Harry Potter: The Wings of the Legendary Phoenixes

Chapter 1: Letters and Unsilencing

The pecking at his window drew Harry Potter out of his thoughts. Harry had been at number 4, Privet Drive for only week and already he had received 20 letters from his friends, the Order and also the Minister of Magic, Cornelius "Fucking Asshole" Fudge, who pardoned Harry about all the things he'd said that Fudge had said, were lies. The reason he had gotten so many letters was because the death of Sirius was hard on Harry and he hadn't talked to anyone about it. Everyone was really worried about him because they thought he blamed himself. But he didn't blame himself, he blamed Albus Dumbledore. Because Dumbledore had kept to many secrets from him.

Harry had just been thinking about all the things Dumbledore had kept from him, when he heard the peck at the window. Harry went over to open the window and found Ron's owl, Pig. He was carrying 4 letters, which must have been heavy because he was barely bigger then Harry's head. Harry reached out and grabbed Pig and freed him of the letters. When Harry released him he flew back out the window. Harry sat on his bed and opened the first letter, which was from Lupin.


Glad to hear your okay. We will be picking to up on the 15th

of July at 10am. So be ready. Write back soon.


Harry wasn't excited about being taken away to Grimmauld Place. It would just remind him of Sirius and everyone would always try to make him talk about Sirius and not to bottle up his feelings. And he was actually enjoying it at Privet Drive since his Aunt, Uncle and Cousin were leaving him alone after the threat they had gotten. Harry had accepted Sirius was gone when he had arrived back home and thought about on hours on end.

Now Harry opened Ron's letter;

Hey Harry,

We're all getting worked like mad here. Mum's made us paint

all the room's now. And we still can't get the painting down.

I hope your feeling ok. Write back.


Harry thought he was lucky to not be painting because the fumes always made him sick. Next he went on to Hermione's letter.

Dear Harry,

We're doing okay here. I found a very old book in the library

written in Ancient Runes. It's about some sort of Phoenixs. I

haven't been able to translate it yet so I'll have to wait till we

go into Diagon Alley to find a book to help. But I can't wait,

I want to read it now. Hope to see you soon.

Love Hermione.

Harry smirked at the thought of Hermione just sitting down and not reading the book. It has always been a dream of hers to find a book that no ones read in a century or two. Still smirking, Harry moved onto the last letter. The handwriting on the front wasn't familiar to him. Harry cautiously opened the letter. It read;

Dear Harry,

I know you might not know my handwriting but you know me.

It's Ginny or as everyone else calls me "Ron's little sister".

I just wanted to know if you were okay and if you needed a

friend to talk to. I was hoping that I could meet you somewhere

without the other two tagging along. I thought it might help

to talk to someone that isn't so close to you. If you want to

talk just write back whenever you do. I hope your okay. Hope

to see you soon.


Harry stared at the letter. He had never known Ginny that well but he never thought she could be this caring and compassionate. But then again she was the daughter of Mrs. Weasley, who had always treated him like he was her own. For awhile Harry thought about what Ginny had said. He did need someone to talk to about what had happened and about how he felt toward Dumbledore.

So Harry grabbed a quill and parchment and wrote to Ginny.

Dear Ginny,

Thanks for the letter. Your right I do need to talk to someone

that isn't as close as Ron and Hermione. Just please don't tell

them or they'll feel a bit left out. How about we meet at noon

tomorrow outside the twins shop. If that's ok with your parents.

I hope to see you there.


Harry looked over his letter, and feeling satisfied attached it to Hedwig's leg.

"Don't give this to anyone else but Ginny," Harry told her. Hedwig nibbled his fingers, let out a low hoot and flew straight out the open. Harry watched her go until she was gone. He looked over at his clock and saw it was 9:30am. Every morning at 10 o'clock Harry would go for a run around a couple of blocks and then go into the yard and do some push ups and more muscle building exercises. He was also starting to try out some muggle ways of fighting like Martial Arts and Karate.

Harry got changed and went downstairs and out onto the footpath. As he was passing Mrs. Figg's place, the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end and he could hear a thunk every few seconds. Harry knew that it was Mad-eye Moody from the Order, so he just kept on going with his run.

When Harry was finished he could still hear Moody behind him and also some heavy panting coming from the retired Auror.

"Did you enjoy that Moody?" Harry asked as he turned around with a smirk on his face, to see nothing.

"How'd you know? And why were you running?" asked the gruff voice of Mad-eye.

"I heard your leg. And I was exercising," Harry answered. Moody appeared out from under his invisibility cloak just off the path behind a bush.

"How could you have heard me, I put a silencing charm on my leg." Moody was staring at Harry with both his eyes. The electric blue eye was giving him a piercing stare but Harry held his gaze.

"I don't know, I heard you but if you charmed your leg than this is strange," Harry answered a little freaked out he could hear through a silencing charm.

"I'll go report this to the Order. Don't leave the house until someone else is here." And with a faint 'pop' Moody was gone. Harry went around to the back of the house still thinking of what had just happened.

'How did I do that? It was on a silencing charm' he thought. 'Maybe it's this power I'm supposed to have that will help me defeat Voldemort.'

Harry finished his workout, he went up to the bathroom to have a quick shower. After this he went to his room with his towel wrapped around his waist and using another one to dry his hair. As soon as he got back to his room he found Hedwig on his windowsill with Ginny's reply. Totally forgetting to change, he went straight to Hedwig. When he relieved her of she hooted and hopped back into her cage for asleep. Harry ripped open the envelope to find a small slip of parchment. On it was;

Dear Harry,

Mum and Dad said its fine if we take an Order member with

us. I was thinking Tonks or Lupin, but I thought you could choose.

Send a reply back with Hedwig after she finishes sleeping.

See you tomorrow.


'Damn it' Harry thought. He'd thought they'd get off without anyone with them. Harry knew it would never work as he was being watched like a hawk. So Harry decided to let them both come because he had a sneaky suspicion that they had crushes on each other, but the problem was that they wouldn't admit it to anyone, probably not even themselves.

So Harry wrote back and waited for Hedwig to wake up for her nightly hunt. When she was gone, Harry went straight to sleep since he hadn't had much of an appetite for awhile. In Harry's dreams he had images of what tomorrow would be like.