A/N: Okay this has to be said. First off this is an InuYasha parody, and I'm going to go up to episode 52, and include all three movies as interludes. Second off, there will be role switching. As you're going to find out, I have switched some of the roles. The Shichinin-tai will be the five main members of the Inu-Tachi and the two closest side casts that made it fit well. Third off, I'm using a lot of Tailfluffgirl's pairings because I adore her stuff and she helped me fall in love with the Shichinin-tai and gave me a good enough idea of their personalities. And finally yes the main Inu-Tachi will make an appearance at the end… and hopefully there will be a happy ending, just with more alternate pairings then normal… I hope Tailfluffgirl reviews… Probably not though. Mou. (Pouts)

Disclaimer: Rumiko Takahashi owns everything, the idea, the plotline and some of the text is from the InuYasha manga so that's hers too. However I own the copy of the manga it's in ;). Some of the familiar text is in italics.

The fire hissed and made popping noises as it swept through the town causing what fire is meant to cause; mass destruction. Suikotsu hit the building running with a soft thump, his bare feet making a soft padding sound as he moved across that roof and flew through the air to land on the next one; repeating the previous motion.

In his hand was a necklace made out of what appeared to be the teeth of a powerful demon or what used to be part of a powerful demon. On the end was a single round ball of a purplish pink which shone with a mysterious aura but a good aura not evil.

However this man was possessed it appeared for the village priestess had let him in saying he was a good man, a helpful man despite what he appeared to be. Half demon or not, she had said; he possessed a good heart. That was why he had stayed. Suikotsu had fallen for that priestess. Her name was Kikyou and she possessed a kind and gentle heart far better than his.

If he possessed a good heart and gentle demeanor, why was he burning the town down? Why was he stealing their precious jewel? Kikyou was such a good judge of character, and here was the very man they had trusted bringing horror to their small village.

Instead of helping them like the kind soul he used to be, he simply stood on one of the rooftops and laughed at their plight.

"It's the possessed man!" The villagers cried out. Scared and insecure, they had nothing left to turn to but their own fear. Lady Kikyou would never have let in someone wicked therefore he must be good turned evil. He must be possessed. Their insecurities may later lead them to hatred, but for now he was simply as they said he was.

Suikotsu gripped the necklace tighter pressing the small bones into his palm. "With this, I can finally get rid myself of the evil inside of me and become the real me. Then Lady Kikyou may snap out of it and realize I'm not evil. I am simply misunderstood is all…"


Suikotsu turned around, jumping from the last building but instead of touching the lush green grass that was the entrance to the forest and the edge of the town; he felt the arrow pierce his heart and pin him to the rough bark of the humongous tree behind him.

"Let me go you stupid bitch priestess!" Suikotsu snarled. "Kikyou why the fuck did you do it? WHY?"

"How dare you steal the jewel for such evil purposes?" Kikyou spoke quietly and softly and Suikotsu had to calm himself enough to listen.

Suikotsu looked closer. It was the blood that had drove him insane when he saw it. There had been so much of it on her when she came to see him and he'd gone crazy and created this entire nightmare.

"Lady Kikyou, what terrible wounds." A village man near by spoke up, followed by a second man who'd heard the pair arguing.

"Please sister, we have to take care of you." Kaede cried hands resting on Kikyou's arm. Suikotsu noticed the bandage around her eye and remembered how he had tried to kill her, but she'd swooped past only losing an eye in her brush with death. He remembered how the blood had caked his claws and how he'd laughed and laughed.

"Kaede, I will not live." Kikyou said quietly, and she reached down and picked the necklace up. "Take this and burn it with my remains… It must never live to serve evil purposes."

Kikyou slumped over and Kaede lay her head on her sister's battered and bloody body, tear after tear trickling down her cheeks.

It was Tokyo, Japan. The year was 1997. "The 'Shikon Jewel'?" The boy's voice asked, wafting out the windows into the musty heat.

"Yes. So long as one has this, one's family will know safety and prosperity." Grandpa said in a quiet hushed voice.

"And people actually pay money… For this?" The boy asked holding up a keychain similar to his grandfather's for a closer examination.

