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Well, you got your wish. I am making this... (takes deep breath) MULTI-CHAPTER ONE PIECE FIC!

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Warnings: None for this chapter.

It hurt.

It hurt really badly.

It hurt even more then Chopper's shots, and those things HURT! But this was worse.

Luffy's bottom limp, which was jut out from his mouth, trembled in pain as he watched the stupid worm slither away.

It was a really weird worm. A long, shiny green one. With pointy teeth! It actually looked pretty cool.

So that's when Luffy saw the thing coiled up in the bottom of his Pirate's Lunch Box while he sat in the tree of a nearby village, he decided to pick it up. It was so awesome!

Luffy had laughed when the thing slithered down his sides; it was so funny! It tickled when the thing slid up his pants when it hit the floor. But it definitely did NOT tickle when he felt something bite him in his upper thigh.

Luffy whimpered in pain, hands clutched tightly over the wounded flesh. He felt white hot waves of pain splash themselves up his blood vessels and something strangle seemed to be flowing inside of him. And it was spreading quickly.

Trembling, Luffy worked his way to his knees; he never noticed hitting the ground. The sudden movement made his head spin and the punctures in his skin sear with more pain as the torn flesh stretched. Luffy hadn't a problem with stretching, but this HURT!

But he wouldn't let the pains top him! He'd just get back to the Going Merry and Chopper would make him all better!

Taking a deep breath, Luffy lifted one leg and with his trembling limbs, somehow managed to lift himself off the ground. His leg felt like a big balloon, like it was swelling. Luffy could make himself into a balloon! But he wasn't doing this on purpose.

Luffy's head felt like it weighed twice its normal weight as he stumbled forward, that stinging pain still flowing up from his upper right thigh. Maybe that worm was poisonous...

He staggered forwards, vision blurring slightly. He barely caught himself as he fumbled in his footsteps, hand grabbing at the tree. His body was starting to feel numb. His insides felt like plastic, joints creaking inside of him as he tried to stretch.

He moaned softly as the pain finally brought him back to the ground again. He had to get back to the ship. And find Chopper...

He felt a thudding in his ears and it took a moment for him to realize it was footsteps.

Looking up, he smiled wearily. "Hey, Zoro," he said quietly, instantly realizing the green hair despite the blurriness of his vision.

"Luffy?" Zoro exclaimed. "What the hell happened to you?"

"A cool green worm thing bit me!" Luffy told him, vision clearing up a bit as he focused on Zoro instead of the pain. It made him feel better.

Zoro's eyes narrowed and his head snapped in the direction of a hissing sound he heard from his left. What he saw made his gasp out loud, something he rarely did.

"Luffy, didn't you listen to what Nami told you?" Zoro exclaimed. "This place is famous for those! That's an Arubatsu Snake! They're all over the place, they're venom is deadly!"

"It has a cool name!" Luffy exclaimed.

Zoro was not sure if that was Luffy talking or the delirious state his mind was in. And he didn't really care at the moment.

"Luffy, where the bag Chopper gave you?" Zoro asked urgently.

Luffy raised a shaking hand and pointed towards the tree he had been resting upon. Zoro rushed over, careful to avoid the snake that was now snoozing quietly on the ground; he'd kill it later.

Unzipping the bright red pail, he snatched up a black pouch with a small white cross on it.

Hurrying to his captain's side, Zoro ripped the bag open and spilled it's contents into his palm; a small vial filled with green liquid, a similar filled with blue, and a tiny piece of paper rolled up.

Hearing Luffy's breath begin to slow down a bit, Zoro quickly unfurled the parchment first and read the tiny writing on it.

"To disinfect the bite of a Arubatsu Snake," Zoro read to himself, "dab the blue peroxide on the bite wound and the victim drink the green antidote."

Dropping the paper to the floor, Zoro unplugged the small vial filled with blue potion and poured it over the black cloth bag. "Luffy, where were you bitten?"

"Is this gonna hurt?" Luffy pouted.

"No, it'll make the pain go away," Zoro said calmly. "And as soon as you're better, I'll get you some meat, okay?"

"Okay!" Luffy said. "I got bit right here!" He yelped in pain as he prodded the wound, pain once again shooting through his leg.

"Okay," Zoro said. It was pretty high up on his leg. So that meant Zoro would have to...

His face turned red faster then Sanji's face when he saw Nami naked at Alabasta.

"Umm... Luffy?"


"I'm, errr..." Zoro gulped. "Gonna have to take off your pants."

Luffy blinked, not understanding what the big deal was. "Sure, Zoro. I don't care!"

Zoro nodded; of course Luffy wouldn't mind. Trying and failing to keep his hands from shaking he slowly reached for the zipper to Luffy's pants. Oh dear god this was so wrong.

"Zoro, is something wrong?" Luffy asked in a groggy voice.

Zoro winced. "No," he said in the calmest voice he could muster. He had to get this over with. It was just Luffy! But he was still all to aware that with Luffy looking like a drunk and Zoro pulling down his pants, this looked very much like rape.

Taking a deep breath, Zoro pulled down the jeans to reveal a pair of black boxers covered in skulls and crossbones. Typical.

He frowned, forgetting his embarrassment as he eyed the green and yellow gash on his leg, red dribbling out slowly from two puncture wounds.

