Chapter 17-The Party Part 2

Sasuke watched as the two danced in the middle of the hall. Everyone had their eyes on the pair: the fat Tomy and the elegant Sakura. Even though the host of the party was "somewhat overweight", he can carry his body quite with grace.

After the music stopped playing, everyone applauded at the dance by the two. Sakura blushed at all the attention she was getting while Tomy liked it. It was when his hands were too low for Sasuke to watch when he decided to interrupt "their fun".

Walking up to the middle of the floor, he reached out his hands towards hers, just like Tomy did earlier. Then he asked Sakura, without the smugness in his voice, "Sakura, may I have this dance?"

At long last, you decided to make a move! All it took was a dance with a whale in a penguin suit. Why didn't I think of that? I should have thought of that—

Shut up will you.

Fine, just this once. But just because I expect something to happen during the dance.

Did he just ask me for a dance?

Yeah, he did! Are you deaf? But you can't be deaf, coz' I heard it too.

Uchiha Sasuke just asked me for a dance…

Yeah, he did. Are you dense or something?

He asked me?


"O-okay," she replied, still shocked at Sasuke's bold action. Letting go of Tomy's hand, she placed her hand on Sasuke's as the music started.

Tomy walked away from the two, mumbling incoherent words under his breath. He joined the other people at the sidelines, who watched drama between the two unfold.

It was a slow and sweet waltz. Sasuke placed his right hand on Sakura's shoulder while his left was on her waist. Sakura, on the other hand, placed both of her hands on his shoulders.

To Sakura's surprise, it was Sasuke who was leading the dance. But she was more shocked to find out that Sauske can dance social dances with such grace that can rival a swan in flight.

Sakura moved closer to Sasuke's lean body, her arms wrapping around his neck, her face on his well-built chest. She heard Sasuke's breath hitch when she did this bold feat, but it soon returned back to normal.

Sasuke found his right hand sliding down from her shoulder all the way to her waist. He pulled her closer so that he could rest his head on hers.

This heartbeat…is it mine…or Sasuke's. She thought as she listened to the fast beating of a heart. Or maybe, it's ours, beating together… Closing her eyes, she continued to listen to the steady beats.

She's so close. She smells like…strawberries. Sasuke mused as he breathed in her scent with closed eyes.

It was like there was only the two of them. It was as if no one else was watching them as they danced in the beat of the music.

Yeah! At last, some action between them! SASIV exclaimed as he danced with SAKIV.

I agree. I thought it would take forever before they do something like this! SAKIV replied, very happy with the chain of event. Then they realized:

Why are you in Sasuke's/Sakura's head?! They exclaimed at the same time.

No, it's not! They said at the same time again.

A fight started between them, but that's another story.

Soon enough, the music stopped. Sasuke lifted his head from Sakura's and looked down on her as she looked up. Onyx met emerald. Their faces were only centimeters apart. They were about to close the gap between them when Tomy cleared his voice. This earned a glare from Sasuke and a deep shade of red from Sakura.

Damn him, said SAKIV and SASIV in chorus.

Sasuke, who held Sakura's hand, led them back to their table as Tomy went to the platform.

"My beloved guests, thank you for coming to my party. As you know—" he started to choke. Soon, he was coughing out blood. Then, he fell forward, flat on his face, with a knife sticking out of his back.

The people screamed.