"Hear its legend Jakotsu. In the beginning the Shikon no Tama…" Grandpa began.

"Save your breath Grandpa." Jakotsu said holding the toy just out his cat Buyo's reach. Boring of the game, he tossed the keychain off into some unknown corner. Buyo chased after it, and picking it up in his mouth he set off to take his treasure somewhere else.

"You know what tomorrow is right?" Jakotsu added, turning to his grandfather who heaved a sigh.

"Could I ever forget your birthday Jakotsu? What with you reminding me." He added under his breath, pulling out a gift box.

"Ooh, Ooh! For me?" Jakotsu squealed putting on his cute pouty face.

"I know it's a day early..." Grandpa began, only to be cut off as Jakotsu snatched the box from his hands and began tearing off the paper as fast as he could with a gleeful grin on his face.

"This is…" He said staring at the present as if it had simply morphed into something to confuse him and would change back anytime now.

"It's the mummified hand of a water-sprite, a 'Kappa'. Legend says that whoever possesses this…"

"Buuuuuuuuuuuuyo. Lunch!" Jakotsu called tossing the hand in the direction he'd last seen his cat run off to.

"Do you know how much those cost!" Grandpa cried.

My "house" is a very old shrine.

I live with my mom, Grandpa, and my little brother Sota.

"The legend of these pickles…"

"You bought them from Mr. Haru, right?" Jakotsu spoke up; hand paused between picking a ball of rice out of his bowl between his chopsticks.

Life for me is as normal as life could be for any homosexual teenager, in particular one who lives in a shrine.

There's a sacred God tree in the backyard over 500 years old.

And a covered well called the Bone Eater's Well, with its own legend.

In fact, everything in and around my house has its own legend…

But no matter how many times Grandpa tells them to me…

I always forget.

I never even thought about trying to remember them.

Until today, my 15th birthday.

(POV Change to First Person)

"Bye guys!" I said, waving to them as I headed off to school; until I heard my little brother Souta calling me.

"Bro!" Souta called, waving to me from one of the shrines.

"Hey Souta! You're not supposed to play in there!" I called while running over with a scowl on my face.

"But Buyo..." Souta protested

"What happened to Buyo? Did he run into the well house again?" I asked, shifting my backpack to a more comfortable position on my shoulders.

"Yeah…" Souta said, hanging his head shamefully.

"Souta, you know you're not supposed to let him outside. He's a house cat and you know what happens when he goes outside."

"But he ran out when I was going to leave."

"You had the door open yelling goodbye to Grandpa and Mom right?" I asked, remembering what had happened before. Buyo'd run outside and it took hours to find him. We'd finally found him in the forest munching contentedly on a leaf. From then on, Buyo was never to be let outside of the confines of the house, until now that is.

I stood in the well house as Souta called for our cat, eyes scanning the perimeter of the small square space.

"He must be somewhere down there…" Souta finally said pointing down the stairs towards the boarded up well.

"Then go get him out." I snapped, wondering why on earth he was telling me when he should be going to get our cat.

"Doesn't this place give you the creeps?" Souta asked, giving me a little push towards the stairs.

"Aren't you supposed to be a boy? Boys don't get scared of creepy things hiding in the darkness." I protested.

Suddenly a noise came from the bottom of the well house, a kch kch kch sound.

"There's something down there." Souta cried out, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Yeah, our cat." I snapped at him as if he were stupid. He certainly was acting like it.

I slowly walked down the stairs towards the bottom of the well house.

"It's coming from inside the well… You're kidding me. That thing was sealed up so long ago; nothing alive could be in there…" I pondered until something began rubbing up against my lower leg.

"AAAAAAAAAH!" I screamed.

"Don't yell like that, you scared me!" Souta cried out feeling his heart rate increase triple time.

I picked Buyo up, staring at Souta with a scowl. "You stupid…" I began, only to catch Souta's intense gaze at the well behind me.

"Ja-Jakotsu…" Souta said. All of a sudden a cracking noise rang out from behind me and before I could turn around to see what it was two hands had grabbed me behind the neck and a third and fourth secured each of my arms, causing me to drop Buyo who scampered away.

