SUMMARY: With the threat of demons attacking Hogwarts, the Spirit Detectives have a new mission. Turns out there's more to his family than Kurama expected when he finds out Harry Potter is his cousin. ...and what's this? Voldemort's doing a ritual to summoning demons? Oh dear, now they've called in a Wizarding Demon Hunter. How will the Detective boys survive without being found out?
Probably Kurama-centric

No pairings.

YuYu Hakusho timeline: after end of the Black Chapter Saga (After the fight with Sensui). However, in here, King Enma decided to let his son hire Yusuke and group once more.
Harry Potter timeline: start of his sixth year.

Balancing Acts

Most recent EDIT: 2014 (Ch1-4), minor edits for Ch5-6.

Up in the sky, far along the River of Styx, a castle lays hidden amongst cotton lined clouds. There is a sense of peace and quiet in the air here, where the living never frequent. The dead have passed by the castle, marveled and awed at its exterior, but never given the privilege to set foot in such a sacred place. It is the home to the Rulers of the Spirit World, ground worthy to only the Royalty themselves, their ferry girls, servant ogres, and selected few.

Those bestowed the honour of a visit, let alone dozens of visits, are who one would expect to be elegant and special in every sense of the word.

"Oh hell no! Suck it! I'm going home!"

Well, special is one way of putting it. This particular honoured guest is special in every negative connotation associated with the word.

Immature, brash, idiotic, and impulsive were just a few choice words Koenma, the young Prince of the palace would describe the sixteen-year-old boy who's exclamation echoed through his chambers. "Yusuke," Koenma warned, harsh tone lacing the word so indiscreetly, it coloured it in fire. "You have no choice to disobey."

"Suck it!" the raven-haired teenager repeated, fist thrust in the air to accentuate his point. "You want to send me to school for a mission! An English school! I'll fight any brawl you give me, heck give me another Dark Tournament! But school! You can't make me," Yusuke declared in what certainly was more of a sulk than anything else – not that the self-proclaimed delinquents would ever admit to it.

It was a common sight to see Yusuke arguing adamantly with the baby-like ruler, as strange that scene may seem to those unknowing of the baby's actual age. Those who were in the castle knew – you likely weren't an invited guest if you didn't know about the toddler-like Prince. As such, beside Yusuke, a redhead and a shorter male with a star-burst patterned hairstyle paid them no heed, other than irritated glares at all party present from the latter.

Short stubby fingers kneaded at the temples in a motion that looked far to adult on a toddler, even if said toddler was in fact over three-hundred years of age. "It's final, Yusuke," Koenma said blandly.

"No it's not! Anyways, I'm already in school. The name Sarayashiki ring any bells?" the teen said, much too condescendingly, "Keiko will get on my case again if I stop coming. You want to deal with her bitchiness?"

Koenma's eyebrow arched, rising just below the seam of his cap. "Already in school?" he parroted in disbelief, his blue pacifier bobbing as he spoke, "You hardly ever attend."

"Hey!" Yusuke stabbed a finger at Koenma, movements as graceless as ever, "I have!"

"I assume we have Keiko to thank for that?" the redhead, Kurama, murmured teasingly, a soft smile on his lips. Beside him, Hiei scoff, tapping his toe. Kurama spared him a glance, a shrug, and a 'be patient, the Detective will stop complaining soon enough' look that required no verbal form of communication.

Yusuke never noticed, only shuddering at his private memories. "Hell, that girl is scary." But despite this insulting declaration, his expression and words were not one. Actions spoke louder than words, and Yusuke's love and fondness for Keiko shrouded over his brusque statement in a large, thick blanket. Then, Yususke drew back his scowl once more, shedding his gentle expression as he remembered the topic on hand. "You can just forget about your stupid mission!" he snapped at the Prince.

"Yusuke," Koenma growled at the boy, frustration and annoyance weaved in each word.

He was, of course, ignored. "Where's Kuwabara anyways?" Yusuke continued, looking around the room for the burly figured teen who was his team-mate and brother and everything in between. "I don't see why he gets to sit this one out. That's not fair."

