Computer Hostage

"Someone call 911!" Izzy pulled at his red hair.

"I don't think we have to go that far!" Matt glanced over at his friend. Ten till five and Davis was still holding Izzy's computer hostage in the next room.

"How did this all started?" Tai came waltzing through Izzy's apartment door wearing a long brown coat and a matching hat.

"That hat looks familiar," Tk looked up at Tai.

"I asked a question," Tai scanned the group a teens that cramped in a small area of the room, "You Blondie, what's going on in here?"

"Are you talking to me?" Matt raised an eyebrow.

"Don't see any other blondes in here," Tai took out a notebook.

"I'm a blonde," Tk gave Tai a strange look.

"You are the other blonde." Tai took out a pen.

"In order for him to be the other blonde, there would have to be another blonde in here!" Matt glared at Tai.

"Do you have something to hide, Blondie or do you want to give out the information!" Tai returned Matt's glare.

"Who do you think you are? Sherlock Homes?" Tk asked.

"If you call me Blondie one more time I'll make you eats that damn note book, pen and all!" Matt started towards Tai.

"Matt, calm down,"Sora stepped in front of her boyfriend.

"Hostel eh?" Tai jaunted something in his notebook. "Does anyone in here have a clue as what is going on?"

"I don't believe this!" Kari's eyes bludge, "You're pretending to be a detective aren't you!"

"Ma'am, do you mind?" Tai looked at his little sister.

"Can you help her?" Izzy asked, near the door. "He is going to kill her!"

"Relax sir; I am doing all I can. Now…" Tai scanned the room, "You with the pink hair. Since Blondie over here won't give up any information, do you care to clue me in on this situation?"

"That's it!" Matt started to Tai again.

"Matt remember your happy place," Sora pushed Matt away from Tai.

"That hat…I can't place it but I know that I've seen it before…" Tk mumbled to Kari.

"It's only a hat who cares!" Kari looked over at Tk.

"Well sir," Mimi moved in front of the group.

"You can call me Detective Tai…"

"Someone shoot him!" Kari put her hands over her face.

"Detective Tai, it all started when," She looked over at Matt, "Blondie yelled at Davis…"

"And Davis is who?"

"You know who the hell Davis is!" Matt shouted.

"Is all this necessary? My computer is on the other side of the door! Davis is doing god knows what to it! We need to get her out now!" Izzy peered through the key hole.

"Excuse me but until you have a degree in this line of work, I think you better let me handle this case," Tai raised his hand.

"You don't have a bloody degree!" Matt spat.

"Hey!" Tai pointed his pen at Matt, "Cool it Blondie or I'll have you thrown out!"

"Who is going to do it? You?" Matt asked.

"Matt, your happy place!" Sora pulled at Matt's arm again.

"Now Pinkie, finish telling me your story."

"Well after um…"


"Tai I'm going to kill you!" Matt yelled.

"Um, yeah. After Matt yelled at Davis," Mimi started again, "Davis back out of Matt's way and accidentally tripped between Tk and Kari as they were doing their homework. That's when, Tk and Kari yelled at Davis."

"For the record, which one is Kari and which one if Tk?"

"Well," Mimi looked over at Tai's sister and Tk, "That brunette that looks a little like you is Kari and that 'other Blondie' is Tk."

"Gotcha," Tai scribbled something down in his notebook.

"Could you hurry up? I'm sure she doesn't have a lot of time."

"SO then," Mimi glared at Izzy for interrupting her, "A huge fight broke out and Davis accidentally pulled the plug off of Izzy's computer. That's when Izzy…the red head over there…"

"Excuse me but there are two red heads in this room," Tai pointed out.

"The man is a genius!" Matt said sarcastically.

"The boy over there,'' Mimi pointed to Izzy, "Davis said he had it with everyone yelling at him and everything. So he picked up Izzy's lap top and went into the bedroom with it."

"He's raping her! His filthy hands are all over her keys. I'm sure he's pushing hard on the delectate buttons…" Izzy cried. "It's only a matter of time before he kills her! She needs to be recharged soon! You have to help her now!"

"Sir you are starting to panic, we can't have that. Where will it lead us if we all just panic and don't think this through. We all want to see her come out of this unharmed but I need all of your cooperation in this."

"That's my hat!" Tk stood up, "It's in my closet! I mean it was in my closet!"

"What are you doing in his closet?" Matt asked.

"If I want to hear something from the two Blondes, I'll ask it. For now, I recommend that you both be silent. I gave you the chance to speak up earlier!" Tai pointed his pen again at Matt and Tk.

"Since you are not even close to being my boss, I'll say what I want and when I want to say it!" Matt hissed.

"Watch yourself Blondie or I'll have you're pretty boy ass downtown where all the bad boys can use your for a boy toy!"


"Tai what are you doing?" Kari asked, "Did you get into dad's wine cabinet again?"

"Someone help her!" Izzy cried.