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...You guys rocks my socks. There's a response to everyone who reviewed me in here.


It was a riot? o.o Wow. That was only the first chapter. It wasn't meant to be funny... well, I guess the end sorta was. But thank you!


Wow, you laughed yourself to sleep? I feel so special right now o.o. Seriously. Yes, misunderstandings are the best XD. So happy you took the timeto read on the cellphone whatever thingy!


Yay! It is awesome! Poor Zoro is right XD. Thank you for the review!


Thanks for the encouragement to update! I hope you enjoyed the ending!


...I have no idea whether your review was a flame or a state of disbleief. Let us hope it is the second option.

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Don't you just love torturing Zoro and it's really all Luffy's fault? And it is of deepest regret you hurt yourself laughing. Damn shame, that is. You stuck with ZAIR the whole way through, so I take my hat off to you... well, I would if I had a hat (sweatdrop). It's wonderful you think I did a great job, but I think I could've done better. Ah well, that's just me being strange. THANK YOU! (gives you extendable Luffy plushie for reviewing all three chapters)

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...first, I love your penname. Had to get that off my chest.

It's rare for you to laugh? Wow. That's unhealthy and considered illegal in seven different states: Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, Wyoming, Maine, Ohio, and Utah. But that's okay, I won't tell if you won't!


It was so rape. And it was, indeed, going there XDDD. Hence the title.


You wanted the crews reactions, and you got them. They were pretty interesting, you're right. But were they canon? o.o (worries about canon nazis coming to kill her in her sleep and gulps) Thanks ofr the reviews!

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Another said it was awesome. You people rock XD. Thanks for the ego boost, but don't tell Digitaldreamer. She's still under the impression I don't have one. Heeheehee, just kidding. Really, I am. YOUR REVIEW ROCKED AS WELL! GO INVADER RED!

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What's with the x's? Seriously. I should have added that sentence. But I feel sorry for you. You, as other poor, innocent people, think Zoro's name is "Zolo". DAMN YOU 4KIDS! DAMN YOU TO HELL!

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o.o (GASP) Ah, Noelle is reviewing! I feel so honored! (happy dance) Yes, Zoro is a rapist. Can't you just see him taking advantage of poor, innocent Luffy? I sure as hell can XDD. Thanks for taking some of your time to review this!

You get a rubber duck. Just because you rock like that. (hands you the bath toy)


Wow. All three nice adjectives mushed into one word. SO MUCH AWESOME! I love to twist the words around, it's true. One of my favorite past times, it is. No, seriously, it is. Yeah, I copied the definition out of an online dictionary. Use and type in 'rape' XD.

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The way I plan things means I have a good brain...? Two things wrong with that XD. First of all, I sold my brain on E Bay for 17 cents and an old shoe to a bum five years ago, and second, I never planned any of it. I just wrote down random things that popped into my head. But hey, whatever floats your boat! Thank you anyway!

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YEAH! TWO PEOPLE SAY I WIN THE INTERNET! (does the moon walk) You made my day, Alex! You rock.

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o.o Why must I cause harm to people with this story? Damnit! AND you fell out of a chair! But hey, it made you laugh! Life is good, Mirror. Life is good.

You get cookies just cause I love your penname.


WOOT! Pathetically enough, I really DON'T feel sorry for Zoro. Oops? But thank you.


You've given me so many compliments! You're one of my favorite reviewers! They've all put a smile on my face! Hmmm... a video! You get a video with an OP episode of this story XD. WOOT!...that's a bad movie o.o. Or you can have popcorn. Take either one.


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So people are telling me. You're all nuts. You are, too. But thank you for being nuts.


Don't fall too far o.o. You'll hurt yourself. There are worse conversations, but I just need them to be funny. Or else it takes away the point of this story. Thanks for the review!


I don't feel a bit sorry for him! He's just so easy to torture. It's great. As are you and your reviews, thank you!


Innocence can be taken advantage of, it's true. You shouldn't, but it's just too good to pass up. Thanks for the review!

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SQUEE! I LOVE THAT PENNAME! Okay, after that... I will keep up the good job! I doubt it's the funniest OP story, but I'm happy to hear it's the funniest one YOU'VE ever read. Thank you!

...(gives you baby Phoenix plushie) I couldn't resist o.o;;.


Once again, more pain inflicted by laughter. For the love of God, pull yourself together! XD You people are gonna give me the biggest ego ever, I swear. Heh, tell me what your friends think, 'kay?

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...what's an Amaranth...?

Once again, no feeling of pity for Sanji. But Chopper is, indeed, cute. It cannot be denied. Thanks for reviewing! Damn, I feel like a broken record with all these thank you's.

I have a broken record.

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I take it your name is Jenny? But besides that, I'm happy you 'luv' it.


I've decided not to ask what 'delfeh' is.

o.o You want a sequel where Zoro rapes Sanji...? Wow. Just... wow.

Yeah, I'll ask Digi about writing that (cackles evilly). You are a genius, Delfeh. Mwa ha HA!


Sanji did get what he deserved, true. But I still feel bad for the guy. I was gonna make the sequel about Sanji, but it would be a re-make of this fic only with different characters, so that's a no-no. Thanks for reviewing!


That penname sounds so, so WRONG. That's just my dirty mind right there. But I know it really doesn't mean that.

Would you people stop inflating my ego! My God XD. But you are more awesome then I am, you and your reviews.


Thank you! But I hope you stopped laughing at some time.

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Wow. What the HELL does your penname mean? It hurt my brain and caused several trips back to finally spell it right. But hey, all is good since you said it was good. Thanks!

...kinokokichiqai, honestly, what does it MEAN?


Yeah, I thought it would be something Chopper would do. I can't make any more multi-chapter OP stories 'cause I don't have a clue what to make it about. But if you shared an idea, I would be glad to try!


It's nice you said I rock but, again, I can't do the sequel until I have ideas. So, once again, please share some. Thanks for the review all the same!


Yes, that's true. Sanji may not say that. But, to be fair, he did shout out "NAMI-SAN'S BREASTS ARE NOT SMALL!" So he has the right to an outburst every once in a while.

Woot with the instant trip to favorites list! Honestly, you rule.


o.o WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE? Gah, you people are really hurting yourself with laughter. It's flattering, but disturbing at the same time. Ummm... thanks... I think o.o.

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It needs the wrongness to be funny, man! Heh, I hope this brought a smile to your face!

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It's always good to let out all that happy in laughter! I have no idea how you people think this is so funny. It's really confusing me, it is. Pure genius, no, random, yes XD.

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How can I write more, silly? That was the end! But please, save yourself, BREATH! BREATH GIRL! Ah ha, you think it was a good ending? Good enough to not have a sequel? XD Hopefully. I don't know if I can have any more to write thrn right now. But thank you!


Man, this is hard. How can I say this without being sappy? I feel horrible being sappy, especially in a place other people can see it. But I'll live.

Digital, this whole FIC is your fault! I wouldn't have written one sentence without you telling me I should. So thank you. Your reviews meant the most to me 'cause I look up to you the most. Heh, look at Tangled Web!

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So thank you. Man, this is getting sappy. I'd tell you this to your face, but I'd be too embarrassed and it would be very awkward. So... yes. Thank you again, Digital. I won't ever be able to fully thank you for all you've done.


I will never forget this story or all of you that said you enjoyed it. I never enjoyed writing or getting responses more then I did with ZAIR. You all rock you crazy idiots (sniffles). I shall never forget, people! Maybe I'll write OP again. Maybe. If you want a sequel, I will write one. But I need ideas, people!

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