Luffy whimpered. 'Make the pain stop, Zoro."

"I will, just hold still," Zoro commanded quietly. And then, gently as possible, Zoro dabbed the injury with the potion-covered bag.

Zoro's heart twitched slightly at the hiss of pain Luffy let out. He squirmed slightly, but let Zoro finish cleaning off the yellow and green glue until only a bright red gash remained. It still looked horrible, but at least it looked clean.

Okay, that was the easy part. But now...

He picked up the blue bottle which was larger then the first one. The icky looking green stuff floated around looked disgusting, and now would come the tricky part.

Getting Luffy to drink it.

"Can we go now?"

Zoro was snapped back to reality by Luffy's voice, the afore-mentioned teen pulling back on his jean shorts.

"Um, not yet, Luffy," Zoro said nervously.

Luffy blinked. "Really?"

"Um, yeah," Zoro said. "You have to take something else."

"But the bad stuff is all gone!" Luffy protested.

"Yes, but there's still poison in your body," Zoro pointed out. "And in order to get it out..."---he held up the green bottle---"you'll have to drink this."

The swordsman's arm shot out just in time to catch Luffy who had tried to bolt as soon as Zoro said the word 'drink'.

"Luffy, hold still damn it!" Zoro growled, forcing the younger boy down and pinning him beneath him.

"NO!" Luffy shouted. "I'm not taking that icky stuff!"

"You'll die if you don't!" Zoro snapped, barely hanging on to his distressed captain.

"I don't care!" Luffy retorted. "I won't drink it and you can't make me!"

Zoro sighed in annoyance; this was getting them nowhere. If he didn't get Luffy this stuff soon, it would be too late. Chopper said you only had five minutes before the poison got to your heart and at this rate; Zoro couldn't force the stuff down Luffy's throat until he was long since dead.

Then an idea hit him.

"Luffy, I really don't want to do this," Zoro warned. Grabbing at the tree behind Luffy, he grabbed a vine and tied the struggling boy's wrists together, trapping him. Normally Luffy could've freed himself from these with ease, but the poison was taking its hold and slowing down his movements.

So Luffy did the only thing he could think of; he clamped his mouth tightly shut.

"C'mon, Luffy, just drink it!" Zoro snarled, rising the now open bottle to the younger man's lips, who was refusing to part them for anything.

Zoro glared; Luffy stared.

...and Zoro's hands flew to Luffy's stomach.

Luffy's mouth gaped open as howls of laughter erupted, shaking his body into giggling fits.

Zoro smirked in satisfaction; Luffy's other weakness, besides water: he was terribly ticklish.

"AH HA HA! Z-Zoro-o, AH HA HA, s-st-sto-op! AH HA HA HA!"

Luffy was silenced as the tickling stopped and the bottle was jammed into his mouth. He felt the acidic-tasting liquid flow through his parted lips, making his want to gag it up.

But Zoro quickly dropped the bottle and clamped Luffy's lips shut with his hand, the other hand firmly pinching Luffy's nose. A few moments of struggling later, Luffy finally gave up and swallowed.

Zoro smirked, letting go of Luffy at last who immediately began to cough up the few drops of the green antidote left in his mouth.

"Eww, that stuff's disgusting!" Luffy whined, grabbing a hold of Zoro's shirt and rubbing his mouth frantically with the sleeve.

Zoro let Luffy wipe off his mouth (although he really didn't have anything on it) since it was the least he could do after Luffy got that bite. It didn't bother him much, anyway.

Once Luffy was done, he plopped back down on the ground and clutched his stomach. "Zoro, I think that stupid potion made me sick! My stomach feels funny and my leg really hurts." He clutched his thigh.

Zoro pulled Luffy's hand away from the injury. "It'll get better, just don't stretch too much, got it?"

"Got it!"

Bull shit, Zoro thought. Luffy would never stop moving, but at least now he Luffy couldn't say Zoro didn't warn him.

"Can we go back to the ship now?" Luffy asked, standing up quickly and wincing as he did so.

"Yeah, sure."

Going Merry

"Hey Luffy, what's wrong with you?"

Luffy's head popped up at Usopp's question. He and the rest of his crew, excluding Robin who was reading below deck and Zoro who was off taking a nap whereno one would disturb him, were sitting around a table. Luffy kept on rubbing the top of his thigh, distracted by his wound.

"It hurts," Luffy whined.

"What hurts?" Chopper asked, quirking his head to the side as Zoro came walking by.

"Right here," Luffy pointed, going a bit too upwards. "And my stomach hurts too."

Nami raised an eyebrow. "What did you do this time?"

"It was Zoro's fault," Luffy insisted. "But he made it sort of better, but the stuff he forced in my mouth was nasty."

Zoro's eyes widened; oh please don't let this be going where he thought it was going.

"It left a weird taste in my mouth," Luffy exclaimed.

It was going there.

"He had to tie me down to get it in."

Why, god, why?

"Oh, he had to pull down my pants too."

Why Zoro? WHY?


Me: (cackles) Okay, guys. Luffy says Zoro tied him down, pulled off his pants, he forced something down his throat and it left a weird taste in his mouth, he's clutching a certain area in pain... what do you think they're gonna take it as? (cackles) Oh Zoro is so easy to pick on!

The story's not over yet! Stay tuned for more!