And so the end is upon us...


An uproar of cheering had greeted Link, Zelda and Kilik upon their return to Hyrule, and the group that had fought against Aaron's mutants, along with the Sages and the King had cheerfully informed them that the dismal atmosphere that had pervaded Hyrule for the last few weeks had dissipated.

Within a week of the 'purification' of the Triforce, Hyrule's citizens had returned to their normal routines and Hyrule had settled back into its relaxed almost sleepy state.

The Soul Calibur warriors had returned to their own world three days after the world returned to normal, having spent several days celebrating with the people of Hyrule.

Leon and his friends had done the same, celebrated with the people before returning home.

Kilik embarked on an almost pilgrimage like journey after returning to his world, to dispel the essence of the virus that was stored in Kali-Yuga.

And as life returned to normal in Hyrule, Link had kept watch over his people, but every now and then he swore that he would catch a glimpse of a figure watching over the town, dressed in a black suit and wearing sunglasses.

Ahhh, another corny ending to warm the cockles of the heart.

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