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As Kate stepped out of her limousine and into the sunlight, she smiled a little half-smile to herself and thought 'Well, well the fun begins'. As she walked down to Platform 9 ¾, her black stilettos clicking all the way, the stares and wolf whistles began. 'Oh well, at least here they only stare' she thought as she stepped through the brick wall between Platforms 9 and 10. Kate was dressed in a short, black, ruffled, mini skirt and a green halter. Her hair was jet black and came down to her waist, hiding one of her three tattoos, the silver snake that curled around her back. Her others were, a tear on the corner of her eye and a green vine around her bellybutton but they were hidden by a concealment charm. Although she was incredibly pretty, the things that drew the most stares were her eyes. Once a soft, startling blue, they had turned a hard, glittering gray over the years and held a sadness that one would never think a person could harbor. Kate's eyes were the gateway to her emotions, and now they held a nothingness that she had perfected over the years. In America where she had used to live, Kate had earned a reputation as an ice queen and after getting expelled from her boarding school, her parents sent her here, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Glancing hurriedly around her, she motioned to the man standing behind her, "Herman, please put my bags on the train and then you may leave", "Yes, ma'am" he answered and hurried off. Kate stood there for a moment, pondering her choices and then started to walk toward the train. As she started to walk, she collided with a solid object. "Oof, sorry, oh hello! I am Draco Malfoy, Head Boy, are you new here?"

"Well, well, well, if it isn't little Mr. Malfoy all grown up. It's a shame you don't recognize me, after all drakie boo-boo, I did spend the majority of my childhood with you"

"Katie-poo? Is that you?"

"Dear Draco, you know I always hated that nickname, now Mr. I am Head Boy, will you show me to the train?"

"Gladly madam, right this way and watch out for the mudbloods, they tend to fall underfoot quite a lot" At this statement, Kate jerked her arm out of Draco's in which she had placed it when they had started walking, and looked at him. "Well, Draco" she said, sarcasm dripping from her voice, "I see that your father has not rubbed off on you at all, if you do excuse me, I need to find the headmaster." With that last remark she stalked away, leaving Draco standing with his mouth open, shaking his head. 'What the hell did I say?' he contemplated walking toward the heads compartment, glaring at first years.

A little while later, after the train had started moving, Draco was called to the heads compartment again. This time it was not only Granger and Dumbledore, Kate was sitting there with them. Draco tried to make eye contact and apologize for earlier, but Kate wouldn't look at him. She stared at her shoes, as if they were the most important thing in the world. Dumbledore cleared his throat, breaking Kate and Draco out of their daydreams, "Now as Head Boy and Head Girl, you will be sharing a dorm but this year because of special circumstances, you will be having another person bunking with you. May I introduce Miss Kathryn Sorgenfrei, our newest student. She will be staying in the head dorms with you, Miss Granger and Mr. Malfoy, is that o.k.?". "Yes" Hermione and Draco mumbled. "Good, the password is Unity of All and here is a map to get to it, Miss Sorgenfrei, you may sit where ever you please at the sorting ceremony. I will see all of you later." Dumbledore walked out, and Draco started in "Kate, will you..."

"Just stop, Draco o.k. I have had enough of your foolishness today, Hermione do you mind if I sit with you at the ceremony, I know no one else" Kate asked softly.

"Sure, Kate I would love it if you would sit with us, I always wondered what America was like" Hermione replied and with that the girls were off. Feeling hurt at Kate's obvious dismissal and her preference of a mudblood over him, Draco stalked off to his normal compartment with Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy.