Incidents of (un)natural causes

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Boys' ages:

Brad: 15

Randy: 13-near 14

Mark: 11

Chapter one: A cancellation and a new plan

(Jill's POV)

"Oh I am sorry to hear that your daughter is sick…WHAT? Yes, I understand…Yes, I am sure something will work out…No, there is no need to be sorry...really. Well, thank you and I will talk to you later!" I hung up the phone, sighing deeply. Tim and I had a conference to attend...or rather I had a conference to attend and Tim wanted to explore a car museum near the conference center. However the sitter I got for the boys backed out due to her daughter having a mere cold. Normally, I would have asked Wilson, but he and Al were gone on a camping trip in who-knows-where. Tim and I were scheduled to leave that very next morning at five o'clock. It was now ten-thirty pm and there was no way that I could find a sitter in that short of time. I sat down on the couch and flung a discarded magazine to the floor. I heard the door open and shut…it must be Tim getting home late.

"Jill, you ready to go in the morning?" He enquired, flopping down beside me and not noticing my dismal look. I glared at him and he looked startled.

"What? I thought that you were looking forward to this car show…I mean conference for precisely a year. You said so yourself this morning." Tim defended himself.

"Tim, Mrs. Janet won't be able to sit for the boys, and it is too late to hire a new sitter." I moaned, as I glanced at a brochure for the hotel that Tim and I were to stay at for the next two weeks.

"Meaning...its too late for the car show..I mean conference?" Tim looked as sad as Randy does when he is caught snatching cookies.

"Yep, that is what I mean." I frown.

"It doesn't have to be." A third voice says, startling Tim and I.

"Oh, it's you, Randy. Randy what are you doing up, you have a big test tomorrow. And stop listening in on our conversations!" I admonished him. Like he normally does, he only smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

"Hey, I just thought that you may want to have another option of what to do with this problem of not having a sitter. Why don't Brad, Mark and I take care of each other?" Randy said, lazily putting his arm on the couch.

"Randy, no, that will not work…we're going to be gone for two weeks. I would rather not come home to see three bodies lying on the floor because you all murdered each other!" I stated.

"Ah, Mom, Don't you trust us more than that? I mean, come on, we haven't given each other black eyes in…um…oh yeah, eight days." Randy pouted. "Besides, that conference is an once-in-a-lifetime experience, not to mention the car show at the museum!" He slyly taunted.

"Err... Randy, maybe it's time you went back to bed." Tim suggested, after seeing the incredulous look I was directing his way.

"Ok, but if you skip the trip, you'll be sorry for the rest of your life…catch you later, good night…" Randy sauntered off to his basement room, leaving Tim and I facing each other.

"You know, Randy has a point…" Tim begins to cautiously say. I throw him the most disbelieving look yet and stand up.

"No…there is no way that I am leaving those three by themselves…no…no and no!" How could Tim even consider Randy's idea? It just was no good. I think having Tool Time go on hiatus has seriously damaged his brain…or wait that could also been caused by one-too-many electrocutions.

"Jill, it's not like they are babies…I mean they are old enough to look after each other for a couple of weeks…Oh come on Jill, you have been looking forward to this for ages…and I want to see the cars." Tim did his best to reason. He then gave me the old puppy dog face and I melted.

"Oh, Tim…it's not just I think that the boys will kill each other…it's just, well, the boys are so young…Brad could get injured in a soccer accident, Randy have more health problems…and who knows with Mark. I just don't know if leaving them is a good idea." I finally let the truth out. I am a total over-protective mom, and well, I care about my babies.

"Jill, we would call them often and I think that they can handle keeping house here. Hey, it's safer to let them stay in the house alone rather than me. I would destroy the house for good. With the boys, they have yet to cause permanent damage to anything. Tim tried to make me smile. I caved in.

"Tim, do you really think this will work? If you are sure, then why not? Let's go tell the boys…but if anything happens to them, you are held personally responsible." I threatened, making my way to the stairs.

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