"He's busy."

Yusuke's face knotted into a scrunch. "With what? I'm busy too, but no-o, you had to drag me here."

"He's been studying. Unlike someone here, he actually cares about his future. With the help of his sister, Kuwabara is slowly raising his grade to be able to apply to university." Koenme held onto Yusuke's gaze sternly for a second, trying to make a point, before Yusuke broke it with a huff.

"Oh, come on," the raven-haired delinquent scoffed, throwing up his arms in exasperation. "I'm a Demon Lord now, you know, heir of Raizen, one of the three rulers of the Makai, and all? I'm too cool for school."

Memories bubbled beneath the surface of Koenma's mind as the Spirit Prince recalled the day they found out Yusuke's demon heritage. He could remember his father's Special Defence Force standing around Yusuke lying cold on the ground. He could still vividly recall the swirling oppressive aura that the half-demon had then emitted as he rose from what the Prince had thought was death.

Nothing and everything changed from that moment on. King Enma wanted Yusuke expelled as Koenma's Spirit Detective and dead. Koenma stood up to his father with words stronger than he's ever emitted aimed straight at the towering giant who was King over everything dead. It was a first for Koenma fighting so obstinately for something he wanted, caring little for his father's grand authority or any subsequent punishment.

Perhaps that was why King Enma finally yielded, allowing his son to reinstate Yusuke instead of declaring him a national threat for being the direct descendant of the Mazuku.

But sometimes, when Yusuke was this stubbornly frustrating, Koenma almost wished he never bothered begging his father anything of the sort. "This is non-negotiable," the toddler Prince snapped, eyes narrowed into a glared. When the detective looked like he was going to keep arguing, the Prince at last decided to pull out his last card. "Besides," he said as idly as he could, trying to not to sound too smug, "don't forget who exonerated you from certain death?" The 'you owe me' was much too loud despite the fact the words had not been verbally spoken. "Anyways, as a condition of your freedom, I'm holding you responsible for your little speech in front of my father's hunters."

Yusuke scratch his head, "Er, what speech was that?"

"The one before you chased after Sensui; 'I'm Yusuke Urameshi, fearless protector of the good stuff with a healthy kicking ass streak,' blah, blah, blah, '...and nothing as trivial as a violent death or a few drops of demon blood mixed in with mine is going to keep me from helping out my friends and saving the world and kicking the bad guy's ass,(1)'" Koenma recited word for word. The SDF had told the story over and over again as part of King Enma's investigation on Yusuke before giving his decision to Koenma's pleads. It was, perhaps, one of the key elements that changed King Enma's mind.

Yusuke scoffed, his words meaning less to him than it had for his Boss. "I believe during your 'blah, blah, blah' I mentioned, and I quote '... a healthy kicking ass streak and a general hate for authority'(1)," he said.

Eyes rolling, Koenma only shrugged, "Nevertheless, you're still saving the world, and nothing's going to keep you from doing that, right?" Koenma pointed out, in self-satisfaction.

"But it's still authority figures that I need to deal with in school. Don't cut that off from my grand speech!" the boy rebutted, muttering what sounded like words of hate under his breath.

Koenma rubbed his face with an irritated sigh. "Look, you're going and that's final. You don't see those two whining about this do you?" he snapped, jerking his head to a bemused Kurama, and a viciously grouchy Hiei. The shorter demon's ruby red eyes were still drawn in a glare, and Koenma had no doubt that the demon would turn it towards him if he didn't get Yusuke to stop his infuriating sulking. "I've already given you the general outline of the Hogwarts mission. Other than Yusuke, do either of you have any issues with it?" Koenma asked, targeting his question on the two demons. At their shake of the head (or a lack of response from Hiei), the Prince nodded in finality, ignoring Yusuke still shouting in the background. "Then that is all. Until the start of the mission – September first – you are free to prepare however you like," he dismissed.

Yusuke stomped towards the large oak doors of Koenma's office. "For the record, I still hate this!" Yusuke yelled as Hiei disappeared from sight. Kurama was on his way to join the raven-haired teen, only to be stopped by Koenma's orders.

