D-Caf was afraid, and more than that, he was alone. He counted the things he had lost on his fingers. At least he had ten fingers. Let's see,

Mark was gone.

His house was gone.

Earth was gone.

Even Bugs Bunny was gone. D-Caf sighed. He couldn't get over that fact. Bugs Bunny? C'mon, they'd been trying to get that show off the tube for years. Then some stupid rock had to come along and get rid of Everything. D-Caf wondered why it hadn't gotten rid of him, too. It would've been better off that way.

He stumbled and hit the ground. Another one down, and another one down, and another one bites the–

"Get up."

A shoe connected with his ribs, D-Caf felt the blow vaguely. His mind was set on the image of his house, the smell of fresh cut grass, Mariah Carey wailing from the neighbors yard, and–oh look, a butterfly! I hope they flew away before the world ended, he thought. The butterfly landed on his shoulder. It was heavy. Mariah Carey's voice grew fainter. "I---I-I , will al--ways love yooo–ooo-o-o babe,"

Odd, her voice is changing.

"Get up! Get up! Get up!" D-Caf blinked. The butterfly was kicking him? He looked up into the tear-strained face of Essence Hwang. A tear fell onto his cheek.

Not his own.

The others were beginning to come back. Someone pulled 2Face off of him. D-Caf sat up and hugged his ribs. Jobs and Roger Dodger were staring at him. He kept sitting. No one made an attempt to help him up, they had already moved on. He got up and fell in step behind them. The pain still lingered. And it wasn't from his ribs.

He was alone.