MarikRules- Hi people this is the last chapter of Garden of Spectors, but don't be sad I have a sequal. Its for Bakura fans this time. Well its like this one only Bakura is the victum and Mariks protecting him. Okay well this chapter I can not take complete credit for. My friend JaCinta actualy wrote this chapter. I was just stuck on how to end it all so she helped me out. Well I did look over it and put in changes, So we kind of wrote it together. I hope you like it. And I hope you'll read the sequal Dark Water Spirits.



Chapter 11 Reunited

Clarissa then turned around to the sound of the voice that was heard. She then saw in front of her a man who was wearing a black tuxedo with the appearance of purple lavender eyes, platinum blond hair, and Egyptian tan skin. Clarissa then sat Marik who was half way alive down. She walked over to the familiar looking man with ease. "Ke- Kemo? Is that you?" Clarissa asked. "Why yes my love, it is." Clarissa then moved in on Kemo at a fast pace. She quickly wrapped her arms around Kemo. "My Kemo! Finally I have found you! All these years I thought you had left me." Clarissa said hugging Kemo. "My dear Clarissa I would never leave you. It's just that I too had a hard time searching for you. I couldn't find you anywhere. When I first heard you had committed suicide to yourself I immediately stared searching for you but I couldn't find you anywhere." Kemo said " You were looking for me?" asked Clarissa. "Yes my love. Once I heard you were searching for me as well I was so happy. But who is he?" asked Kemo who was pointing at Marik. Clarissa then walked over to Marik who was lying helplessly on the ground. She gently picked him up and held him in her arms. "This is Marik. He's the boy I mistaken for you." She said "Really? You thought he was me?" asked Kemo looking at Marik. "Yes. When I first saw him I knew he had to be you because he looked just like you with the same features and everything. I trying to convince him that he was you but he kept rejecting it. I was infecting him with this god awful sickness so he could die and I could finally have you. Now I know that he was right. He's not you." Clarissa then put her hands on Kemo's face. "This is the real you." Kemo then moved towards Clarissa as she was gently putting Marik down. She moved in on Kemo and kissed him. "Oh Clarissa, I'm so glad were together again. I promise to never again leave you," said Kemo holding Clarissa's hand. "We better leave now Clarissa and return back to our own world." Kemo said as he was walking towards the portal to the sprit world. "Your right Kemo. But first I must restore Marik's life back." Clarissa said picking up Marik. "Right. I'll be waiting Clarissa." Kemo said as he walked towards the portal.

Clarissa then laid her hands on Marik's face and Marik then woke up to see the sight of Clarissa. "Huh. Where am I? Why do I feel so strange?" asked Marik. "Marik." Marik then look at Clarissa who was still holding him in her arms. "Clarissa? What's going on?" asked Marik. "Do not worry Marik, I will not hurt you. Your safe now." Clarissa said. "I thought you were going to kill me and make me yours forever." Marik stated. " No Marik. I found who I was looking for. The real Kemo finally found me and now we can live in paradise forever. I thought at first you were Kemo but then I realized I was wrong and you were right. I'm very sorry for putting you through all this stress. I'm sorry for making you suffer the sickness I planted in you. I'm sorry for all the threats I made to your friends. And I'm sorry for trying to take you from your lover. I just thought you were Kemo for sure." Marik then moved closer to Clarissa "I'm not upset. It was a common mistake. I mean you gotta admit I do look a lot like Kemo." he said. "I'm really glad your not upset Marik. I just wish I could make it up to you."

"Well promise me this. Promise me you'll live a happy afterlife with Kemo and that you won't separate form him again." " I promise Marik. You know you may not have been Kemo but I was really starting to fall in love with you." Marik then stared moving away from Clarissa. "Ok that's a little to much." said Marik. "Oh, your right. I'm sorry Marik. Well I better get going. Kemo's probably waiting for me on the other side."

Clarissa then started walking towards the portal. Clarissa then stared fading away towards the light of the portal. The portal started to disappear as the fog faded away. Marik then found himself back in the garden at the mansion.

Marik was just about to walk back inside the mansion when he heard someone crying. He then followed the sound of the crying. It was Bakura who was sitting on the side of the water fountain. Marik then walked over to Bakura. "Bakura, why are you crying?" asked Marik. "Why do you think I'm crying? I'm crying because that witch took you and killed you! Now because of her I'll never see you again! Never! All because of some guy named Kemo!" Bakura screamed. "Bakura, I'm right here Clarissa's gone. We don't have to worry about her anymore." said Marik laughing. "Whatever Marik! I know where you are. You're……..your right here! Marik! Your back and your alive!" said Bakura hugging Marik. "Yep! In the flesh!" yelled Marik. "But how? I thought Clarissa took you and turned you into a ghost. Did she finally realize you weren't Kemo and moved on?" "Well, something like that. But let's not worry about that. Now that I'm back I'm yours forever." Marik then moved in and kissed Bakura. Bakura gave in to Marik's kiss.

"Hey look, it's Marik and he's ok!" They then heard a voice coming from one of the mansion's windows. It was Tea. Everybody then ran out to the garden to meet Marik and Bakura. They were all happy to see Marik alive and they were very surprised. "Marik! Good to see you buddy! Did you finally teach that ghost a lesson?" asked Joey. "Well let's just say we won't be seeing her around here again." laughed Marik. "Aww, does that mean I have to cancel my appointment with the ghost busters?" said Ms. Debbie. "Umm Aunt Debbie, why did you call the ghost buster team?" asked Tea. "To get rid of Clarissa of course." There was silence, and then everybody laughed.

Everybody then headed back inside the mansion. They were all tired from the long night. "Man I'm bushed! I'm heading back to the sack. Goodnight guys!" said Joey who was yawning. "Goodnight." everyone said. They all headed back to their rooms and went back to sleep. Bakura and Marik were the only to standing in the hallway. "Wow! This has been some night hasn't it?" asked Marik. "Yeah. I'm just glad you're ok. I thought I lost you forever." responded Bakura. "You'll never loose me Bakura. I'm stuck to you like glue." Marik said as he wrapped his arms around Bakura's waist. "Do you need a cuddle partner tonight?" asked Bakura. "No not tonight. I think I can sleep alone tonight." said Marik. "Ok baby. See you in the morning." Bakura then kissed Marik on the cheek. He then started walking back to his room.

Marik then walked back to his room. He quickly took his shirt off and had only his tan cargo pants on. He then laid in his bed and fell asleep.

Bakura got to his room and also went to sleep. At the back of his mind he heard a voice. "Bakura..."

The End



MarikRules- Yes the ending right there is suppose to indicate the sequal which I had up but took down for editing but I'm doneits called Dark Water spirits please go read it.Its short and not that good I might edit it again.