"Kurama, stay behind for a moment."

Kurama paused. "Of course," the teen replied smoothly, retracting his leg in a graceful motion. His emerald eyes tracked the backs of his teammates as they left, watching as Botan chase after Yusuke who was still grumbling under his breath. Only when the doors of the Spirit Prince's office click shut did the teen snap his eyes back onto the toddler behind the messy oak desk, towering with unread paper. "What can I help you with, Lord Koenma?" Kurama inquired with a tilt of his head.

With an approving nod at Kurama's professionalism – a huge contrast to Yusuke just a second ago – Koenma pulled out a folder from his desk. "I'm afraid you have an additional mission that preceeds the one I just assigned," Koenma said, watching Kurama's expression curiously.

Kurama hummed thoughtfully, "And what does this mission entail?" he asked cautiously. No matter how discreetly Koenma was observing him, the kitsune had a far keener eye than most, and yes, he noticed the Prince of the Dead was much too interested in his reaction.

"Are you aware you have any living relative?" Koenma asked abruptly.

Kurama furrowed his brow, uncertain where this tangent was leading towards. "As Youko, or as Shuuichi?"

"Shuuichi, and other than your mother."

There was a pregnant pause as the redhead scourged his mind for an answer. "Not that I am aware of," the teen finally replied, eyeing the Prince contemplatively.

"None on your mother's side?" Koenma continued to probe.

"Not at all," was Kurama's final answer. "However," the teen added a second later, "I do know she was adopted…" He trailed off, suddenly realising how little he knew about his mother. Kurama loved Shiori for giving birth to his human body and loving him unconditionally despite the moodiness of a thousand-year-old fox demon stuck inside a toddler's body. And yet, with so much going on in his hectic life, more so after meeting Yusuke and being sent on probation work, and above all trying to be the perfect son to make his mother happy, he hadn't paid much attention to his beloved mother's past. Especially since she never spoke much of it. And now that Kurama thought about it, while Shiori had albums upon albums of childhood pictures of him, he never saw any of hers, except perhaps one or two, here or there.

Koenma nodded knowingly. "Then this may come as a surprise to you," Koenma said, going straight into business. "I am sending you to England – a little area called Surrey – to protect you cousin."

From the timing of this mission, Kurama had a feeling it was connected to the mission to Hogwarts. But in that case, since Koenma had told them Hogwarts was a wizarding school, then didn't that mean his cousin was … a wizard? Then was his mother one too?

And somehow Kurama doubted he was asked to protect his cousin just because they were family and Koenma wanted his family to be safe - it was more than that.

To answer his enquiring gaze, the Prince nodded, knowing exactly what Kurama's expression was asking. "You are correct. The thing is, remember the boy at Hogwarts I asked you all to pay special attention to during your mission?"

"Harry Potter," Kurama replied slowly, as slow sinking suspicion forming. The boy who had lived against all odds of the killing curse, and ended up as The-Boy-Who-Lived, the Chosen one, the one on the top of the Dark Lord's hit list, and the one everyone was banking on to defeat said Dark Lord. The boy with the whole world on his sixteen-year-old shoulders.

"Yes; your cousin," Koenma confirmed.

Kurama let out a sigh. "Of course he is," the teen said dryly. Trust his whole family to be anything but ordinary. He was a demon fox, his mother was possibly a witch, and his cousin was The-Boy-Who-Lived. Kurama almost feared what secrets his step-father and step-brother were hiding.

"I have sent a letter to his house in advance posing as a teacher from your high school, Meiou, informing them you have an international scholarship in a boarding school in England. I added that you had casually mentioned about relatives living around there, and as a busybody teacher that I am, I wanted you to spend some time there before the start of school to get a feel for England and to rekindle your long distance relationship." Kurama chuckled at that, as Koenma continued, "Harry Potter lives with his Aunt and Uncle. Just the other day, I finally received a letter back allowing your stay."

"When should I prepare to departing for Surrey?" the redhead asked.

