Boy H8ter

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Sora entered her apartment and threw her bag on the floor, she was fuming.

Matt, her childhood friend? Peh, some friend, and he got her in trouble. At least she didn't have to go to class.

Sora flopped down on the couch, flipping through channels on the television. Her mom was probably out with another one of her "Boy toys." Another reason Sora hated guys.

Sora slowly traced the long scar that went down her thigh with her finger and shuttered, she got off the couch and stretched.

She slowly trudged to her room, when she felt a hand reach out from the shadows and grab her shoulder.

Sora held her breath and turned quickly to find herself face-to-face with…A smiling Mimi.

Sora couldn't keep the anger inside her any longer, "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOME!"

Mimi scooted back, "Chillax Sor! I just wanted to talk, geez!"

Sora glared at Mimi, "That's what the phone is for!" she grabbed the phone and shoved it in Mimi's face to prove her point.

"Well, I was thinking we could have a sleepover! I already brought my stuff, and your mom said it was ok!" Mimi whined, "And besides," She said with a sly look on her face. "I brought candy and soda!"

This brought a smile to Sora's face. Who couldn't resist pure sugar and staying up all night?

"All right then! Let's get this party started!" Mimi grabbed the candy and popped a movie in the DVD player.

Sora smiled and joined Mimi on the couch, "Alright Mimi, what's the real reason you wanted to come over?" Sora raised an eyebrow and smirked.

Mimi looked like a deer caught in the headlights, "Come on Sora! Can't a girl spend time with her best friend?"

"Yes, a girl can, but you can't." Sora tossed a pillow at Mimi, which she tossed back.

"Ok!" She whined, "I want to know what that was in the cafeteria? And did you kiss when everybody left? Do you like him?"

Sora face blanched, "He was a childhood friend, I DID NOT KISS HIM! And I hate his guts. Happy?" Sora crossed her arms.

Mimi nodded, "Alright then! Let's play truth or dare!" She squealed happily.

Sora covered her ears and groaned, "Mimi, you just put a movie in, let's watch it!"

Mimi grabbed the remote and turned the TV off, "There," She smirked, "Now, about that game…"

Sora faked a sigh, "Alright, lets play." Both girls smirked evilly at each other.

"You first Mimi, truth or dare?" "Truth duh!"

Sora pondered for a moment before asking, "Alright, who do you like? And tell the truth!" Sora put a slight emphasis on the word "Truth".

Mimi blushed and murmured something unhearable, Sora cupped a hand over her ear, "I can't hear yoouu!" She said in the annoying singsong voice Mimi always used.

"I SAID TAI!" Mimi's face was red, Sora was silent for a moment before bursting out laughing, "Tai! You're joking! He's an idiot!"

Mimi glared at Sora, "Truth or dare Sora?" She said sweetly yet menacingly, like a knife covered in honey.

"Dare of course! I'm not a wimp like you!" Sora poked Mimi in the gut, receiving yet another angry glare.

"I dare you to be nice to the boys for a whole week, no fighting, yelling, injuring, or anything nasty to the boys." Mimi crossed her arms, looking evil.

Sora fell off the couch, "WHAT! No way!"

Mimi frowned and sighed, "Oh well, I guess I'll just have to take those pictures from last summer and put them in the yearbook…"

Sora eyes opened wide, "Fine! Fine! Just give me those pictures!"

Mimi held out the pictures she had fished from her pocket, "I have one left, and I can always copy it, so you better do this." She warned.

Sora glared, "How I hate you and your fiendish blackmail tricks." She glanced at the photos, "I'll burn these later, now…Truth or dare Meems?"

"Dare." Mimi laid back on the couch happily before it dawned on her, "Oh crap."

"I dare you to join the computer class, not as bad the dare you gave me, but I'm feeling unusually nice today."

Mimi snorted, "Nice my butt! Alright, I'll do it! But you have to do yours too."

"I know," Sora sighed, eyed Mimi's pocket, where that last photo was kept.

Mimi grinned, "Alright then," She gestured to the candy, "Shall we?"

Sora grinned, "We shall."

They spent the rest off the night pigging out on candy, having pillow fights, playing ding dong ditch, and other fun games.

When they went to bed, at three in the mourning, Sora sighed, "Stupid blackmail." And fell asleep.

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