Revealed past and Hidden Memories

by: Agent Ukiya

April 20, 2005

Author's note: chapter 2 is up! Enjoy.

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Summary: Ayane meets her real parents. Will she talk to them? At the same time, forgive her father. Please RnR.

Chapter II: Family confrontation

In Ayane's dream, she was lying on the bed reading a certain book when suddenly; someone was knocking on her door...

Ayane: who is it?

A beautiful woman who was wearing a bright yellow dress and a yellow ribbon went inside her room.

Ayane: wh-who are you?

Woman: don't be afraid, Ayane.

Ayane: how did you know my name?

Woman: Ayane , I am your mother. Ruriko Ukiya.

Ayane: Ukiya! Mother!

Ruriko: yes.

Ayane: but, Misato Isuzu is my mother.

Ruriko: no. She's just your guardian.

Ayane: how come she never told me?

Ruriko: because she hates me. She doesn't want to talk about me.

Ayane: where did you come from?

Ruriko: I'm from a paradise far away from here.

Ayane: that're a ghost! Aren't you?

Ruriko: sort of.

Ayane: why are you here for?

Ruriko immediately removes her glasses and puts it in the table nearby.

Ayane: hey! I need that!

Ruriko: no you don't.

Ayane: you're starting to piss me off.

Ruriko: you know, you look cute without your glasses.

Ayane: blushes...thanks. I guess.

Ruriko: let's go outside. I want you to meet someone familiar.

Ayane: wait. I'll just get my stuff.

Ruriko: I'll be waiting downstairs ok?

Ruriko leaves the room.

Ayane: she's very strange...Is she an Invader? No. Can't be. She's just...a ghost. That's all. There's no need to worry about. She won't kill me. In fact, she's my mother. If she really is...

Living room…

Ruriko: ready to go dear?

Ayane: where are we going anyway?

Ruriko: anywhere.

Ayane: that anywhere is heaven. This woman is trying to kill me!

Ruriko: is there something wrong?

Ayane: no.

Ruriko: let's go then.


When Ayane and Ruriko were outside, Ayane eventually saw the man she really hates.

Ayane: it's him...the man who I use to hate all my life...

Ruriko: do you know him Ayane?

Ayane: yes.

Shun: hi Ayane! Remember me?


Shun was speechless...


Ruriko: Ayane, I think we should talk about that later. We have many things to do.

Ayane stared at Shun with extreme anger in her heart.

Ayane: alright...


Ayane: how come it's very quiet here? There's nobody around this area alone.

Ruriko: well...They must have enjoyed a weekend vacation away from this city.

Ayane: now that's weird.

Ruriko: Ayane, can you do me a favor?

Ayane: sure.

Ruriko: can you just, talk to your father.

Ayane: nope.

Ruriko: why do you hate him so much?

Ayane: because...he left me alone.

Ruriko: the only reason he left you alone is that he died in battle for peace and prosperity. Right Shun?

Shun: right.

Ruriko: Forgive him Ayane. Please…

Ayane thought about it for a few minutes…

Ayane: ok. I'll try to control my temper.

Shun smiled at Ayane and she also smiled back

Ruriko: things work out very well for the two of you.

Shun: of course. We're both Ukiyas.

Suddenly, Invader started to appear from the ground.

Ruriko: Shun! Look invaders!

Shun: hold on Rurippe, Let's see what this kid is made of.

Ruriko: you're going to make her fight them?

Shun: yup!

Ruriko: they're too many. She's outnumbered.

Shun: she can do it. Trust me.

Ayane begins to work on her laptop…

Shun: hey! What's this?

Ayane: it's a laptop.

Ruriko: Ayane, can't you use your own gate instead of others? Just once.

Ayane: but…I like using imitation gates.

Ruriko: you have one don't you? So use it please.

Shun: we want to know if you really can handle it.

Ruriko: and to prove that you're an Ukiya.

Ayane: I can't handle it just like you. I'm not using it regularly.

Shun: we know you can do it. Just believe in yourself.

Ayane: I will.

Then she gives her laptop and cellphones to Shun.

Ruriko: that's the spirit. Go for it!

Shun: wait! You might need this.

