Unknown Admirer

Disclaimer: I don't any of the characters of Naruto or the sub-story, the Kakashi Gaiden arc, which is when this story takes place.

Uchiha Obito, dead last, glared at Hatake Kakashi, the Chunin who took classes with the academy students and "hero" to everyone. Everyone loved the genius, he was so perfect.

Obito growled as he kicked the desk. The girl sitting next to him glanced at him.

"Obito-san! You interrupted Kakashi-kun!" whispered Rin loudly. "You shouldn't do that you know, you need to listen to him if you ever want to graduate. Look at your notes, they aren't very good. You'll probably never pass, not like Kakashi-kun…"

While not intended to be too hurtful, it was like being punched in the stomach to Obito. After all, he'd had a crush on the girl since the first day when he forgot his lunch and she gave him hers. He later found out it was an extra she had made to impress Kakashi, but the fact remained she gave it to him instead!

Obito sighed, ignoring the dark thoughts that told him Rin would never like him and decided to do what the beautiful girl said and pay attention…

'O-Obito-kun…' thought the crimson eyed girl as she looked at the Uchiha boy that had captured her interest seven years ago, at the tender age of five. He yelled at some people who had been picking on her for her eye color, as it was rare, and walked her home.

Yuuhi Kurenai was shy. Yuuhi Kurenai had piercing red eyes. That was almost all most people knew about her. Ah yes, and she was crazy because of the other thing people knew about her. Yuuhi Kurenai had a huge crush on Uchiha Obito.

She first thought he was incredibly kind when he helped her out that time. Then she began to admire him as she watched him try to prove he wasn't the weakest, that he wasn't dead last.

She knew well that he had a crush on Rin, but she also knew she was one of the Kakashi fangirls. She knew that one day he might, just might give up on Rin. And she'd take her chance… Maybe, if she could work up her courage…

Kurenai had liked Obito for a long time, and would've given almost anything to just hear him say her name with the '-chan' suffix. She could use her imagination and some genjutsu later to make a fantasy.

Except that didn't work. Because before she completed these genjutsu/fantasies, she began to cry knowing they weren't going to ever happen. She had no confidence in herself, none.

She knew that Rin seeing how great Obito was, was more likely than him giving up on her. Then, they'd be together, leaving poor Kurenai alone… Without a chance…

But everyday, Kurenai's feelings grew stronger and stronger still. She feared one day she'd realize she'd be in love with Obito, and it would be more than a crush, and she'd never be able to move on.

These fears, however, not once stopped her from blushing every time he accidentally touched her when reaching for a pencil out of his bag. Not once stopped her from daydreaming, from starting genjutsus that would inevitably end up with her crying.


In those moments before reality set in, Kurenai was just a happy girl with the person she admired. And she'd give anything to be more than an unknown admirer. But she was too shy to do it herself…

Maybe someday when they were older, when she was older, he'd look her way?


Sequel? I don't know. Maybe.