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Chapter 1 Summer plans and The Mansion

"So what should we do this summer?" Yugi asked. "Well my aunt has this really pretty mansion, with this beautiful garden. She said I'm welcomed to bring friends and vacation there a while." Tea said. "That sounds kind of boring." Joey said. " Well it's by a nice city with a lot to do. And it's by a beach." Tea said. "A beach? Well that changes a lot." Tristan said. "It does sound like fun." Serenity said. "So who all should I say is going?" Tea asked. "Defiantly count me in." Marik said. "And Me." Bakura replied and wrapped an arm around Marik. "Okay who else. Let's see, Marik, Bakura, Ryou, Y. Marik, Yami, Yugi, serenity, me, Tristan, Joey, Duke and Mai." Tea said. "You think Kaiba will want to come?" Yugi asked. "I doubt it." Joey said. "Well then everyone go home and pack, we leave tomorrow." Tea said. They all agreed and left to go home.

The next day everyone was packed and ready. "So how exactly are we getting there?" Duke asked. "My mom will drive us in her van." Tea answered. "Okay then." Duke replied and everyone got in the van. They drove for a while. When they got to the next city everyone looked out there windows. "Wow this is a pretty big place." Serenity said. "We won't be to bored this summer." Tristan commented. They headed in down a road with a more closed in neighborhood. There were a lot of huge houses. "Wow these houses are gorgeous." Serenity said. They approached the Mansion. It was a huge mansion. Very pretty. It had a flowery scenery all around. It had a huge garden in the back. "Wow is this the place? It's beautiful." Mai said.

They went up to the mansion. Tea's aunt was at the door. "Well what do you think of it?" She said with a smile. "It's great, probably better then kaiba's." Joey said with a laugh. "I'm glad you like it. Tea why don't you help them find some rooms?" Her aunt said. (She'll be called Debbie Gardner. Why I can't think of anything creative at the moment.) "Okay, sure." Tea respond. They all headed inside. They went upstairs to look for rooms. "Let's see everyone gets their own room. So just choose one. These are all guessed rooms. My Aunt likes having friends stay here." Tea explained. Everyone choose their rooms. They decide to explore the place a while.

"Wow this is a nice place." Serenity said. "How long can we stay?" "As long as we like, at least two weeks." Tea said. "We should unpack our stuff." Yami said. Everyone agreed. They went to their rooms to unpack. Marik headed to his room. He started unpacking thing. He started hearing a whispering sound. He looked around. But saw nothing in his room that would make the sound. "Hem must be one of the others in their room." Marik said. He suddenly started feeling cold. "That's weird, its summer. It must be the air-conditioning." He said. He pulled out a long sleeve shirt and throws it on and started unpacking more. When he was done he met the others in the hall. "Um Marik why are you wearing that? It's summer." Bakura asked. "I was cold, isn't the air up to high?" Marik asked. "Feels fine to me." Tristan said. Marik shrugged.

"Let's just look around." He said. They went to look around some more. A while later they went to have dinner.

"I hope you like it. I've been cooking all day before you arrived. Wanted to make sure there was enough for all of you." Debbie said. "Well that might be a problem with Joey and Tristan around." Yugi said. Everyone laughed and started eating. After that the sat around then living room. "Hey Ms. Gardner you got any video games?" Tristan asked. "Um not that I know of." Debbie replied. "I brought some." Tea said. " I knew I'd have to be prepared." Everyone began playing video games a while before deciding it was time for bed. They all headed to their rooms. Marik went to his room and opened the window to let the warm breeze in. For a minute he thought he saw someone in the garden. He looked again but no one was there. He shrugged it off assuming he was seeing things. He laid down and fell asleep.



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