Author's note: Thanks go to Absentia, Artemisgirl, and Julesfire, who have all beta'd, inspired, and corrected me, when needed!

'The Accounting,' by Vinnie the Geek

It was the end of a long, taxing day at Titans Tower. The five young superheroes had spent most of the day rounding up an assortment of nasty types. The jailbreak had been one more 'surprise' left behind by Slade. Even though everyone (excepting Robin, of course) assumed Slade dead, an assortment of booby traps and pre-planned disasters kept his memory fresh in the Titans' minds.

"Goodnight, y'all. I'm foldin' it up early tonight. I'm beat," Cyborg yawned and rubbed his aching shoulder, then set the Tower security for the night.

Starfire and Robin were quick to follow suit, shutting off the television. Beastboy and Raven were already in their rooms, having gone up immediately upon returning home after their grueling day.

Upstairs in the quiet tower, however, Beastboy was not sleepy. In fact, he seemed quite agitated, pacing his room quietly, and pausing occasionally to peer at the sky through his window. He finally seemed to make up his mind about something and hurried to the door, opening it quietly and scanning the hall for any sign of the others. Seemingly satisfied that he was alone, he padded down the hall in silence, headed for the tower exit.

The changeling was just breathing a sigh of relief, pleased that he had avoided detection, when a familiar voice came from the darkness behind him, giving him such a start that he nearly lost control of his bladder.

"Beastboy, is that you?"

"Wha-hah!" Beastboy exclaimed, in a spasm of fright. "Oh, Raven – it's you. What are you still doing up?"

"I was going to ask you the same thing. You seemed pretty worn out, earlier," Raven said, peering suspiciously at the green one. "I seem to have a bit of trouble getting to sleep on nights with a bright moon lately." She folded her arms across her chest, waiting for Beastboy's explanation.

"Dude – it's a full moon? Heh, I hadn't noticed-" The little metamorph scratched his head, trying to think of what he was going to say next. "Umm, I was just gonna – go – for – a walk! Yeah – you, know – just go enjoy the moonlight and the clean air."

Raven, doing her best imitation of Spock, raised one eyebrow quizzically. "Thought you didn't 'notice' there was a full moon." The dark girl's voice took on a slightly sardonic tone. "Hmm. Well, since we're both restless, mind if I go with you?"

Beastboy started to sweat. "No! I mean yeah – I'd love to – but I – need to be alone – for now."

"Whatever..." Raven turned walked away, presumably to make tea.

"Damn," the changeling cursed silently, hurrying out the door.

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Raven heard him leave. She had no intention of leaving the green one to his own devices. Her curiosity was too insistent. Besides, she had finally come to the reluctant conclusion, just this past week, that she really cared for the little goober. No, it wasn't love – at least that was what she was telling herself – but she felt differently towards him than her other friends. It was more of a gentle calm that descended on her as she thought about him. Funny-she had always worried that affectionate feelings would make the job of controlling her emotions more difficult. As it was, however, her warm feelings toward the little changeling seemed to have just the opposite effect. As she spirited through the wall, she wondered if she should question her motives for needing to follow...

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Beastboy ran as fast as he could, trying to reach the docks, before – "Duh," he mentally slapped himself, changing into a swallow and speeding off to the south end of town.

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Raven followed at a safe distance, wondering what pressing business her friend had in that decaying, crime-riddled neighborhood. Remembering that it was not yet 10:00 p.m., however, another thought entered her mind. Could he be going to meet a girl? 'Just try to remember not to hurt him,' she reminded herself.

It soon became apparent to the sorceress that Beastboy was not meeting any girl, not here. They had flown far to the south, past almost all signs of human habitation. The swallow was leading her to an area of dense woodland she was not familiar with.

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Beastboy flew low over the trees, looking for his friends. Darting low into a familiar clearing, he spotted movement on the far side, not far from where he expected them to be.

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It was becoming more difficult for Raven to follow the swiftly moving green bird, with all the forested area in this sector, and only moonlight for illumination. Her target dipped low and circled briefly in a small clearing, before disappearing into the forest. 'Now what?' she thought. She had come this far – no way she was going to turn back without trying do discover what was so important to Beastboy...

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He was finally safe, here with his friends. The itching was becoming unbearable, and he thought himself lucky – Raven had almost delayed him too long...

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The irritated girl landed on the opposite side of the same clearing where she had last seen Beastboy. This was not a good place to be at night. This area of town was home to roving packs of feral dogs, in addition to being a known stomping-ground of several south side gangs. She made her way as quietly as she could through the sparse undergrowth at the edge of the forest, circling around to the area where she had seen the green swallow enter the woods. She peered intently ahead, while trying to listen for signs of Beastboy or anyone else moving. Or anything else moving...

As she moved forward carefully, following a clear path, she became aware of the feeling of being watched. Although not a true empath, she did have heightened awareness, which was fairly reliable. She froze, controlling her breathing, which desperately prodded her to gulp enough air to satisfy her racing heart. Moving only her eyes, she tried desperately to penetrate the gloom, while listening with such concentration that her head pounded. Sure enough, she heard a rustle, and then more. A small twig crunched quietly. She now noted several pairs of eyes fixed on her, approaching from all directions. A head poked out of the underbrush, then two more. Wolves! Raven steeled herself, preparing to throw up a black shield. More of the menacing creatures appeared-perhaps a dozen, although now, she noted that many were not 'wolves,' but feral dogs.

The last animal to appear was the largest – definitely a wolf – and this one stood in the middle of her path, glaring defiantly. The pack leader, she guessed. The leader advanced to within 8 feet of her, growling low in its throat, before stopping. Raven was just about to levitate, when the wolf did a most curious cocked its head to one side, in a gesture of… what? Curiosity? It almost seemed as if the animal was studying her... Raven hesitated, mesmerized by the wild creature's unusual behavior.

The leader seemed to decide something, and let out a series of growls and yips. Then he turned and fled, the others following, quickly melting back into the forest gloom.

Raven wiped the sweat from her forehead. Calming herself as best she could, she debated whether to follow the path further or leave. Her curiosity got the better of her, so despite her fear, she continued to advance into the darkness.

After a few more minutes without further incident, Raven had calmed down enough to clearly assess her situation. She had neglected to bring a tracking device to follow the changeling, and for some reason she never understood, she could not sense his presence when he was in animal form. Additionally, she realized that if anyone could handle himself around wild animals, it was Beast Boy. She mentally berated herself. She wasn't going to find him now if he didn't want to be found, and he was probably safer in these woods than she.

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Beastboy was breathing hard...that had been a close call. He hoped that she hadn't seen him...

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Raven flew back to the tower, frustrated. It was so stupid of her to forget the simple expediency of bringing a tracker. 'Damn it!' she thought. Next time...

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The others were still asleep. Raven had no intention of missing a chance to confront Beastboy when he returned, so while she waited, perhaps a little detective work was in order. She headed up to Beastboy's room, dreading entering that den of filth. She passed through the door and took in the sights. Clothes piled over there; pizza boxes by the night stand; soda cans all over the desk – ah – the desk!

Raven opened the drawers, one by one, silently utilizing her telekinetic powers. Nothing was there, other than a few random scribbles, crude artwork, and assorted junk. She looked over at the bed again. Rather than crawl on the filthy floor, she shifted the bed with her powers, and squinted at revealed grunge underneath. A book had been pushed far under, away from casual prying eyes, but Raven could see it was not covered with dust. It hadn't been under there long...