Author's Notes: Well, people, this is it, the final and last chapter of Nina Returns. I hope you all have enjoyed me presenting you with this story, as I have surely enjoyed writing it. My writing skills have improved greatly since the writing of this story and The Assassin Strikes. Do not think this means the end. I will still continue to write stories about my favorite female Tekken character. I've been given great feedback and advice, and hoped to create something that will surpass this fic and the one before it.

The purpose of this story was to display something for those wanting to see a more gentle side of Nina, and how a relationship could work between her and Steve if it actually happend, though I doubt Namco will do it anything like my story if it ever happens. I hope they will, because I've always wanted such a thing to happen.

Anyway, on with the final chapter!

It appeared that Nina had everything in control now as she gripped Heihachi by the collar of his dress shirt, pulling his pointed nose closer into the barrel of her gun. Heihachi, of course, showed no fear, choosing not to be intimidated by the aching assassin. The thin smile on his weary face would grow brighter every second as if knew about something he was keeping hidden within.

After feeling a little strange, a pain stricken Steve soon drove Nina's attention away from the zibatsu owner as he started to moan from an aching pain growing deep within the scar found on his arm.

"Steve. What's wrong with you?

"My arm hurts, I don't know why though. It was fine a minute ago."

Nina placed her eyes on his arm and saw it beginning to swell. She didn't understand what was happening and neither did the suffering boxer. Heihachi saw this as a chance of open opportunity. He darted away from Nina's gun and immediately pressed his fist down onto the red button layered above his office table. A dozen sliders came storming inside the office, armed with guns, shields, and other weaponry.

Nina and Steve looked on as they found themselves completely surrounded. Heihachi now felt that he had the last laugh after all and was going to have the thrill of getting his way. The guards pointed their weapons, ordering the intruders to raise their hands and surrender. But Nina wasn't willing to be captured or killed. Narrowly, she observed something hanging from the belt of one of the armed guards, a grenade. Instead of giving in and admitting defeat, Nina blasted a bullet from her gun into the hanging grenade and blew up half the side of the room, killing most of the guards. But things didn't go as planned as half the room became engulfed in flames that would soon spread and grow even larger if not put out. Heihachi frantically yelled at the sight of seeing his beloved office being burned to ashes by the brewing fire.

He immediately grabbed Nina and threw her into a wall.

"You fool! Look at what you've done," he shouted in rage.

Steve fell to his knees, breathing rationally. Something was happening from the inside of his arm, but he didn't know what. With exhaling breath, he shouted for Heihachi to step away from Nina and refrain from hurting her. But his plea wasn't heard, and he instead went on to attack Heihachi with a hefty barrage of punches. With every harsh blow, Steve could feel the strength inside him growing rapidly, along with the swelling pain in his arm. This surge of power came in at the right time, and was somehow connected to his mood. Whether he was scared, hurt, or angry this unknown force would take control of his body and offer him incredible abilities to use at his disposal.

Nina watched on as she hosed down the rest of the guards with her gun before making an exit and whistling for Steve to come follow. They dashed out of the room, being trailed by another pack of Heihachi's drones. Running into a different room, Nina quickly closed the door behind them and barricaded it shut with the office furniture. Inside, Nina and Steve saw dozens of computers sitting in front of them, much larger than the ones encountered before. Nina walked over to the mainframe and typed in a series of commands.

"We don't have time for that! We need to get out of here!" Steve impatiently yelled.

"Hold on!" Nina snapped.

Suddenly, a bright flash came across the computer monitor and Nina saw something that nearly made her jaw drop. Her naked body and face were on display of the computer screen, displaying information of Steve Fox, linking him to her cryogenic sleep. It was the very information the two were looking for. Somehow, Nina became pregnant while induced in cryogenic sleep, thus giving birth to Steve Fox in the process. There were still more questions to be answered, but this was enough evidence to prove Nina's claim to her son once and for all. Steve slowly titled his head up and saw the screen as well.

"So, it is true. You weren't lying after all," he said to Nina.

"Told you," the woman smiled.

The door behind them started to barge open. Nina thought it was a good time to use the plastique, a high level explosive. She attached the time bomb against the wall and smashed a window open that led to the outside.

"You're going to have to hold onto me," she said to Steve.


Steve wrapped his arms around Nina's slim waste as she jumped out of the twenty-story window. The wind flapping hard against them, Nina pulled a small device out from her pocket, shooting a steel hook onto the edge of the nearest building closest to them. Dangling, the two swung back and forth in the air, holding each other tightly.

"You alright?" Nina said with a hint of concern.

