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--Best Wishes--

In a warm summer day in Privet Drive, a young boy by the name of Harry Potter laid on his bed, staring at the ceiling.

Hedwig, his faithful and loyal owl fidgeted in her cage, unable to sleep.

Harry stared aimlessly at the locked wooden door that held all his prized broom, the Firebolt, the fastest broom in the wizarding world; his wand, and some of his books. Then he heard the sound of a large truck parking beside the Dursley's house.

The workers unloaded a large amount of furniture in the vacant house beside them. Next to it a silver sports car, much more magnificent than Uncle Vernon's.

Out came two female figures. One was dressed in red T-shirt with a hood and baggy black pants with a dangling chain. Her midnight hair was tainted with silver streaks. She wore no jewelry except for a sapphire pendant that seemed to glow in it's own light. The other figure was dressed in silver T-shirt and black jeans with silver chain going across it. Her hair was black with red tips. The teenager had a black chocker on and a ruby pendant.

The two females spoke to the people in the front. From where Harry was standing, he could see that they had long silver hair. Soon, the car drove away with inhumane speed.

Is it possible for muggles to obtain such speed for cars? Harry thought.

Then a loud voice cried out to Harry, "Get downstairs right now unless you don't want any lunch!" Harry could recognize the voice immediately as his Aunt Petunia.

For the next few days since the two teenagers moved in to the house beside his only relative's, Harry felt curious to see who it was. Harry no longer saw the silver sports car or the mysterious silver haired people arrive again.

"Harry! I want you to take these cookies to our new neighbors. Don't mess up or else!" Aunt Petunia ordered harshly.

Harry sighed, "Well... at least I get to meet the two of them..." And so Harry took the plate of cookies and step out in the warm sun. On the way there, the young wizard heard noises from his new neighbors house.

A crash was heard and a scream, "You broke the vase!" Cried a female. "It's not my fault you were grabbing the cookie!" retorted another. "You were the one who stole it!" "Yea right!"

Harry hesitantly knocked on the door. "Erm… is everything ok…?" "What the hell are you doing here, you pathetic human?" Said the one with red streaks in her hair.

"Well… I'm sorry to err… interrupt, but my aunt told me to give you these cookies to you." The wizard stuttered.

"Thank you!" The girl with silver streaks said with a grin. "What ever." Said the girl who greeted him with a yell.

Now that Harry had a closer look at them. The two females looked like the same age as he was. The girl with a smile, and eyeing the cookies, had amber eyes and the girl who had an annoyed look had red eyes. Could they be contacts? He thought bewildered.

"What are you looking at?" One of the girls narrowed her amber eyes. "I was just um… well… um… NOTHING!" He finally burst out.

The girl with the red eyes glared at him, "I don't believe you. Tell me, human, what were you looking at?" "..." He was silent. He couldn't tell that he was looking at their eyes! It would be too embarrassing!

"Well!" the red-eyed girl was impatient. "Err..." Harry was getting more fidgety. "Tell me before I kill you!" she kept glaring daggers at him. "Oh stop it, Akuma." The amber-eyed girl said, taking her eyes off the cookies. "If he doesn't want to tell us then he won't." She spared one glare at the male teen.

The girl, now known as Akuma, continued to glare daggers at him, but didn't say anything else. "It's quite alright," Harry said, "Here are the cookies... I'll just umm... take my leave..." "Say... what's that on your forehead?" The other girl said inspecting his forehead, brushing away the bangs. "It's a scar..." Harry said.

"Well, we already knew that!" Akuma said, "We were wondering WHERE you got it from!" Harry started to get nervous, 'I can't tell them I got it from an evil wizard!' "I got it from a car crash that killed my parents when I as younger." Using the excuse his guardian told him only 6 years ago. Back when he didn't know he was a wizard.

Akuma raised a skeptical eyebrow, "Do you think I believe you?" "Well yea..." Getting even more nervous by the second. Akuma started laughing, her laugh was cold and unforgiving. "Seriously, it doesn't take an infant to know that you were lying,"

The girl, that's name was unknown to Harry, rolled her eyes, "If he doesn't want to tell us he must have a very good reason not to." She faced Harry with the look, you-better-have-a-good-one. He looked over at the amber-eyed girl and silently thanked her.

"Easy for you to say, Akki," Akuma said, "You're not the curious one here." "It's called privacy! You for one should know what that is." The female now known as Akki looked at her companion with an annoyed look. The silver clothed girl shrugged, "I still get curious you know..." Akki shook her head in disbelief and they argued no more.

"I better get going, or else my aunt will kill me," Harry said, "It was nice meeting the two of you." With that said, the young boy took his leave, leaving his two neighbors grinning at him.

--Wishes Granted--

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