in the middle of the hallway. They both came to a stop. He surveyed her. 'Brains and beauty all in one.' He mused in his mind. Not letting any of his emotions play on her face, he nodded to her. She nodded back.



Continuing forward, they passed each other and went on. He paid no heed to the tears forming in his eyes, simply thinking of how much he will miss these times. How he will miss her, the one woman who would never love him.

And so Draco Malfoy walked down the hall, unaware of the tears streaming down Hermione Grangers face as she thought about how much she would miss these times, and the one man would never love her.


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