Home Improvement

Boys' ages:

Brad: 15

Randy: 13-near 14

Mark: 11

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Chapter two: Spying and Listening

(Randy's POV)

HA! My parents were as clueless as ever. They thought that I had gone down to my basement-room to drift off into slumber-land. In reality, I was standing on the stairs leading to the basement, listening to their every word. I must admit that had I not covered my mouth right in time, I would have given myself away thanks to the tempting urge to yell "ALL RIGHT!" when I found out that Brad, Mark and I were being allowed two full weeks of no adult supervision. I HAD to tell Brad. Mark would find it terrifying, being left alone with us, but we won't put him through TOO much pain. As soon as I saw Mom and Dad saunter off to the kitchen table, presumably to figure out how to tell Brad, Mark and I of their departure, I slipped up the basement stairs. I waited for Mom and Dad to be looking elsewhere as I strolled through the hall, through the kitchen and up the main stairwell. I stopped at Brad's room.

"Hey Brad, you awake?" I question as I stepped into his room. I flickered on a lamp in the shape of a soccer ball. Brad bolted up from his position on his bed, and blinked rapidly.

"What, who…oh it's you. RANDY, what are you doing in my room? Remember, you don't live in this room anymore." Brad exclaimed.

"I just thought you would like to know that we will be on our own for two FULL weeks! But, hey, if that is no big deal to you, then I'll leave." I turned to his door, knowing full well that Brad would call me back. One…Two…Three

"Hey, Randy, did you just say that Mom and Dad will be gone for two weeks and we are not going to have a sitter…right…Mom has had that sitter lined up for months!" Brad argued.

"Fell Through…What a shame!" I laughed. "Well, Mom and Dad will probably call us to the kitchen to tell us that we are not having a sitter, any minute now…so I am going to sneak back into my room." I left and shut the door behind me. My luck was with me again, as Mom and Dad were both turned the opposite direction and I was able to walk through the kitchen unnoticed. I counted to ten, waiting for Dad or Mom to call us into the kitchen for the "news." …eight...nine…ten.


Slowly the three of us boys made our way to the kitchen. I made a conscious effort to look like that I had just been woken up.

"Yeah Dad?" I said while producing a yawn and rubbing my eyes. Bard who had an idea what this late-night meeting was about, followed my lead. Mark also looked like he had just been woken up, but that is because he really was woken up.

"Kids, your sitter won't be able to come tomorrow and we were just going to cancel the entire trip, but Randy had another idea. We are going to allow the three of you to stay home alone. Now, I have my reservations about this arrangement, but I think that if you guys will behave, then we will trust you." Mom stated to the three of us.

Brad and I caught each other's eyes and exchanged hand-slaps. Mark paled and moved closer to Mom and Dad. Mom sensed what Brad and I were thinking and looked sternly at us.

"Brad, Randy, I expect that you will not make Mark suffer. IF you do, then you both will be grounded for a month or more when we get back! Mom exclaimed, giving Brad and I the "stare-down."

"Oh Mom, we won't do a thing to Mark." Brad sounded shocked that she even thought such things about her older two boys. Mom fortunately missed his smirk.

"Oh and Boys, I have a list of things that I want to run by you with." Mom handed each of us a page of emergency numbers and also put one on the fridge. Here are the numbers to the rescue squad, police department, fire station, our cell phone numbers, and other numbers. Randy, here are your pills for your various health issues. Brad, here is the sports ointment in case you need it, ice is in the freezer. Mark, here is the first-aid kit in case you need it…" Mom pointed out each item to us and set the pills, ointment, and first-aid kit on the counter. After enduring another hour of being shown items and other various things, Mom and Dad released us to go "back" to bed.

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