Sliver of Bliss, World of Pain

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'It would be a while before any of this gathering would have to fight side by side again:

Hyrule, for the most part, was at peace and its citizens lived peacefully in the country's golden days, with their Hero, Princess and Goddesses watching over them.

Siegfried continued to guard the Demonic blade of Soul Edge, but its power was depleting with every day it was not wielded and every day, Siegfried grew stronger and more independent of the sword than ever before and rumour was that it was eventually destroyed, though no-one other than Siegfried knows if that is true.

Yunsung was to marry Seung Mina, eventually anyway, and was still as irritating and childish as ever.

Raphael rebuilt his life with Amy, his step-daughter, at his side and they eventually managed to gain a solid lifestyle.

Maxi spent his time with Kilik and Xianghua, irritating them for much of that time.

Leon, after rejoining his family and friends, began to help the cause of bringing down the Umbrella Corporation, with Chris, Claire, Jill, Carlos, Rebecca and Billy. The group also managed to get rid of the incessant interfering of Albert Wesker, Chris's enemy, though no-one was ever quite sure if he was killed or if he just disappeared.

Despite the lack of wars and violence in their lives, the warriors kept close together and would be there at any given time to call on if it was needed.

The warriors formed together, not just as alliances, but friends, for all eternity.'

Well, this is how things eventually turned out. But dark events follow dark events. It was in fact 2 years later that the Soul Calibur people would visit Hyrule, under rather different circumstances to the ones that they would've liked.

A figure shrouded in darkness stood in a small laboratory, his back to the door behind him. His black clothing could not be seen against the darkness, the only thing that gave away his presence being his pale skin and blonde hair that caught the occasional sliver of light from outside the room.

Had anyone been able to see in the dark, they would have seen him staring intently at a gurney that had a sleeping person strapped to it. He would occasionally glance away to a set of tubes, filled with silver liquid, and smirk at them, before turning his attention back to the person.

Of course, no-one could see this man and his subject in the darkness of the room, and the rows of glass tubes with silver liquid, only the man himself.

And the now awakening subject.

As the person on the gurney opened their eyes, the man standing over them smirked at his triumph, before removing the dark glasses that covered his eyes, revealing the alien reptilian slitted pupils, and the red rimmed yellow irises.

"Hello," the man greeted coldly, gazing down at the other man in front of him, his voice was smooth, flat, emotionless.

The man strapped to the 'bed' stared up at the blonde, eyes narrowing towards him immediately. At this the blonde man sneered as if something had been confirmed.

"Welcome to the world."

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