"Immediately," Koenma replied. "I have prepared things on England's end of things, but everything else is up to you. You might want to do something about your school and family."

Kurama nodded his thanks, rubbing his chin thoughtfully as he pondered what to say to his mother. For one thing, the truth was out of the question. Unless of course, he somehow managed to find a way to explain his knowledge of his cousin. Up until today, he'd never even heard the name Harry Potter from his mother's mouth. Bringing up his name would only confuse mother, if not make her suspicious of where he got his information from. As much as he hated lying to Shiori, it seemed like another excuse was in order.

With a silent nod to Koenma as the Spirit Prince dismissed him, Kurama headed for Botan who cheerfully escorted him back onto the face of earth. He was halfway out the office when Koenma suddenly tossed a book at him from behind. The teen caught it easily. "Read this," Koenma called over quickly just as the door slammed shut.

It was well past evening when Kurama finally made his way home from Meiou High, finally finished dealing with the school administrators. His mother, Shiori Minamino, was preparing dinner in the kitchen as Kurama's steady steps echoed towards her. The woman looked up from the chopping board, curiosity lightening up to pleasure as she saw her precious son, Shuuichi. Well, one of them, anyways. Things did get confusing when both of her boys were called 'Shuichi'.

"I'm just getting dinner started," Shiori said sweetly over as Kurama neared her. "Why don't you go up to your room? I'll call you down when I'm done."

Kurama gave a disapproving smile. "Mother, how many times have I said I would love to help?" The redhead pulled his hair up into a ponytail as he slipped on an apron and commandeered the knife and vegetable from his mother's hands.

"Thank you, dear," Shiori said, moving to the oven to heat up a pot of water, "but it's not that much work today. Your father and brother aren't going to be eating with us today. Shuichi-chan has his secret extracurricular lessons," the woman said conspiringly with a wink.

Kurama laughed. His step-brother, Shuichi, was a cute kid. When Kurama first noticed and asked about his disappearing off with father a couple days a week, the boy had shuffled his feet on the ground with his head ducked and murmured something about lessons. Father finally took pity on the boy and told them Shuichi was embarrassed that he was taking extra lessons and hadn't wanted to tell them about it. In Kurama's opinion, Shuichi looked more nervous than embarrassed, like he was afraid of what Kurama would do if he found out. Kurama didn't think he was that scary of an older brother, and he definitely wouldn't have teased the boy too mercilessly about it. Then again, if Kurama was being immodest, he was the perfect son – he actively strived to be one for mother – and perhaps that was what made Shuichi nervous when dealing with him.

The four of them had been a happy little family, but perhaps once Kurama was gone to England, Shuichi would finally find the courage to open up more to mother, no longer feeling like he was hidden in his brother's shadow. That would surely make Shiori happy – the woman had always been fretting if Shuichi liked her or not.

"By the way, Mother," Kurama called out as he chopped the carrots, "I've been meaning to tell you for a while now, but it'd always slipped my mind: I've applied for an international studies programme - full scholarship. Just today they've announced that I've been accepted for one of the few seats available."

The woman gasped excitedly, "No way! That's amazing Shuuichi! Where is it?"

Kurama offered his mother a pleased smile. "Around England," he said vaguely, before quickly moving on, "it's a boarding school, thankfully, so I don't have to worry about finding a place to stay. Unfortunately, it seems if I want to make sure my boarding room will be available, I have to leave as soon as possible," Kurama lied apologetically. "I've booked my flight the moment I heard I'd been accepted. My plane leaves first thing tomorrow."


"I'm sorry for the late notice, Mother," Kurama said, laying a hand on her arm to ease her worries. "It's no problem is it? All travel and boarding expenses are fully paid by the scholarship so you don't have to worry a thing about it."

"Oh, no no. No problem," Shiori said quickly. "It's just… I'm going to miss you when you're over there."

Kurama smiled gently at her. "But Mother, you'll have Father and Shuichi-chan," he said lovingly. "If anything, I'll be the lonely one." Kurama gave a deliberate pause as Shiori let out a small giggle at her boy and pulled him into a hug. "You wouldn't happen to know anyone living around England, would you?" he enquired innocently, "I'll be glad to pass on any messages you have."

