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Chapter Five

Recalling memories

Hazaki Yuuko couldn't sleep even though her body is screaming in tiredness. The technique she used to enter Naruto's mind used up all her human chakra. (A/N: I'm gonna separate Yuuko's demon chakra and human chakra so please bear with me.) She never has spent all her human chakra before. There was something bothering Yuuko but she didn't know what it is.

'I need to talk to Kyuubi-niisan.' She thought.

Yuuko then headed to Naruto and Hinata's room. She slightly opens the door to see that both Naruto and Hinata are sleeping. Although she was very tired she quickly made the hand seals and enters Naruto's mind.

In front of Kyuubi's cage

"Well sister what are you doing here?" Kyuubi asked.

"I couldn't sleep. Something is bothering me but I don't know what." She explained. "Aren't you gonna train Naruto?" She was curious because Naruto was nowhere in sight.

"Didn't feel like it. By the way how could you speak with me anyways?"

"Well after you left I returned to our home and stumbled upon an interesting scroll." She began to explain.

Flashback (A/N: I'm gonna have about well many flashbacks in this chapter.)

After Kyuubi left young twelve year old Yuuko, she headed back inside their house and hid inside her room. She fell into a deep slumber but had awaken because of the howling wolfs.

Yuuko's eyes shot open and she started to scream. "AHHH!" 'That was all a dream.' She thought and importantly she wished that that it was only a dream. But when she opened her door she found the bodies of her mother and her aunt and on the side were some ninjas.

She then remembered what happened and realized that Kyuubi hasn't returned. "Where are you Kyuubi-niisan?" She didn't realize that tears were falling from her eyes and running to her cheeks falling to the floor.

"Yuuko get a hold of yourself. You're strong." She said to herself as she went to the dead body of her mother. "Mama, why did you leave me? I love you so much. I'm so sorry if sometimes I didn't listen to you. Sorry if sometimes I'm not good to you. I know I'm not a perfect daughter but now I promise you I will live and make you happy. I will miss you so much." She said with tears gushing down her eyes.

That night Yuuko buried her mother and aunt at her mother's garden and just dump the ninja's bodies in some place. She couldn't think to where else she could place the carcass of her mother and aunt than in their most special place. 'I know both of you will be in heaven watching me. I hope you also watch over Kyuubi-niisan.' She thought placing flowers beside their grave.

She came back home to gather some clothing so she can start her journey. She promised herself that she will be strong and that she will find her brother. After packing she went to her mother's room. The room has her mother's scent and she couldn't help herself to cry remembering all of her mother's memories. She reached her mother's closet, she opens it and on the side was a big scroll. 'This may be the summoning scroll that mother was talking about. Better take it with me.' She took the scroll and started her journey.

Upon reaching a town she heard from the villagers that the fox demon with nine tails attacked Konoha. Their Hokage couldn't defeat the fox demon and loss his life but sealed it in a new born baby. After hearing what had happen to her brother she quickly did a research of the seal but couldn't found anything. After almost giving up she found a waterfall passage leading to a house. She hastily searches the house and found some few interesting stuff. First, there was no one living there. Second, some interesting scrolls and third, a seal scroll were in various seal and how to get by one are written.

She began to rebuild the house and put a genjutsu in the opening of the passage. She began to study seals and tried to create a way to communicate the sealed thing and train her summoning jutsu. And if for a chance she found Kyuubi she could talk to him.

End Flashback

"That's how I develop a jutsu to talk to you." She said. Then she added, "Because I know I can't release you."

"You became really strong. I am proud of you." He said with a smile on his face. "By the way have you mastered your summoning technique?" He asked.

"Yes, I have." She smirked.

"You do know that you can summon foxes, don't you?"

"I do but I know you can only summon one type of creature and I choose what my family's summons."

"Are you gonna teach Hinata to summon? I'll be teaching Naruto to summon foxes."

"Yes when she's old enough."

"Yes now is not the best time to teach them how to summon their bodies can't take it." He said. "Well sister you should go to bed now. I can sense that you are very tired." He added.

"This technique can use up a lot of chakra. Goodnight Kyuubi-niisan." She waved goodbye.