Shun lend Ayane his samurai sword.

Ayane: a samurai sword.

Shun: not just an ordinary sword. That sword makes your gate power a bit stronger than before. It will definitely work.

Ayane: thanks! GATE OPEN!

After a fierce battle with the invaders, Shun and Ruriko couldn't believe what they saw awhile ago.

Ruriko: wow! That was quite a show Ayane! You do have your father's blood in your veins after all.

Shun: I'm so proud of you! You were amazing out there.

Ayane: (smiles) thank you.

Ruriko: where do we go now?

Shun: well, how 'bout in the park.

Ruriko: what will we do there?

Shun: you know, spend quality time with our daughter.

Ruriko: alright then.


Ayane: mom, is being a gatekeeper dangerous?

Ruriko: yes.

Ayane: why?

Ruriko: umm…people who know that you're a gatekeeper will intend to kill you. Others pick a fight to determine if you really know how to use your gate power.

Ayane: have you fought other gatekeepers?

Ruriko: some of them…ask your father about it.

Ayane: dad…

Shun: what?

Ayane: did you pick a fight with other gatekeepers?

Shun: yeah.

Ayane: like who?

Shun: Reiji Kageyama.

Ayane: I see…

Shun: do you know him?

Ayane: sort of. Were you victorious?

Shun: of course I am.

Ayane: how did he survive that impact?

Shun: I don't know. That remains a mystery. Even our commander doesn't know about it.

Ayane: maybe I'll just ask him how.

Shun: you mean you work for him?

Ayane: uhh…yeah. But he's a good guy now. He's the old Kageyama you knew before who wants to take over the world.

Shun: oh…

Ruriko: he did change.

Shun: definitely.

Ruriko: so, what do you want to next, Shun?

Shun: I know! We can visit commander and see how he is doing right now.

Ruriko: good idea.

Tategami High…

Ayane: why are we here in my school?

Ruriko: our base is under this school.

Ayane: awesome! An underground base! How do you get there?

Shun: we use secret compartments. But now, we don't Because, AEGIS doesn't exist anymore.

Ayane: why was AEGIS disbanded?

Ruriko: the government said our organization was illegal. So, we decided to go on by ourselves.

Ayane: Kageyama was right.

AEGIS secret base…

Shun: here we are Ayane.

Ayane: it seems a little…old here….

Shun: this base was destroyed a long time ago.

Ruriko: Shun, where's commander?

Shun: there he is!

Ruriko: commander!

Commander: whoa! What a surprise to see you here agent Ikusawa.

Ruriko: umm…I'm not Ikusawa anymore…

Commander: you mean? You and Ukiya..!

Ruriko: yes sir.

Commander: Is that so? By the way, where is captain Ukiya?

Shun: here I am Commander.

Commander: Ukiya, it's been a while. Who's the kid?

Shun: oh this? This is my daughter Ayane. She's a gatekeeper.

Commander: a gatekeeper huh? What gate power does she have?

Ruriko: gate of strong wind, sir.

Commander: really? That's amazing. I know she will be a fine leader someday. Just like you Ukiya.

Shun: thanks commander.

Commander: how about we give her a little test whether she knows how to use a gate power. Is that ok with you, Ayane?

Ayane: I think so.

Ruriko: c'mon Ayane! Go for it.

Shun: yeah! Show commander what you're made of!

Ayane: ok.

Outside Tategami High…

Commander: ready Ayane?

Ayane: I'm ready.

Commander: how many targets do you want?

Ayane: just give me a dozen.

Shun: no. Give her 20.

Commander: 20! Isn't that too many?

Shun: she can do it. Trust me.

Commander: alright then. 20 it is.


After the test…

Commander: wow! I'm impressed Ukiya! How did you manage to have a special child?

Shun: well…she's gifted.

Commander: I agree.

Suddenly, a strange guy appeared in front of them. Who do you think he is? Check out chapter 3 and find out.

Author: It's a little pathetic right? Actually it is! Mwahahaha! Negative reviews are always welcome. They can help me a lot though. I haven't watched GK 21 yet. So, I don't know if Ayane knows about the AEGIS secret base under the school.