When Kate and Draco arrived at the restaurant, they were assaulted by Draco's father and his girlfriend, who they did not recognize, who just happen to be leaving.

"Draco, darling! How are you? I miss you so much, you haven't owled lately. Is it because of this beautiful lady on your arm? Hello dear, I am Flor Malfoy, Draco's step-mother, and this is his father, Lucius. Do say hello, dear be polite." She said in a rush and when she finished she smiled dutifully like a good trophy wife. Kate couldn't bear it, the thought of that evil man beating Draco and killing his mother, only to show up months later with a brand new wife.

"Hullo, Mrs. Malfoy, please to meet you. I am Kate Sorgenfrei, I don't believe we have met but I do believe, Lucius that we have met. I am surprised you don't remember me." Kate answered, showing her breeding and training. She could almost see him trying to conceal his surprise and find a proper answer.

"Kate, ah...I do remember you faintly. Didn't you go to grade school with Draco?" Lucius recovered, glaring hatefully at her.

"Yes, sir. Now if you will excuse us, I do believe that we had an 8:30 reservation. Didn't we Draco?" Kate replied, looking up at the clearly stunned Draco.

"Yes, dear, we did. Nice seeing you again, father, I will owl soon. Nice meeting you too, Mrs. Malfoy" Draco replied icily, turning and dragging Kate toward the hostess' stand.

"Draco, that wasn't very nice, it's not her fault you're father didn't tell you he was getting remarried!" Kate whispered hurriedly, glancing over her shoulder at the clearly distressed, new Mrs. Malfoy.

"No, it's not and I will apologize. It's just a lot to take in at one time. Now let's forget about that encounter and enjoy our dinner" Draco whispered back, plastering a look of cool indifference that he had mastered over the years. Only Kate could see through that mask and see the hurt inside of him but she pushed that aside and followed Draco's lead. They enjoyed a nice quiet dinner and then apparated back to their dorms.

"Dray, I had a really nice time tonight. I really missed talking to you." Kate said as he departed up his staircase.

"Me too, Kate, Me too." The words floated down to her ears as his portrait clicked shut. She sighed and went up to her dorm, undressed and pulled on a robe. 'Gosh' she thought 'A night like this deserves a long bath' but when she entered the bathroom it seems someone else had taken her thoughts. Draco was in the bathtub, his head resting against the side, looking like a darkly beautiful angel, in the candlelight.

"Oops, sorry Draco" she said, "I'll leave" as she turned, she waited for the inevitable "No, wait, come back" and yet it never came. 'I don't think he even knew I was there' she thought, shaking her head. Oh, but he knew, he had always known...that she was there for him but he needed to be alone. Not to think of his dad, but of her and how beautiful she looked tonight. 'God...' he thought, 'Why did she have to grow up to be so damn irresistible...she's hott too but there's this fire in her, that I have never seen before in a girl'. Back in Kate's room, Hermione and Gin had come to visit to grill about her "date".

"Come on, Kate! There's got to be something!" Ginny pleaded.

"Gin, just leave her alone" Hermione answered, leaning back and waiting for Kate to spill.

"Ladies, nothing happened! I swear! We just went out to dinner and caught up on what was going on in our lives" Kate fibbed.

"Fine, if there's no juice here, then I've got to go...'night" Gin yawned and walked out into the common room.

"Is Malfoy still in there? 'Cause I still have to shower" Hermione asked.

"Yeah but I'll get him out" Kate answered, then she walked up to the door and yelled "Dray, Herms has to shower, so you need to get your ass out of there".

"Fine" came the faint reply, rustling and finally a slammed door.

"He's gone. Have fun!" Kate said passing Herms to get to her bed.

"Night, Kate" Hermione said, softly shutting the door. Kate laid in bed for several hours, she heard Hermione finish her shower and go to bed, she heard Draco reenter the bathroom and brush his teeth before finally going to bed. After she was sure he was asleep, she tiptoed into his room and conjured up a chair beside his bed, watching him in the moonlight.

"Oh, Dray. Why do you run from you destiny?" she whispered, brushing the hair away from his eyes.

"Because maybe it won't catch up to me" he answered without opening his eyes.

"You know that's not going to happen, babe" she countered.

"Maybe if I pretend enough, it will become true" he pleaded, opening his eyes to stare into hers.

"Pretending isn't good enough, you have too believe it will" she said, quoting an old saying of his before the separation and smiling sadly down at him.

"Now, you're here. Maybe I can believe" he said, truthfully, searching her eyes for some clue he thought he was missing.

"You've made it this far..." she trailed off, "Dray, do you ever think about.."

"What would have happened if you had stayed? Yeah, all the time." He finished for her.

"I'm sorry, I was so young and scared." Tears started to fall, tracing outlines of an aging face, way before its time.

"Don't cry" He crooned, sitting up and pulling her in his lap.

"Wow" she laughed, "How long has it been since, we've been in this position?"

"A while" he answered grinning.

"I should be going..." she started.

"O.k." he let go and she stood up, "Good night, luv"

"Good night" Like an apparition, she glided off into the night, moonlight dancing around her figure, silhouetting. The next morning, nothing was said between the two, only furtive glances and unspoken questions. Kate yearned for something lost, while Draco feared what lay ahead. In the coming weeks, their tentative friendship will be tried and a new relationship will cause problems. One can only hope, for the sake of the world, that they will survive.

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