In his mother's hug, Kurama could feel Shiori stiffening at his question. The air around them was gloomy for a second before Shiori pushed off from Shuuichi, her face deceptively calm. "I'm afraid I don't know anyone there," she said softly, sadly, "Not anymore." Shiori closed her eyes briefly before shaking her head and pulling herself out of her funk. "Well anyways," she said, voice slowly building up to cheeriness once more, "if that plane's going to leave tomorrow, then don't you think you should get packing?" The woman waved her son up to his room in shooing motions. "I'll prepare dinner while you're doing that, alright?"

"Yes Mother," Kurama replied dutifully, striding up the stairs, knowing to let the topic die if that was what she wanted. "Thank you."

"I'll drive you tomorrow, Shuuichi dear," Shiori called up from the kitchen, "If your father comes home early enough tonight, we'll celebrate before you leave! If not, you know he's proud of you, right? And Shuichi-chan's going to miss you so much."

"Thank you Mother, if it's not too much of a hassle," Kurama replied again before pulling out bags to pack up, "And I'm sure Shuichi will be just fine without me – he'll have you to take care of him."

The plane ride and cab ride to Kurama's new living area – the Dursley house, if Kurama recalled properly – was nothing of significance. It was long and grueling as all modes of transportation were, strapped onto a moving metal contraption. Perhaps it was the demon blood in him, but the redhead longed to travel by foot, running the miles with the wind in his long, flowing, silver hair.

The journey there was long, and the sky was dark by the time Kurama made it to the airport in England. He'd found a cab to take him to the Dursley house, seeing as the residents were too busy to pick him up. There was something sour at that fact, but the redhead paid it no heed. He supposed he couldn't complain seeing as they were already willing to house him for the next couple months.

The neighbourhood of the Dursley residence was unusually cloned. Each house looked nearly identical to the next, if it weren't for the self-planted flowers that were unique to each neighbour. Kurama counted down the rows, ending in the gold plate of Number Four.

The cab slowed to a halt in front of it. "Thank you, sir," Kurama said, paying the taxi driver. The driver nodded wordlessly, counting his change, before he drove away, leaving the redhead to haul his luggage behind him.

And just like that, barely what seemed like a day after leaving Japan, Kurama was in front of his cousin's house. Harry Potter, the most recognised wizard in Britain; the cousin he never knew. Kurama didn't know what he was expecting when he rang the doorbell to Number Four Privet Drive. But whatever it was, the redhead was quite certain it was not the loud trampling, nor the stocky child who knew no sense of etiquette as he leaned right up to Kurama's face to scrutinize him. It was at that exact moment that Kurama would later on recall briefly contemplating agreement with Yusuke on one fact of the mission: he wasn't sure he was going to like it.

Apparently, Kurama passed whatever test the boy in front of him had, for the child finally leaned back. "What da'ya want?" the boy drawled out, like Kurama personally annoyed him, while beadily eyeing Kurama's red hair in distaste.

Kurama's inner demon was hissing in outrage at his behaviour. The vain kitsune that was Youko snarled at the boy's audacity, especially considering the over-weight, contemptible mess that was the blond's appearance and behaviour. Outwardly, Shuuichi only stiffened, face holding indifference. "Is this the Dursley residence?" he asked nonchalantly.


"And you might be … ?" the Kurama enquired, encouraging the conversation.

"Dudley. Dudley Dursely. Who're you?"

"Shuuichi Minamino," Kurama offered, "I believe your parents have gracefully agreed to my intrusion of your home for the duration of summer break?"

The boy, Dudley, scrunched up his face in thought. "Oh, right. Er, welcome. I hope you enjoy Little Whinging," he said plainly, as if reading from a rehearsed script. Clearly the boy couldn't care less. Kurama couldn't either for someone like Dudley.

Regardless, Kurama nodded with a smile. "Thank you," he said politely.

