Harry Potter: The Wings of the Legendary Phoenixes

Chapter 17: A Serving of Quidditch and Leaving Race.

Over the next few days, copies of the 'Dance' were in the hands of nearly every student at Hogwarts. But that was not the talk of the school now, it had moved onto the upcoming Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin. Harry and Ron had been training their team to the limit, with training every second night.

The morning of the day dawned with clouds scattered across the sky with a smooth breeze blowing the leaves that had fallen from the autumn weather, and there was not a spot of rain to be seen. The people that inhabited the castle each stumbled into the Great Hall at their own pace, loading plates with a mix of food for breakfast.

At the Gryffindor table each of the Quidditch team members were eating a small breakfast so as not to fell too loaded down. Talk around the hall was quiet but excited, everyone giving ideas of how the game would turn out. It soon turned to cheers as both the Gryffindor and Slytherin teams stood and headed for the pitch to prepare.

Once the team was dressed and seated, Harry and Ron stood before them. "Alright guys and girls, this is the first game of the season, and when we get out there we're going to knock them dead!" Harry said to the cheers of the team.

"And that's because we're Gryffindors! We have the best working Chasers, any move can be done! Unbelievably superb Beaters that can knock any bludger out of the pitch! A fast daredevil Seeker, who never says never!" Ron exclaimed, the teams cheers growing louder as each player was said.

"And the Keeper King that lets nothing in!" Harry shouted. The cheers heard from the Gryffindor locker room wasn't like the students had ever heard before. Nothing could top the ecstasy the team was feeling as they cheered and shouted, already sounded as though they had already won the cup. And to them, they had. Each of them had been preparing beyond belief just to get a good start of to the season. But none had worked as hard as Andrew Kirke and Jack Sloper, the beaters who everyone said could never live up to the legacy the Weasley twins had left behind them. During the holidays they'd gotten together for days at a time to work on their technique and flying and were now ready to take out the opposition, nothing was going to slow them down.

A loud, yet slightly dreaming voice came over the grounds. "Welcome one and all to Hogwarts first Quidditch match of the season. I'm Luna Lovegood and I'll be your commentator," Luna greeted the crowd of staff, students and parents. "Today we have the Gryffindor Lions going against the Slytherin Snakes. Let's hope this year's game goes well."

The Gryffindor team waited at the gates whilst Luna announced the Slytherins. The grins from the pep talk still hadn't died from their faces as they mounted their brooms. As Luna's voice started to introduce the team, the gates opened and their names were called they shot out into the air of the pitch. "And now is Gryffindor! With their Captain and Seeker Harry Potter leading the team with Co-captain and Keeper Ron Weasley! Coming out next is the teams brand new set of Chasers! Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger and Ginerva Weasley! And bringing up the rear are Andrew Kirke and Jack Sloper you're lions Beaters!"

The team circled the pitch in a warm up lap, determined and focused looks taking over the smiles. Getting into position, Harry and Draco shook hands as Madame Hooch asked as always for a clean game. With a trill of her whistle and the toss of the Quaffle, the game began. Almost immediately the red ball was taken by Neville and he shot down the field, as Harry rose above the game in search of the small golden snitch. Keeping an eye and ear on the game, the lions seeker swept from end to end of the pitch, scanning every inch for his prize, whilst Draco stay at a distance in his snitch seeking.

It wasn't long before Luna announced the score was 70-40 to Gryffindor with Ron saving several of the Slytherins attempts with the Slytherin Keeper, Senior member Dimitri Jacobs only just scraping two saves as the trio of chasers converged on him.

So far no one had been injured by the heavy bludgers that were being practically passed between the two sets of beaters. Hopefully it would stay that way, no one really wanted to face either of the balls that were flying through the air at a dangerous speed.

It was an hour and 130-90 points in and still no sign of the glittering elusive ball. Harry was beginning to wonder if Madame Hooch had even released it when a streak of light sped by his face. Spinning around, Harry pushed his broom to follow the fluttering sphere as it raced off to the opposite end of the field. Feeling Draco closing in, the lion seeker grinned and sped up, racing to his destination with Draco right along with him.

They heard Luna in the background announcing their snitch spotting and current chase. Watching with keen eyes, they followed the little winged ball as it went up and down and in and out of players. They were neck and neck when it took a sharp ascent, the two seekers pursuing with hands outstretched ready to grasp it. Just as they went to grab the snitch, it suddenly dropped and sped off for the ground causing Harry and Draco to flip and shoot after it in a complete nose dive.

As the ground inched up Harry and Draco looked at each other grinned and reached out. In that second the snitch was caught but not in a way anyone had seen before. It caused the two opposing seekers to stop mid-air facing down just feet from the ground. Their faces were shocked, as were those of the crowd and teammates.

Madame Hooch's whistle broke the silence. "Tie catch!"

"Well it seems that both Harry and Draco have caught the snitch which means each team will receive 75 points each. This game goes to Gryffindor at 225 and Slytherin end with 185. Great game." Luna finished her broadcasting before getting up and heading for the pitch where the teams had landed.

Cheers went up from the Gryffindors in the crowd as they let the win sink in. The students began heading back to the castle, discussing the game and the Gryffindors discussing the party. But still, the teams stood on the Pitch.