"Yeah, are you?"

"I will be, when I get to a doctor. My insides still hurt," Nina said with a laugh.

"When is that device you planted set to go off?"

"Right about……now!"

There was a huge explosion heard coming from behind them. The zibatsu was soon crumbling to the ground in a pillar of dust and dirt. At last, the zibatsu was gone and everyone could breath a sigh of relief. Now with that taken care of, Steve rushed a battered Nina to the hospital for medical treatment once they were able to descend towards the ground.

A week later

Nina held a suitcase firmly in hand with all her belongings inside. For the first time in history, her apartment was freshly clean, no longer engulfed in filth. At the door, Ling Xiaoyu stepped inside and saw Nina wearing a black coat with the suitcase fixed in her hand. Knowing what this meant, she dashed into Nina's waist and clinched it tightly with all her might.

"No! Please don't go, Nina! I won't let you," she cried.

Not only was Xiaoyu present, but Steve too made a surprising entrance. His hair was slightly combed back behind his delicate ears. A look of sadness was donned upon his face.

"So, this is it? Your going?"

Nina would not make eye contact with him, instead only choosing to look down at an unhappy and crying Xiaoyu.

"This is the way I want it. I live a dangerous life that I don't want you or her apart of. But I'll leave you both with something."

Nina reached into her suitcase and pulled a small picture out, gently placing it in Xiaoyu's soaked palms. The picture was of Nina, herself, actually smiling, with a few parting words scribbled on the back.

"I only have one to give," she said, forgivingly.

"That's ok, I'll make a copy of this so Steve and me can both have one," Xiaoyu said with an expressed smile.

Gazing at the two people that were so special to her, Nina held back the tears of not wanting to leave. She would surely miss and never forget either of them and what they had done. It was Xiaoyu that showed Nina the feeling of compassion, and it was Steve who brought Nina out of her coldness. Two things the assassin didn't fully understand until now.

A moment later, all three shared a hug, embracing each other in sheer warmth and affection.

"Goodbye, Nina. Please don't forget me!" Ling whimpered.

"I won't," Nina reassured, turning to Steve.

"Goodbye, Nina," Steve whispered.

"Nina? Why not call me mom instead?" the assassin giggled.

"Ok. Goodbye….. mother," he said, embracing her one last time.

After the hugs and saddening goodbyes, Nina walked out of the apartment, never to return again. Steve and Xiaoyu watched the blonde Irish woman go as they held on to each other in comfort.

Two years later

The crowd roared and screeched their cheers out loud for Steve to get back on his feet. The referee had already reached the number six before he finally sat up from the floor after being punched by his brash opponent. Steve was competing for the heavy championship belt, a prize he had had his eyes on since winning the middleweight championship. With being at the proper weight and fitness level to qualify, he was ready to go through as many opponents in the heavyweight division as possible, till he was given a shot at the belt.

A passionate and encouraging Ling Xiaoyu cheered for her boyfriend behind the barricade as she watched him take another string of punches to the face. Steve's legs were wobbling, feeling loose and weak. He was tired, but still able to go on. His opponent wasn't even close to becoming exhausted. There were no signs of weariness coming from him. As Steve's eyes locked onto his opponent's position, he saw someone watching him from the back row of the crowd.

A surge of energy then went into Steve's arms and he could feel his strength returning. Vigorously, he punched his burly combatant against the ropes several times and ended the combo with a walloping uppercut that sent the champion sputtering to the floor.


The bell was rung, the fight was declared over, and Steve became the new heavyweight champion. A wild crowd suddenly burst through the barricade and came into the ring, holding him up high in the air by his legs, as he raised his newly won prize into the sky. But his eyes quickly retracted towards the back row of the crowd. He spotted the exit door being flung open. Immediately, he jumped off the shoulders of the proud fans and dashed towards the outside of the building. At the entrance, he looked around in every direction, hoping to see the woman he perceived was there, watching him in the crowd, but he saw nothing of the sort.

Seconds later, Xiaoyu came outside, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"What's wrong Steve?"

The boxer looked around in confusion, his eyes wandering to the ground.

"Nothing. Nothings wrong," he said in a quick tone. "Let's go back inside."

The new heavyweight champion proceeded back in the building with his girlfriend, not realizing he was being watched from the building across from the arena. A lone woman stood on the rooftop of the building, her blonde hair flowing backwards behind her from the sharp pushing winds. A smile was present on her face. It was Nina, proud of her son's triumphant victory of winning the heavyweight championship. Even though she could not be in his life, as he wanted, she could at least be there, watching over him when given the chance.

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