Revealed Past and Hidden Memories

by: Agent Ukiya

April 19, 2005

Author's note: my first GK 21 fic. I hope you'll like it. This is all about my Ultimate Anime Idol Ayane Isuzu and her mysterious past. I just based my story on the Gatekeepers 1985.

Disclaimer: I don't own GK 21 or any of it's characters. I just borrowed them for a while, ok?

Summary: Kageyama explains everything that happened in the past. The question is, will Ayane like it or not? Please RnR.

Chapter I: Introduction

After school, Ayane and Miu decided to go home early. Suddenly, Kageyama just called them to report immediately to his office. He's going to tell something important.

Miu: I wonder, Is it another mission?

Ayane: I think so. He better make it safe this time.

Miu: I agree. The last mission was a bit dangerous.

Ayane: You mean, very dangerous. It almost got us killed.

Few minutes later...

Kageyama's office

Kageyama: finally, you arrived. It took you 13 minutes to get here.

Ayane: just make is fast; tell us the mission right away. We still have assignments to do at home.

Kageyama: Ayane, I know you won't like this.


Kageyama: ok then. It's not a mission but--

Miu: not a mission? We just wasted time to do our homework?

Kageyama: actually it's--

Ayane: let's go Miu. We have things to accomplish.

Kageyama: It's about the former Gatekeepers.

Ayane and Miu stopped walking out the door.

Ayane: former Gatekeepers?

Kageyama: yes.

Ayane: you mean...AEGIS?

Kageyama: that's right.

Ayane: what about them?

Kageyama: Ayane, I know everything about them including you.

Ayane: what do you mean?

Kageyama: I read this document about them want me to show you?

Ayane: no thanks.

Miu: sure!

Ayane: Miu!

Miu: c'mon Ayane please...

Ayane: (takes a deep breath)...alright.

Miu: thanks pal!

Kageyama: Ayane, if you don't want to look at these files, I suggest you leave.

Ayane: no. Just go ahead.

Kageyama: ok. These are events that happen in the year 1969. AEGIS captain Shun Ukiya defeated me and stopped my evil plans.

Miu: wow! Is he really that strong?

Kageyama: definitely. The Ukiyas always posses the gate of strong wind. This gate is always passed on by generation to generation but not all Ukiyas have this gate. Only chosen ones. If you have this extra-ordinary power, it means you're a gatekeeper from the Ukiya family.

Miu: hold on, Ayane; is gate of strong wind your gate?

Ayane: yeah.

Miu: that means you're an Ukiya.

Ayane: so?

Miu: you must be really lucky!

Ayane: sort of lucky.

Kageyama: next, in 1975, AEGIS network was disbanded.

Miu: how come?

Kageyama: they say that secret organization is illegal. So, they decided to go on their own.

Ayane: did they still continue on hunting down invaders?

Kageyama: some of them like your parents Ayane. They continue to eliminate invaders at the same time, look for a job.

Ayane: what? Both of my parents are gatekeepers?

Kageyama nods his head.

Ayane: this is insane.

Miu: If both Ayane's parents were gatekeepers, she should have 2 gate powers.

Kageyama: I don't think that's going to happen.

Ayane: do you know my parents?

Kageyama: I sure do.

Ayane: who are they?

Kageyama: Shun Ukiya and Ruriko Ikusawa.

Ayane: Ruriko Ikusawa? Who's she?

Kageyama: your real mother.

Ayane: but, Misato Isuzu is my real mother.

Kageyama: no.

Ayane: why didn't I see her?

Kageyama: she died after you were born.

Ayane: how come nobody told me that?

Kageyama: only few people know about it.

Ayane: they never tell me anything. How did my mother die?

Kageyama: she was murdered by an evil gatekeeper. That evil gatekeeper also wants to kill you too. But luckily, your father fought that gatekeeper using both of his gates. The gate of gales and the gate of dark wind. Because of too much force used, they both died at the same time. Your father did that thing for your safety Ayane. He really loves you very much. He wants you to grow up and be a strong gatekeeper like him. He forgot his own life just for you. Not only for you, but to avenge your mother's death and for the sake of the world.

Miu: amazing.

Kageyama: Ayane, because of that incident, there's no need for you to hate him. You should be proud to be his daughter. Not all men are like him.

Miu: he's got a point there Ayane.

Ayane: I'll think about it.

Ayane leaves the room with tears on her eyes.

Kageyama: next time, she'll realize that not being an Ukiya is a mistake.

Miu: Are there more things we need to know?

Kageyama: that's enough for know. You should go home now Miu.

Miu: yes sir.

Ayane's room

Ayane: that's not true. All he said was just a lie.

Then Saemi enters her room surprisingly.

Saemi: Ayane, are you crying?

Ayane: no.

Saemi: are you having a hard time in those math problems? I can help you.

Ayane: not at all.

Saemi: are you hungry? Maybe I can make you dinner.

Ayane: no thanks.

Saemi: alright then. Just go down stairs if you're hungry.

Ayane: ok.

2 hours later...10 pm to be specific. Ayane finally finished all her assignments. After she had dinner, she heads back to her room immediately. Still thinking of the story that Kageyama told her. About her parents and how they died. Several minutes have passed, Ayane fell asleep...

To be continued...

Author: I know it's lacking. But, there are still more to come. Just hang on.