Harry looked at Draco and with a nod stuck out his hand, "Good game and great catch." Giving a smirk, the blonde took the hand offered and shook it with a, "Good game" of his own before turning with a nod to the rest of the Gryffindor team and led his team to their locker room.

Shifting back around, Harry smiled at his team. "What are you all waiting for? We've got a party to go to." And with that the Gryffindors and Luna headed to the showers, grins adorning their faces. Looking into the stands, Harry saw his parents, Sirius, Remus and Tonks smiling down at him. Waving at them and catching the kiss his mother sent him, Harry mouthed party and they nodded with James and Sirius high fiving to the eye roll of Lily.


The weeks before Christmas passed in a blur of classes, homework, training, pranks and caring for the eggs. James and Lily had moved from the castle to the Potter Manor whilst they had Godric's Hollow rebuilt. Lily had dragged Petunia away from Dursley and was now helping her recover from the spells placed on her.

The sextet was finding life to be a lot more exciting now with their training with Tim and Kim. They were learning all sorts of magic and fighting techniques. It was hoped they'd have everything perfected by the time they were to face Voldemort. They didn't know when he'd send a full attack onto the school, so they were doing as much as possible in the time they had outside of their other commitments.

Their control over their magic was almost mastery level but they still had some random outbursts. Also, their physical training had stepped up a notch. Sirius and Remus had decided to help them out and were now teaching them a form of martial arts that they'd created when they were younger.

However, they always found time to spend with their other friends and to romp around the forest in their animal forms, always switching.

Lessons with their professors were becoming a bore to the sextet and instead they used their time making up lesson plans for the PA, which was progressing nicely. The students were picking up the work and putting all their effort into it. It seems what happened in the village was still at the forefront of their minds and they were doing everything possible to be ready next time, as they all knew it was inevitable.

It also looked like the teachers were also thinking along the same lines. Every visit to the village was covered by staff and Order members, even some parents came to watch over their children. The MJrs found it reassuring to know they weren't the only ones dedicated to fight.

And with the unusual silence coming from Voldemort and his Death Eaters, it was more understandable why everyone was uneasy. He was only quiet when planning and that was never a good thing.

One more thing had been going on over the past few weeks that the MJrs had noticed. Their eggs were changing, only slightly at first but each day they continued to change. The ones that Hagrid had asked that they care for were darkening and were almost pitch black, though Ron's was already black it too seemed darker. The others however were getting brighter, shifting from one colour to the other as the days passed.

During their last CoMC class, Hagrid had said they were close to hatching and that they'd need to start carrying them around with them, as eggs shouldn't be left alone when hatching.

So the 6 students had taken to placing them in their book bags with enlargement and heating charms as well as containment charms so they were comfortable, warm and no harm came to them. But they hadn't even cracked as of yet.

It was the last day of term before the Christmas break. Everyone was rushing around, to and from classes, excited for the holiday and the chance to see their families. Trunks were half packed and presents bought during the last Hogsmeade visit and by owl order were being wrapped as students went about the end of the day.

The MJrs were among those who were wrapping gifts and packing trunks, all going to be leaving for Potter Manor on the Hogwarts Express the next day. Harry's parents had invited all the families over for the holiday so that they could share the holiday altogether. They were all really hyped up about it, especially little Snuffles who had taken a liking to Lily when she'd been at the school. He'd been running amuck all over the castle and giving Mr. Filch a lot of grief in cleaning after Lily had left, stopping though when he'd run head long into Padfoot one day and had been chastised by the larger dog. Of course Sirius had thought it hilarious that Snuffles was pining after Lily and had told James so, resulting in being jinxed with a flea bitter jinx. Needless to say, he'd keep his mouth shut after that.

Now as the students finished stuffing their trunks full, they found Snuffles was missing from his spot on Harry's bed. Not finding him anywhere in their rooms, they widened their search to the rest of the castle, heading to the Great Hall knowing that was where he liked to hang around the most. And as it was coming up to dinner, they were sure he was on his way there, always begging for scraps under the table.

Still not finding him when they got there, they took their seats, figuring he'd come in when the food was served. It wasn't long before the hall find with the students and staff, everyone digging into the feast before them. But as always, they didn't get even half way through before something disturbed the peace; a something in the form of two small and furring creatures. It would seem Snuffles had been out scouting, for now he was chasing a frazzled looking Mrs. Norris around and under the tables, causing some to jump onto their chairs to avoid being knocked into by the two fur balls.

Harry jumped up as the two small animals raced towards the Staff table up the aisle between the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff tables. Waiting for the right moment, he dove and tackled the little scamp whilst it watched its source of enjoyment get away. Looking up into the eyes of his owner, Snuffles knew he was in trouble, even though everyone else around the hall was laughing. With a sharp glare, Harry picked himself up from the floor, picking up his pet with him, looking apologetic to Mr. Filch who was comforting his rather freaked out cat with a sneer aimed at Snuffles. Grabbing at Ginny's hand, he pulled his laughing girlfriend from the Great Hall, whilst firmly ignoring the laughter of the other students. Once the doors were closed behind them, Harry and Ginny laughed together and congratulated Snuffles who perked up at the praise, raising up in Harry's arms to lick his nose. With a shake of his head, Harry wrapped an arm around Ginny's waisted and they walked back to their rooms, intent on some alone time before the others got back.

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