Within the house, a female voice called out. "Dudley dear, who's at the door? Your dinner's getting cold."

The blond's eyes lit up, racing back into the kitchen, leaving Kurama by the open door. "It's that Suchi guy!" Dudley yelled as he ran. Kurama winced at his mangled name.

"Who, dear?" the woman, likely the mother, asked again.

All Kurama heard back from the boy was mumbling and spitting sounds as he spoke through a mouthful of food. Somehow, he was understood, as a second later, a tall woman hurried to the front door. She gasped when she saw Kurama. "Oh," was the only word she seemed able to say, staring at Kurama with wide eyes as she took in his appearance.

Seconds later, another person entered the room. This one was a man, wide much like a walrus, and eyes that seemed perpetually irritated at the world. "I thought you said you were going to fetch the Shuchi boy from the front door, Petunia," he said, walking up to them. "Come in, Shuchi."

"Shuuichi." Kurama corrected pleasantly. "Shuuichi Minamino. It's a pleasure to meet you. Uncle Vernon Dursley, was it, sir?" He turned to the female hovering by the side of the room, "and Aunt Petunia," he greeted.

Petunia's eyes softened at Kurama's smile, but still, she seemed miles away, remembering things long forgotten in the past. Kurama could only wonder what of his appearance had shocked her so much. "I hope the plane here wasn't too tiring," the woman finally said.

"Well, I am quite tired, I admit," Kurama said agreeably.

Vernon let out a loud cough to gain Shuuichi's attention. "Our spare guest room is being used by our nephew. The boy," the man's mustache twitched as he pressed his lips into a frown at the thought of it, "took up the space. So I'm afraid you'll have to share with him."

"That's quite all right," Kurama said amicably. "Speaking of which, where is my cousin?"

It was quite well hidden, but there was a slight stiffing of the man's back, and even paling, before the man forced out a smile. "Ah, of course, but he's down-right rude. He hangs out with the wrong crowd, and he's in a school for those horrible criminals - St Brutus." Vernon warned quickly. When Kurama didn't react with anything but an soft 'Is that so?' the man seemed to run out of fuel and finally turned up towards the top of the stairs, a yell on his lips. "Potter! Get down here and greet your cousin!"

Upstairs in his room, Harry smiled as he heard his uncle call for him. He had been waiting for this moment ever since his Uncle dragged him to the living room by the ear days ago to lecture him about hiding his 'freak stuff' because they were housing guests. Or more specifically, housing his cousin – muggle, apparently. It had surprised him the Dursley would let anyone related to him into their 'normal' house, but then again, it wasn't like the Dursleys were inhuman. Just big, prejudice bullies, he supposed.

And perhaps the fact that his cousin was muggle, and apparently intelligent enough to be selected for a scholarship in an elite boarding school helped matters even more.

His aunt had briefly explained that his cousin was from his father's side – Shuuichi's mother was adopted, apparently, and he was completely clueless about the wizarding world – before pushing him into his room to clean. The whole time, and even now, Harry couldn't rid of that giddy feeling inside his chest. For the longest time, Harry thought he was all along with no one but the Dursleys to call family. Apparently that wasn't the case! Harry didn't care that Shuuichi was a muggle – family was family after all. And if Shuuichi wasn't as small-minded as the Dursleys, then all the better.

Footsteps slowly descending the stairs were what alerted Kurama of his cousin's arrival. As the boy came into view, Kurama was first and foremost greeted by a pair of emerald green eyes, so weary for his age that Shuuichi was instantaneously reminded of himself. That was where the similarities ended. Harry Potter was a scrawny boy, short and meek for a sixteen-year-old. Then again, first impressions were not always correct – for the boy to have allegedly survived the Dark Lord more or less six times, there was hidden strength and courageousness in the boy.

Harry ran a hand through his messy raven locks, successfully tangling his hair into even more of an untameable mess than before. "Uh, hi," the boy said nervously.

