Tai watched as Matt helped pick noodles off his brother. He scanned the room to find Sora whispering to Mimi and Izzy was against the wall, hugging his knees and talking to himself. "What a sorry bunch of back up men I ever meant." Tai shook his head and looked back at the door. "Speak to me Davis," Tai whispered through the door.

"My demands!" Davis said softly.

"Not until I know she's alright."

"Um….How?" Davis asked.

"Let me hear her," Tai said firmly.

"But Tai," Davis said with a worried voice, "It's a computer."

"If I don't hear her, I will have to presume that you killed her."

"NOOOOO!" Izzy cried out and started to rock back and forth. Tai looked over at the red head for a moment then back at the door. "Let me hear her!"

"I don't think anyone is home," Mimi told the others in the room, holding the receiver in her hand.

"HEY YOU!" Tai pointed to Mimi, "What do you think you are doing?"

"Me?" Mimi looked at everyone who had stop from what they were doing.

"Yes you!"

"I'm…um calling home," Mimi held up her phone. "It's late Tai and I have a curfew."

"How do I know you aren't calling for help," Tai asked.

"I thought you were here to help," Tk reminded him, nursing his first black eye.

"Yeah, that's right!" Tai beamed. "Then who were you calling?"

"I told you!" Mimi started to cry, "I wanna go home!"

"So do I!" Sora rushed to Mimi said and gave the girl a hug, trying to keep her calm.

"Davis come out of that bathroom!" Kari yelled and started to pound on the door.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Tai grab a hold of his sister, "You will make him use that magnet!"

"NOOOOO!" Izzy cried out again, everyone looked at him for a moment.

"Hey Tai," Matt made a head motion for Tai to walk over the sofa he sat on, "I have an idea I'd like to run by you. Since this is your line of work, I don't want to go ahead with it until I hear your opinion."

"Good thinking!" Tai smiled and walked over to Matt.

"Um," Matt looked at the others, "I want to whisper it in your ear just in case this is an outside job."

"RIGHT!" Tai leaned forward and Matt drew back at first.

"Man Tai, I can get drunk off your breath alone! How many cans did you drink?" Matt asked.

"My condition is fine!" Tai glared at Matt, "Now what is your 'clever' plan?"

"Come closer," Matt whispered and Tai leaned bent down further, leaning on Matt to keep his balance. "Sorry Tai but if I don't do this; we will end up killing you."

"Huh?" Tai asked turning his head to look at Matt's face. At first, a bright light changed quickly into darkness.

"You hit my brother!" Kari ran over to her brother who lay unconscious on the floor at Matt's feet.

"Lucky that's all I done!" Matt took the screwdriver and walked over to the door, almost tripping over the coat rack, "Someone get those keys down his pants, please?"

"I WILL!" Mimi rushed over to Tai's fallen body and started to fumble with the zipper on his pants.

"Need help?" Tk asked his brother, taking the screwdriver from his hands, "Looks kind of hard being hand cuffed to something."

"Thanks," Matt let his little brother unscrew the door as he held it up right so it wouldn't just fall over.

"I found something!" Mimi yelled.

"Is it the key?" Matt asked.

"No…"Mimi giggled. "It's too big to be a key!"

"Find the key please," Matt glared at Mimi.

"I'm not watching you molest my brother!" Kari frowned at Mimi.

"Then honey, turn around…" Mimi winked at Sora, "I like the packaging…"

"THE KEY!" Matt yelled again.

"You're boyfriend is so rude!" Mimi sighed, producing the key. "It's all warm…"

"Sora!" Matt yelled at his girlfriend, his eyes pleading for her to help. Sora sighed and took the key from her friend to unlock Matt and free him from his prison.

"Done!" Tk smiled and helped Matt remove the door. "I don't believe this!" Tk looked at Davis who sat on the toilet, his face leaning against the toilet paper that hung on the wall and a huge string of drool hung from his mouth. "He's sleeping!"

"MY BABY!" Izzy grabbed his computer in a tight embrace.

"My hero," Sora smiled up at her boyfriend, "Let's go home now." She swung the hand cuffs around her finger, "All the sudden, I'm not so tired."

"Come on Kari," Tk walked over to Tai, "I'll help you get him home."

The end