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Chapter 12

His cruel, evil laughter echoed loudly throughout Halliwell manor as an intense wave of energy erupted form his body, sending everyone in its path crashing to the ground. Before any of the witches had a chance to react the dark haired boy released yet another wave that was blue in color and felt as if it were a hundred times stronger then the one that had preceded it. The boy's mischievous cackle increased as the ciaos around him continued and was only slightly drowned out by the shattering of glass and the sound of debris crashing into the walls in a massive display of power.

To him this was astonishing, exhilarating and magnificent. The smug, self-righteous and egotistical members of his family had now been reduced to nothing more than inferior gutter rats scurrying around the room seeking shelter from his wrath. He had to smile despite himself his best efforts at the amount of satisfaction he was receiving from their sudden fall from grace but in the far reaches of his mind he felt a twinge of regret. All he wanted was for them to acknowledge him and love him the way they did his brother which was rather sad and pitiful. Although he would never fully allow himself to feel these emotions he still knew they were there and it drove him crazy.

"Chris please stop" he heard his mother plead. He wasn't sure which version had called out to him but he didn't care. All that mattered to him was paying them back for everything that they had done to him.

"Listen to Mom Chris. Please don't do this. You have to stop before you hurt somebody" pleaded Wyatt as he held on tightly to the wall trying desperately not to fall to the ground.

"What's the matter big brother? Aren't you enjoying the show?" replied the witch as his searched the faces of those he was currently torturing.

He smiled in triumph as each of them seemed to be in a state of shock as they clung on to each other and any piece of furniture that hadn't suddenly grown wings, fighting with everything they had not to be sucked up into the ferocious tornado like wind. They all looked petrified and trembled in fear of what was to come next just as they should. As much fun as he was having the young man knew that he had to make an example out of one of them and showcase even more of his superior powers and prove to them how much he didn't need them, even though his heart said other wise.

Now all he had to do was choose one.

But who would it be?

Who was the one person that hurt him the most? Who was the one person that never really cared about him, the one who could take or leave him on any given day? The one family member that crushed him leaving him feeling alone, rejected and unimportant. The more he thought about it the more the choice became more obvious.

His mother Piper.

She was the one who told everyone that he could take care of himself on those nights of horror that so immensely filled his childhood. She was the reason he was always alone and forgotten. She was the one whom pushed him away and made him fend for himself as child. She was the one who didn't love him enough to ever put him first. It was her and her alone that was the source of his suffering and had she stopped for just one damn minute to see the amount of pain he was in and see that he needed her more then his favored sibling then he wouldn't have to do this. He wouldn't be forced to hurt them. But that was her mistake and now she had to pay.

He had never seen his brother so angry or bitter and it scared him. Chris was always so calm and in control even when he wasn't. As far back as the blond could remember it was he who was the hot headed, quick tempered sibling and now watching his brother explode in such a destructive way made him extremely anxious. His fear and distress over the whole situation only increased when he saw the younger boy advance on his mother while still wearing that twisted smile of his causing a lump to form in his throat.

The voice inside his head pleaded with him, telling him to do something and get the woman out of the way for her own safety but he couldn't. For the first time in his life Wyatt Halliwell stood completely motionless and powerless to do anything about the event talking place before his eyes. He wanted to help his mother and save her from the terror that her own reckless actions had brought about but his body just would not respond

Maybe knowing how his brother felt and reading it in the boy's own words soured him against his own mother and made him hate her on his brother's behalf. Sure she ha been a great mother to him but what about Chris? He was a good kid before the years of neglect finally got to him but now his brother was someone else all together.

With his eyes still fixated on the scene before him Wyatt cringed as he watched his mothers eyes widen in fear before she was thrown across the room curiosity of her precious baby boy. The cries of her sisters and the past version of herself filled the air along with the sound of her own name being shouted by her husband. They were all forced to witness the heinous and vengeful acts of their son and nephew and because of their current situation the witches and Elders were incapable of doing anything to stop it.

Wyatt knew that something had to be done and quickly before the situation got even further out of control. But not even the almighty twice blessed son was prepared for what was about to happen next.

No one was.

With one flick of the wrist the young witch gather all of his family members into a pile on the floor in one corner of the room before a red force field formed around them, separating them from the future version of the eldest charmed one and her second born son. No one knew what was in store for the woman but they were painfully aware that it wasn't going to be anything good.

"Looks like it's just you and me Mom" taunted Chris while making his way over to her as the wind around him intensified.

"Leave her alone damn it. You've proved your point" screamed a panicked Phoebe. She was scared for her sister's safety as well as her nephew's sanity but there was nothing she could do but stand there and watch. "Leo do something!" she yelled out of desperation.

"I can't!" snapped both men, highly frustrated that their will wasn't strong enough to overpower their son's magic.

"Chris I know you're hurting son but harming your mother is not going to stop the pain. You have to let us help you"

"Help me? Help me do what?" questioned the boy who never removed his eyes from his mother.

