Chapter One

A friendship blooms

A young blond boy, who was about six years of age, walks down the busy streets of a village called Konoha. As he walk the streets he can't help but to noticed again the glares that always follows him everywhere he goes. 'I just don't know why they keep staring at me like that. Like I'm some kind of a monster.' he though. Unknown to him their glares hold a meaning that could change his life forever.

Even though he kept getting those glares he happily runs to his favorite food stand in Konoha, Ichiraku Ramen. This boy has a large appetite for ramen. Every time that he was unhappy ramen always cheers him up.

As he reach the food stand he shouted, "Hey Ojisan, one miso pork ramen." As the old man heard the boy he smacks his head for being so damn loud. "Oy Naruto, don't be so loud there are other costumer here. See." As the old man pointed to the two other people in his stand and then turned to a young girl with blue hair and white eyes. "And for you miss, what will you have." said the old man.

"Anou… I-I'll have a shrimp ramen, please." quietly replied by the girl.

"Okay coming right up." said the old man as he makes his way to cook the ramen.

Five minutes later the old man served their ramens. "Miso pork for Naruto and shrimp for miss polite and quiet." said the old man as he served the ramens. The girl blushes at what the man said but after a few seconds retain herself and ate her ramen quietly. On the other hand, Naruto was so loud in eating you only could hear slurping sounds.

'Hmm… Ramen always makes me happy.' He though 'Hey this girl beside me is kinda cool. Look at her eyes, it's so white. Maybe I can ask her to play with me.' He though again as he stares at the girl.

The girl notice that this boy kept staring at her and couldn't help but blush. "Anou. C-could h-help you with s-something." She ask as she met his eyes.

"Ah.. I'm sorry for staring but you have cool eyes." Naruto replied and then took another slurp of his ramen.

The girl was shocked at what he said and at the same time she blushed. No one ever said that to her because the other kids are afraid of her because she is a Hyuuga. They were a powerful clan next to the Uchiha. She stared at him for a moment then went back to finishing her ramen.

"Ahhh… ramen always makes me happy." Naruto said as he finish his ramen and then turn to the girl next to him. "I'm really sorry for staring at you earlier and I mean it you really do have cool eyes. Oh, where's my manners. My name is Uzumaki Naruto and yours is?" he asked.

For the second time she was again shocked at the boy antics and again blush but she looks up to face him. "I-I'm Hyuuga H-Hinata. Nice to m-meet you." She said.

"Hinata, ha. You have a pretty name. Do you want to play at the playground with me." He asked. He hoped that she would say yes because playing alone is no fun, he said to himself.

And do I dare say it, she again was shocked because no one as in no one ask her to play with them before. Of course she wanted to, she wanted to be accepted by someone and now was her chance. She finished off her ramen and then she looks him.

"S-sure, my f-father won't e-expect me h-home till late a-afternoon." She stuttered but had a small smile in her lips.

"Great!" he excitedly said as he drop his money on the table and drag Hinata to the playground. Then Hinata remember that she hadn't paid for her ramen.

"Wait! Naruto I forgot t-to pay f-for my r-ramen." She said it quietly but Naruto heard it.

"Don't worry I already paid for both of us." He explained.

"B-but why?" she curiously questioned him.

"I don't know. Maybe because you're the only person you ever wanted to play with me." He replied sadly.

There was a long silence until they reach the playground. They both sat on a swing. Naruto decided to break the silence.

"Hinata, want me to push you?" he asked as he scratch his head.

Hinata simply nodded. Naruto began to push her and push until the swing was swinging with a moderate speed. Hinata was having, after her mother's death, fun. She began to giggle and for some reason so did Naruto. As the swing starts to reduce its speed so did their giggles faded.

"Anou.. N-Naruto can I ask you a q-question?"

"Sure, Hinata. What is it?"

"Why d-did you say that I was the only one that wanted to play with you?"

"I don't know." He was looking down when he answered her. He really doesn't know why they didn't want to play with he. They tell him that his not in their level or something like that. Naruto didn't realize that a tear made its way down his cheek.

Hinata didn't know what came over her but she sat up from the swing, made her way to Naruto and wipe the tear away.

"Naruto… I'm here, I'll play with you and I'll let you know that you to were my first playmate." Naruto look up to see Hinata's smile and for some reason he felt much better.

"Thanks Hinata-chan." He said as he gave her a foxy grin. 'Hinata-chan that's nice.' He though.

No one had called her Hinata-chan in quite a long time. 'It's nice to hear my name like that again' she though.

"Your welcome Naruto-kun" she said as her cheeks became a little pink.

No one had called him Naruto-kun before. 'It's nice to hear my name like that.' He though.

"Come on Hinata-chan, lets slide." He said as he drags Hinata to the slide. But Hinata had escaped his grip and run away from him.

"Beh. Beh. Naruto-kun can't catch me."She giggled as she playfully run around the playground so that he wouldn't catch her.

"Hinata-chan, I'm gonna get you. Just you wait." He said as he run to catch her.

They run and run until Naruto finally caught Hinata and pinned her to the grass and tickled her. She couldn't stop laughing until Naruto lastly freed her. That was his fatal mistake as she began to tickle him. He told her to stop but she continued to tickle him. And eventually she stopped because the sun is almost setting. They were having so much fun they didn't realize the time.

"Naruto-kun, I'm going home or my father will be mad at me." She said as she wave goodbye and walks towards her house er- estate.

"Bye, Hinata-chan. Tomorrow lets meet here and play again." He shouted as he too waved goodbye. Hinata nodded.

'Now I have a friend.' They both though as they went there separate ways and will meet again tomorrow.

To be continued……………….

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