I'm Here

I watched over you all night.
You were supposed to be asleep.
Your blankets are tattered and worn,
Why do these you for so long keep?

Do they still carry my scent, Beloved?
Comforting you while you slept?
I see you brush a tear from your eye…
My love, I haven't left.

I followed you into town today.
Do you still have to buy it all at once?
I wish I could carry it for you again.
You seemed so tired, carrying so much.

I sat next to you as you stopped to eat,
Sitting in your usual place.
Your eyes strayed to where I once sat,
I saw the loneliness run down your face.

I gently put my arms around you
As you brushed away your tears
My beloved, I haven't left you,
Please don't cry, I'm here.

I was with you as you stopped at my grave.
How you've tended it with such care.
My love, how hard I try to tell you
That I'm not lying there.

How small and tired you seemed
As you knelt down on the floor.
You're no longer young, the days are long,
I ache I can't help you more.

I tried to let you know
That I watch over you every day,
That I am always here with you,
That I never went away.

I kissed your hair gently
And you smiled and I think you finally knew,
In the stillness following that long, long day
The whole time I had been with you.

You're so tired, my beloved.
I smile gently at your long yawn.
You are no longer young
But I know you're still so strong.

You cover yourself with those old blankets.
I watch over you as you sleep.
For so long as I'm near
Only quiet dreams will you keep.

I'm always watching over you
And I'll be here at the end of forever,
Until you fall asleep one last time,
Until we can leave here, together.