This was the last straw. The last time they would ever take him for granted or pretend that he didn't existence, that he didn't matter to them one way or another. He was tired of feeling like a pawn that in their many battles only to return to the isolation that had plagued his entire life. No, he would prove to them that he too was a force to be reckoned with andwhen everything was said and doneall who pushed him into the background will know the true meaning of the word fear.

His powers, his determination and overall drive was too strong and had been tainted with years of abuse, neglect and maltreatment on the part of his parents and brain dead aunts to continue to suffer in silence any longer. It was his time now, his turn to be admired not just his over praised, all important and self righteous brother. He had, had enough of being the forgotten son, the one nobody wanted, the one who lived in the shadows of his brother's destiny. Well, no more.

It was his time to go after what he wanted and the first order of business would be to break them to the point of a psychotic breakdown. Play on their greatest fears, hope and wishes. To throw the mistakes of the past in their faces until they begged for mercy, unfortunately for them he had none left to give.

After all they deserved it for the years of complete and total disregard for his happiness and well being. As a child he remembered the many times he was left home alone, scared and unprotected in his room while his parents and aunts stopped yet another demon from taking away their precious twice blessed son and nephew. He thought back to how the hot tears would run down his face while screaming for someone, anyone to comfort him, to make him their number one priority but each and every time his panicked cries would go unanswered.

Christopher Halliwell laughed out loud knowing what great fun would be had at their expense and how there would be no one to comfort them in their time of need. The thought brought a smile to his face as he knew of the instant gratification their pain would bring to him knowing that they would finally get to feel what he had all those years ago.

To feel their pain, misfortune and horror as he hurt them in the worst ways possible for his own satisfaction brought about intense feelings of delight and pleasure that the boy hadn't felt since he caused his father's little "accident" a few short days ago.

"Paybacks a bitch" the boy said as a twisted smile formed on his face, the kind that his brother would always turn away from and call unsettling.

He then threw the potion at the wall causing it to glow a bright blue color, opening the path to the past where his misery and odium had begun.

Walking towards the light the boy stopped to look back when he heard someone enter the attic.

"Chris what are you doing?" asked Wyatt Halliwell in a nervous voice "What's that portal for?"

"What's the matter big brother? Scared"

When the man didn't respond the boy spoke again.

"Good almighty one, you should be" the man's younger sibling replied in a malice tone, before disappearing into the portal as a terrified Wyatt stood motionless.