"Goodnight sister." And with that Yuuko's spirit returned and Yuuko went to her bedroom and slept soundly.

The next day Yuuko awakes early in the morning feeling great, her body was relax and wasn't hurting anymore so decides to cook breakfast. After she finishes cooking she sets the table and went outside. She did her daily warm-up once she was done she proceeded to the bathroom then went to her room to change. When she returned to the kitchen Naruto and Hinata were already there.

"Good morning Naruto, Hinata." She said with a smile on her face. "Go wash yourself and join me so we could eat."

Hinata and Naruto went to their room and got some clothes then went to the bathroom. Hinata went to the closes bathroom while Naruto took the farther bathroom. After they went to the kitchen and ate their breakfast with Yuuko.

After finishing their meals Yuuko lead them to the living room. "Now we will have a schedule. In the morning you both shall learn your lessons and in the afternoon we shall have training. Is that clear?" Yuuko said as she collected some books and set it down the table.

Naruto and Hinata just nodded.

"Read these books. These are books on basic mathematics and science. If you need any help I will be outside." With that Yuuko left the kids alone.

"Naruto-kun let us start." Hinata said with a smile.

"Okay Hinata-chan." Naruto groaned not wanting to study at all but he has to. (A/N: Just to let you know Naruto and Hinata knows how to read already.)

After they have finished their study it was lunch time. Yuuko had made chicken teriyaki and rice. Once they have finished they resumed training. Doing what they did the other day. Nightfall came and both Hinata and Naruto were very tired. After dinner they went to their respected bathrooms and went to bed.

A year have passed since the day Naruto and Hinata runaway and met Yuuko. The two learned so much in just a year. They were both thankful that Yuuko found them that day since then they have been living like a one happy family. Naruto and Hinata were sitting on the steps of the house.

"Naruto-kun remember Yuuko-neechan's birthday." Seven year old Hinata asked.

"Do I ever." Seven year old Naruto said with his signature foxy grin.


Two months have passed since Naruto and Hinata fled the village of Konoha and was now September. 16. A day before Yuuko's birthday. Both Hinata and Naruto were very excited but didn't know what to get her.

"Hinata-chan tomorrow is Yuuko-neechan's birthday. What should we get her?" Naruto asked taking his eyes off the book his reading.

Hinata looked up and met Naruto's face. "I don't know. Maybe some flowers since we don't have money and can't go to the near by village."

"That's a great idea and I know where we can get beautiful flowers."

Hinata was curious. "Where Naruto-kun?"

"Remember when we runaway I saw a flowerbed with beautiful red and white roses growing. Maybe we can ask Yuuko-neechan to let as go outside and get the flowers." Naruto explained. Hinata just nodded.

"YUUKO-NEECHAN." Naruto shouted.

"Naruto there is no need to shout. What is it?" Yuuko asked rubbing her ears.

"Could me and Hinata play outside, PLEASE?" Naruto activating his puppy dog eyes which no body could resist.

"Always using those eyes. Okay but use henge."

"Okay, we'll be back in just a few hours." Naruto said dragging Hinata outside the house and out the passage. Hinata just let Naruto drag her.

They reached the part of the forest where the flowers are.

"Naruto-kun they're beautiful." Hinata said picking the flowers.

"Told you Hinata-chan. Come on let us pick these beautiful flowers." Helping Hinata pick the flowers they had picked twelve white roses and seven red roses and headed back home. Naruto did the hand seals and the waterfall split into two. They were careful so Yuuko couldn't see the flowers. They hid it in their room.

The next morning came and the two were very excited. They even woke up before Yuuko.

"Hinata-chan we better take our baths and make Yuuko-neechan breakfast, okay."

"Okay Naruto-kun." She said with a smile.

They headed to their bathrooms and after they were done. They met in the kitchen.

"Hinata-chan there's the batter for the pancakes. You cook and I'll arrange the flowers." Naruto said heading to their room.

"Okay." Hinata procceded to make the pancakes and for her first try came out pretty good. Naruto came back carrying the flowers. "That smells good Hinata-chan."

