She Knows Lullabies

I can remember.
Erased cries, from hollow, empty lungs.
Hearts going silent.
Eyes that have seen farther…I can remember.

But she knows lullabies
To keep away the nightmares.
They are in her breathing
In her smile.

She watches me
When she thinks I'm sleeping.
She thinks I don't know it.
But I watch her, watch me.

So quiet and so warm.
She whispers things to me
When she thinks I'll only hear inside.
Loving words that carry me through.

Those most precious words…
The endless dreams are then, just dreams.
The tears of pain, even back to the very beginning
Distilled into the scent of her.

And sometimes she doesn't speak
Light fingers in my hair,
Over my nose, across my lips.
It's hard not to smile.

How could those old horrors
Find their way through love such as hers?
In these nights, she's in my thoughts
And her heart shields mine.