"Oh…" I breathed gazing at the creature behind me. It had six arms, three on each side. Its face was similar to a human's with blank white eyes, a nose and red painted lips. It had long flowing black hair; and two dots seemingly equidistant on its forehead.

As it pulled me further down into the well, I felt the wind whistling in my ear and noticed it had a body made out of bones.

'No… Someone please help…" I thought.

What joy. What strength I feel. The creature proclaimed still holding me tight in its grip. I looked down and noticed its bare bones were slowly growing flesh and I gasped. It was a horrible sight to see flesh returning to such a scummy creature, let alone flesh retuning to anyone at all.

I choked almost throwing up due to the force of gravity and the disgusting sight but seemingly unable to throw up when I opened my mouth.

My flesh returns to me! It cried. Then it turned its attention to me, the one it was holding.

You... have it, no? It asked me licking my cheek.

That's when something inside of me snapped. "Get away from me, Filth!" I cried out. I'd always hated women in general but this thing was too much for me. I grabbed its face figuring maybe I could just push it away or at least get it to let go of me.

Instead a light shot out of my hand, seeming to obliterate the creature and leaving me with one of its own arms clasped to my own.

I… will… not… lose it now…That jewel… Shikon no... Tama… It said, disappearing into the very darkness of the well.

I gulped and pulled myself together. "Shikon no…?" I asked myself.

I fell to the ground with a thud my heart beat racing triple time and adrenaline rushing through my veins from my near brush with what could have been death.

"I'm still in the well…" I said, looking up to see the great shaft of light beaming down on me.

"Was it all… just a figment of my imagination…" I quietly spoke again, eyes searching the bottom of the well for something, anything familiar.

"Guess not…" I added eyes settling on the arm that had been previously clasped to one of my own.

I won't lose it now… The Shikon no tama… The creature's voice echoed in my head.

"The Shikon no Tama… Hasn't Grandpa mentioned that before…?"

I suddenly realized I was probably late for school and I hadn't even found a way to get out of the well. Looking around I decided my best bet was to yell for help. "Souta! Get Grandpa, Tell him I fell down the well."

Hearing no response, I grabbed a hold of the nearest thing to pull myself up with a frail looking, but strong and sturdy vine. Reaching the top of the well, I grabbed a hold of the wooden frame with my hands and slowly pulled myself out.

"Toto, it looks like we're not in Kansas anymore…" I breathed quoting the famous movie I'd seen on T.V. not to long ago while walking across the lush green grass. It looked so much more beautiful than Tokyo… Where was I?

I fell into the well in the well house but…

"Mom! Grandpa!" I called but no one called back to answer me.

Now there was no trace of a shrine, hell not even a trace of civilization.

That was when I spotted it. The old God Tree. I'd surely be able to find my way home from there!

I could always find my way home from the old God tree…

I stopped suddenly eyes gazing on the most beautiful sight. It was a boy about my age with brown hair which seemed to be about shoulder height. He was the most beautiful thing in the forest, and when the light shone off his hair it was miraculous.

"Mm... He looks so yummy. Hey. Wait a second, is he tied on there? Because if there has to be a battle for the sex slave…"

Slowly walking closer I noticed the arrow right through his chest, effectively pinning him to the tree.

"He's pinned there… Well no harm in stealing a kiss, as long as he doesn't find out it'll be all right."

I carefully stepped up on the root at just about his height; I stood on my tiptoes and met his lips with my own sharing a gentle kiss with him… Until I heard footsteps.

"You there!" The person behind me yelled, and I heard the sound of the wind whistling.

A few arrows missed me effectively hitting the tree around the man and me.

"Is she…"

"He must be…"

"Be it a man or a woman?"

"I'm homosexual, alright?" I snapped.

"He be in strange garbs that one. And he be loving the male, Suikotsu, Lady Kaede?"

"Tie him up and take him back to the village." The women, filth, who must have been Lady Kaede spoke up.

I struggled as they tied me up, but it was futile. Heaving a giant sigh at coming to the realization that it was useless to struggle against my bonds; I wondered what on earth these people… or this place had in store for me.

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