Kurama spied the vicious lightning bolt shaped scar just below his cousin's hairline as hair displaced over his forehead from the movement. From what Kurama remembered, it was the scar; the cursed mark that signified Harry's survival to the killing curse, apparently due to Harry's mother's sacrifice. That, sadly, was as much information Koenma had given them about that particular topic. Kurama would've preferred more, but nevertheless. Kurama smiled at the boy. "My name is Shuuichi Minamino. You must be Harry."

"Harry Potter," the boy answered immediately, "Nice you meet you."

"It's a pleasure to meet you too."

As nice as greetings went, it seemed that Vernon had no patience for such things. Tapping his foot, he frowned at both boys. Only tapping his wrist could make his expression even clearer, but both boys could understand what the man wanted before things got that far. "Why don't I show you to my room?" Harry declared, jogging up the stairs once more. "First room to the left."

"Oh yes, of course," Kurama replied, "Just let me grab my stuff…"

Harry stopped halfway with a surprised gasp, turning around, "Sorry! I'll help you bring it up!" he cried, clambering down the stairs once more.

Kurama waved the boy off. Surprisingly, Vernon did the same. "Go make sure your room is clean, Potter," Vernon said, in a pointed voice, with a very pointed look. Harry seemed to understand immediately, quickly slipping away without another word. Kurama had an odd feeling it was an exchanged centered around the wizarding world that he supposedly didn't know about.

"Well then, I'll be heading up now," Kurama said, hands already securing around his luggage after he gave an obligatory pause - long enough for Harry to do whatever it was in his room that Vernon had wanted.

Before he could leave, Vernon leaned in, almost like he was confiding Kurama in a dreadful secret. "Potter's a bit of a freak," Vernon said. "He also lies a lot to get attention. If he gets up to his nasty tricks again, feel free kick him out of the room."

Kurama's smile strained, but he forced it to stay on. He was slowly understanding the dynamics of this family, and he was hating it more and more."I'll keep that in mind, sir," he said before slowly striding out of the room and up the stairs. Even though Kurama hadn't known about Harry until only the day before, that was his cousin there. He couldn't just stand by if this was how he was being treated. If Shiori ever found out, she would back him up (and that point only begged the question why she denied she had relatives over here. Did she truly not know, or did she have something against Harry as well, much like Vernon?).

Arriving at Harry's room, he knocked on the door, opening it up just in time to see Harry putting away … a broom?

Kurama spoke up, forcing Harry's head to snap over, realizing his company. "You sweep the carpet?" asked Kurama indicating towards the broom. Perhaps fairy tales did have truth in it; witches and wizards do ride brooms. Kurama was still too sorely uninformed of everything that went on in the wizarding world.

Harry blush at being seen putting away his equipment. "Uh, it's nothing that exciting. I just always keep my broom in there ... and stuff," he ended lamely. Harry looked at Kurama's bags, quickly changing the topic. "Do you want to sleep on the bed? I don't mind being in the sleeping bag."

It was a quick and obvious topic change that stood out so blatantly Kurama could almost feel himself cringing for the kid. At least he tried, Kurama supposed. "I'm the guest here, Harry," Kurama responded to the boy's question, "I should be the one sleeping in the sleeping bag. I don't mind."

"But it's fine by me too. Whenever I sleepover at my friend's I always take the floor!"

Shuuichi interrupted him with a wave of his hand. "No buts," he said firmly, "I'll feel guilty if you don't let me," the redhead lied, because that was the polite thing to do.

Harry rubbed his head awkwardly, uncertain if he should continue insisting or if that would make Shuuichi feel even guiltier. In the end, the raven-haired boy finally shook his head in defeat. "Uh, well, alright, if you really don't mind," he conceded, helping Kurama roll out his sleeping bag, and pile it onto the floor for his cousin. When Kurama looked like he had arranged things to his liking, Harry climbed up into his own bed.

Kurama slipped into the sleeping bag a second later. "Goodnight, cousin," he said softly, hearing the words echo back at him from Harry.

Soon, the lights in the room were turned off and they both fell into slumber, neither of them knowing what tomorrow would bring.

A/N: (1) The whole quote is from episode 91 of the English dubbed version.