"Thank you Naruto-kun." Placing the pancakes on the plate. Naruto arrange the flowers and set it in a vase and then made orange juice. Naruto and Hinata set the vase w/ the flowers, pancakes and juice on a small table and proceeded to Yuuko's room. Hinata knock on the door. "Yuuko-neechan can we come in."

Yuuko stirred from her sleep and mumbled the words 'come in'. to her surprised Hinata and Naruto started to sing Happy Birthday. Naruto was carrying a small table and place it on Yuuko's lap. After they finished the song they both said, "Happy Birthday Yuuko-neechan."

Yuuko didn't know what to say and tears formed in her eyes.

"Yuuko-neechan don't cry." Naruto said.

"Thank you to the both of you." She placed the table on the side of the bed stood up and hugged Hinata and Naruto.

(Kit tell my sister happy birthday for me.)

"Kyuubi-sensei says Happy Birthday." He said with a grin on his face.

"Tell him thanks. Now I eat the pancakes. Who made them?" Yuuko asked as she took a bite of the pancake. "They're delicious!"

"Hinata-chan did." Naruto answered.

"Hinata these are delicious." She took another bite and notices the flowers. "And these are beautiful flowers!" Taking the vase and placing it on her side table.

"Me and Naruto-kun picked them yesterday. There are nineteen roses because we know that how old you are." Hinata said.

After Yuuko finished her pancakes she said, "Thank you. Now I cook a special breakfast for you both. Let's go!"

End Flashback

"Hey what are you both doing here?" Yuuko appeared behind them.

"We were just remembering your birthday, Yuuko-neechan." Said Naruto.

"Well I remember Naruto's birthday." Yuuko said with a smile on her face.

Another Flashback

Almost half a month has passed since Yuuko's birthday. That was a day to remember, there was no lessons or training just Yuuko, Hinata and Naruto playing around. Now it is October. 10. Yuuko and Hinata have been planning Naruto's birthday for a week now and thank god he didn't realize that.

Yuuko have been working on a jacket that has a ramen symbol on the back. She knows how much Naruto loves ramen and she's been helping Hinata how to make a great miso ramen, Naruto's favorite. Yuuko sent Naruto to fetch some herbs outside so they could prepare Naruto's gifts.

"Hinata-chan, are you done with the ramen?" Yuuko asked finishing the blue and orange colored jacket and wrapping it with wrapping paper.

"Almost done, Yuuko-neechan." She said placing the noodles on the bowl and put the toppings. "I'm finished." Placing the bowl in the table.

"Alright we just have to wait for Naruto." She said placing the gift on the table.

After a few minutes Naruto arrives carrying the herbs. "Yuuko-neechan I have the herbs."

Yuuko then shouted, "Come in the kitchen there's a surprise for you."

Naruto entered the room. Hinata and Yuuko started singing Happy Birthday after the song Hinata picked up the ramen and brought it to Naruto but tripped on something sending the ramen over Naruto's head. Thank goodness the ramen was only warm not hot.

"Well this is a surprise. Who cook the ramen it taste great." Naruto said as he licked the ramen on his face.

Yuuko can't help but laugh and Hinata giggled.

"I'm so sorry Naruto-kun. And I cooked the ramen." Hinata apologized but can't stop giggling because the look on Naruto's face.

"Naruto wash up and come back here and we'll give you your present." Yuuko still couldn't stop herself from laughing.

"Be right back." Naruto dashed out and headed to the bathroom.

After a few minutes Naruto returned ramen free.

"Okay, Naruto here's your other present." Yuuko handing Naruto the present.

When Naruto opened his present he simply loved it. He quickly put the jacket on it was a perfect fit. Naruto loved the ramen symbol on the back.

(Kit that was so funny.)

'Would you shut up Kyuubi-sensei!'

(But that was funny. Happy Birthday kit.)

'Thanks Kyuubi-sensei.'

"Thank you!" was all Naruto can say. Yuuko cooked another three bowls of ramen and luckily it down fall down on Naruto's head.

End Flashback

"Thank god that that ramen isn't hot." Naruto said.

"That was so funny. Right, Hinata-chan?" Yuuko asked Hinata.