"Be happy again. To feel loved. Let us make up for our mistakes Chris and let them" the man said motioning to the past versions of his family members "know what not to do. Tell us where we went wrong and help them learn from it. Help them to fix it Chris"

"It's too late. There's nothing you can say or do Dad. No one can help me. There's nothing left to save. I'm too broken. There's nothing left to fix. But I have to admit what you said before was true. Hurting Mom won't stop the pain" the boy said wiping a stray tear from his eye. "However it sure as hell will make me feel good and when I'm done with her, I'm coming for you" he said while forming an energy ball in his hands. The blue light shun brightly as everyone in room froze.

"Honey please don't do this. Chris! Listen to me baby I love you" cried past Piper as Phoebe and Paige moved closer to her to hold the woman up and keep her from falling to the ground.

"Sorry Mom but it's too little too late. You should have thought about that before you neglected me. Before you left me alone, before you turned your back on me"

"I never did that Chris. I would never have done that to you on purpose, you have to believe that"

"We have to do something quick before he kills her" noted Paige as she watched her nephew raise his arm high in the air.

Future Piper was shocked beyond words and had done nothing the whole time but kneel at her son's feet and cried. Part of her felt as if she deserved this. Deserved the pain she was about to endure as payback for her mistreatment of her child. Although her disregard for him was not tensional she was still his mother and he was her son and it was her responsibility to watch over him and because she had pushed him into someone else's shadow he had become the cold, jaded man she saw before her now and had only herself to blame.

"How about the power of three spell?" questioned Phoebe "I think if we say it enough times it could weaken the force field"

"Piper honey we need you to help us" said Paige putting a delicate hand on her sister's shoulder. "I know you want to help him but the only way to do that is to snap yourself out of this and say the spell with us. Can you do that?"

"Yeah" came the woman's weak reply as she stared at her son who was ready to kill the woman before him, he was ready to kill her.

"Ok, here goes"

"The power of three will set us free" chanted all three women as they watched a shaken Chris getting ready to release the ball of death he had created.

"You have to say it faster. Hurry before he kills her" yelled a frantic Leo hoping that the charmed sisters would be able to save the woman.

"Please don't" whispered Wyatt to himself as he watched his brother continue to draw his hand back.

"Wyatt!" screamed Leo as he took notice for the first time that in his youngest son's ciaos he had forgotten to place his brother behind the force field. "Wyatt, snap out of it. You have to help your mother. You have to save her" the man pleaded with his son who continued to stand motionless as his brother was getting ready to commit the ultimate sin.

Wyatt looked on with tear filled eyes as the sound of his father's voice and the chants of his mother and her sisters filled the air. He knew what had to be done but did he posses the will or the strength to it? Was he capable of doing the one thing that had never imagined doing?

That's when he felt it.

He could feel his limbs as they began to unfreeze themselves. It was then that he felt the power flowing from within and could feel the heat welling up in his body and rushing to his hand. He slightly cursed himself for what he was about to do and part of him thought that this was what his brother wanted. That he had left him out of the force field for this reason and it killed him. He didn't want to do this and he hated his little brother from forcing his hand.

As he lifted his palm high in the air images of him and his brother growing up together filled his head. All of the fun times they had together, all the promises that they made for each other came rushing back to him as he released the circle from his hand and screamed out in pain right along with his brother before falling to his knees.

"NOO!" cried both Pipers as they watched their youngest son collapse to the ground and ceased to move.

At that moment the force field vanished and taking with it the heart and soul of the Christopher Perry Halliwell. Past Piper wanted to rush to the boy's side and take him in her arms and promise him that everything was going to be ok but not only had her future self beat her to it, but she knew that there was no presence behind those green eyes that were froze in their open state. She watched on through blurry vision as her future self and future Leo clung tightly to their dead son, crying hysterically while calling his name and trying to will him back to life.

But there was no use.

The boy was dead upon impact and there wasn't even the slightest chance of saving him. She continued to take in the heartbreaking scene in front of her as she watched her eldest son stare off into nothingness completely oblivious to his parents pain do to the fact that he was currently trapped inside his own mind. The young man was no doubt dealing with what he had just done while grieving for his little brother and best friend.

It was killing her to witness this but she was determined to stop the tragedy taking place in front of her before it has a chance to happen. She would remember this moment and do everything in her power to love her baby and keep the child that he is separate from the man she had known two years ago. They were different people she knew that now and would have to be sure to remind herself of this as he grows up. Making sure that her son would never feel this pain again, that he would always be happy and safe and will always feel loved. This was her goal. This was her mission and it was one that she was going to be successful in.

Suddenly the future versions of her family began to fade away and hopefully they were taking with them their unpleasant and pain filled future.

"What just happened?" questioned Paige in a soft tone as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Something good. We saw what the future was going to be like. We saw how bad it was going to be and now we can change it and no matter what I have to do I will make things better for my baby. He will never become the man I saw today. I promise that he will never again feel neglected"

The End