Hate. That's a pretty strong word, and I rarely ever use it or feel it. But I felt it now, as I watched Usagi-Chan crying in front of me. Sure Usagi-Chan cries a lot, but this time was different. Usagi-Chan has just gotten done telling us about how Mamoru had dumped her, we all listened patiently. I knew both Mako-Chan, and Rei-Chan wanted to kill him, thought both showed it in different. Ami-Chan was taking in the whole situation and processing all the information, meanwhile me, the Senshi of Love was seeing red. I wanted to kill Mamoru in violent ways, Mako-Chan would have cheered at the extent of violence in my thoughts. I felt helpless, I couldn't anything, and I was the Senshi of Love, the Princess of Venus and there was nothing I could do to help my heartbroken best friend. I don't like feeling helpless, especially when it comes to love. It is obvious how much love Usagi feels towards Mamoru, and how much he feels towards her. So this news took me by surprise. But I never have been nor will I ever be, I fear, very rational when it comes to anything, especially love, I was mad. And the object of my wrath had just walked into the arcade. I stood up leaving Mako-Chan, Rei-Chan, and Ami-Chan to console Usagi-Chan who had not yet noticed the appearance of Mamoru. I got up and walked over to where Mamoru sat talking to Andrew. As I approached Andrew greeted me and Mamoru looked at me, and suddenly I felt it, the love that had always been there between Usagi and him. It was still there, if not stronger. This puzzled me, I didn't know why Mamoru was doing this to Usagi. But Mamoru usually knows what he is doing, he's a rational person. And I figured that we would find out when he wanted us to find out. Mamoru looked into my eyes and I knew he knew that I knew that he didn't really hate Usagi. But that he still loved her, but his eyes were pleading me not to tell, and I knew that I wouldn't, or maybe I couldn't, but either way his secret was safe with me.