"It was funny and Naruto I'm sorry about that." She again apologized.

"No worries Hinata-chan the ramen was good." He gave her a foxy grin. "Well since we're talking about birthdays remember Hinata's?" Naruto asked.

The Last Flashback

The weather was already blowing cold winds and also it started to snow. Christmas was a blast at Yuuko's house. Hinata got a cute blue sweater and Naruto got a orange scarf courtesy of Yuuko. Two days have passed and was now Hinata's birthday. Naruto asked Yuuko if she could teach him how to make a fox toy. Yuuko gladly taught Naruto how to make the fox but she found it difficult to teach Naruto to make the fox but thankfully had finished on the day of Hinata's birthday.

Hinata was sitting in the living room reading a book while Kyuuchi's in Hinata's lap. The door slides open to reveal Naruto and Yuuko singing "Youth of the Nation" by P.O.D., just joking singing of course Happy Birthday. The song faded and Naruto approach Hinata to give his present.

"I know you like Kyuuchi so I made a doll version of him. Sorry if it doesn't really look like him. I tried my best." Naruto goes on and on but stop when he heard Hinata.

"It's cute Naruto-kun. I love it." She said with a genuine smile on her face.

"Now let's eat. I made a special cake for Hinata." They all went to the kitchen to eat and had a grand day.

End for the Flashback

"I always keep Kyuuru beside me when I sleep." Hinata said with a smile. (A/N: That's what she named Naruto's gift.)

"Hinata-chan, Naruto go to sleep it's getting late." Yuuko said putting her hands on Hinata's and Naruto's heads and messing their hair.

"Yuuko-neechan!" Both of them said. Then both of them headed to their room and went to sleep.

Another two years have passed. Both Naruto and Hinata are now nine and Yuuko is twenty-one. Over the two years Naruto and Hinata grew a great deal. They were now both strong and from the lessons they got and books they've read, they know great deal of facts.

Yuuko taught them cool jutsus she has learned over the years. They have learned the Kage Bunshin no jutsu and also elemental jutsus.

A year ago Yuuko found and interesting scroll from the scroll in her collection. It is on the scroll that it contains the various clans from Konoha. She looked up the clan Hyuuga and found the different techniques, jutsus and style that the Hyuuga clan uses. She immediately let Hinata read the scroll. Just a few weeks later Hinata could control her byakugan and began learning the Hyuuga's taijutsu style. She practiced her Jyuken and half a year later began learning Hakke Rokujuu Yonshou and Hakke Shou Kaiten.

Naruto on the other hand made two interesting jutsu he called it "Sexy no jutsu" and "Harem no jutsu". One night while training with Kyuubi, Naruto tried his new jutsu.

Just one more Flashback

"Kyuubi-sensei, I just created a jutsu. Wanna see it?" Naruto asked.

"Sure kit what jutsu is that you created." Kyuubi said quiet annoyed.

Naruto shouted, "Sexy no jutsu." Then Naruto turned into a sexy young blond chick with only the smoke covering the 'intimate parts'.

Kyuubi tried so hard not to have a nose bleed. "Stupid kit don't invent stupid and useless jutsus."

He canceled that sexy no jutsu. "Wait there's more. Kage Bunshin no jutsu." Twenty Naruto poofed out of nowhere. "Transform!" The twenty Naruto's changed into sexy blond chicks and they stepped closer to the cage.

Kyuubi had a major nose bleed. (A/N: Sorry just have to let Naruto invent that awesome jutsu. Sorry for the way Kyuubi acted. Peace!) "You're a stupid kit! I'm not gonna train you anymore. Train on your own." An angered Kyuubi clawed the gate making the bunshin disappear.

End of Flashback

Kyuubi didn't teach Naruto for a whole month because of that incident. But after that month Kyuubi heightened his sense of sight, smell and hearing. And he taught Naruto to shoot flames and lightning from his hands. Naruto practiced to control Kyuubi's chakra.

Back to the present, Naruto and Hinata were doing their daily routine, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, kicks and punches when Yuuko approached them. "You two pack your bags we're going for a trip."

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