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The days went smoothly, or not so smoothly in Potions, Harry and Akki, along with Hermione and Ron were quite close now. Though something was still amiss.

One day, Harry had an urge to ask, "Where has Akuma been? I haven't seen her in any of the classes." Since the day Akuma transformed, she didn't quite want to change back yet.

Akki, not noticing any disturbances yet enjoyed her classes. She was quite ticked that Akuma left her to deal with all the questions that the professors asked her about Akuma.

One day in Potions, Snape, had decided to question about Akuma, once again.

"Now, tell me, Ms. TaiYoukai, where is your friend?" Snape was so close to her face with narrow eyes, that Akki thought she could even smell the greasy scent from his hair, got really ticked.

Almost as if a certain red- eyed girl knew what was going on, she walked into the classroom and said, "Good Morning, Professor Snape." Her voice was laced in sarcasm and distaste when she looked at him.

Akki rolled her eyes at Akuma's timed entrance. Akuma only smirked at her before taking a seat at the back, since Akki was sitting with Hermione, Ron and Harry.

"Where were you?" a certain pissed off Potions Master inquired, while glaring at Akuma with deep hatred. Akuma smiled, or rather smirked, secretly at him. "And you want to know because?"

She knew Snape was on the verge to practically kill her, but she loved to push people's buttons. The whole class tensed at a student talking back at Professor Snape. Snape's eyes flared with such anger, many students from Gryffindor and some from Slytherin cringed. Akki rolled her eyes in annoyance at Akuma's way of starting a new school.

"I want to KNOW because I have the RIGHT to know where to are, as a professor I am partially responsible for your disappearance," Snape was pissed off beyond belief, "And 20 points from Gryffindor for talking back to a professor."

All of the Gryffindor groaned at the loss hard earned 20 points, and then turned to glare at Akuma. The Slytherin smirked and sat smugly in their seats. Harry's glare was special for Malfoy whose smirk seemed to be the widest.

Akuma gave Malfoy a dry smile before turning back to the professor, "Well, now that you've taken away points from Gryffindor, will you get back to the lesson? I'm quite bored right now and I don't, well I don't think anybody will like it when I'm bored."

Pissed as hell, but not wanting to get fired, he continued his lesson. "Before I was so rudely interrupted," He spared a glare at Akuma. "I was going to explain the poison of a snake bite."

"As you know, a snake's bite is very dangerous and if you can die from just one bite instantly from one of the most poisonous snakes." He spoke as if he wouldn't care at least if one just came up and bit one of the listening students.

He continued with the lesson, all very boring. Another few points docked off, the usual things.

Harry sighed. It was quite boring to hear Snape drone on about snakes. When he sneaked a glace at Hermione, he saw that she was taking in every word he was saying. As usual, she didn't want to fail.

Harry saw that Ron was trying not to fall asleep, and Akki was taking notes here and there when necessary.

Akuma was, well, she was playing with a match to fire blazing brightly at the tip of it. Shocked but didn't say anything, Harry tried to focus on Professor Snape.

Suddenly a loud scream was heard. Harry turned back to see Malfoy's robes on fire and a grinning Akuma. Akki groaned and placed her head in her arms, as if covering her eyes would solve everything.

Harry inwardly snickered.

"Professor! She," Malfoy pointed to the, still grinning, Akuma, "Got my robe on fire!"

After he had cast a spell to get rid of the fire. Only effectively make the fire grow bigger. Malfoy scream got even more high-pitched and began running around the classroom.

Akuma's eyes seem to glow with delight when she saw the beautiful fire burning brightly. 'Remind me never to get in the way of Akuma's fire,' Harry thought. 'However she lights them...'

"Ms. Kitsune!" Snape growled, "Detention for a week for setting a student of fire and 50 points from Gryffindor!" Akki raised her head just an inch and looked at the running Malfoy, her eyes flickered brightly in enjoyment. Akuma only shrugged when Snape assigned her detention. All of the Gryffindors looked smug and the Slytherins were, well, shocked and horrified.

After many unsuccessful moments to finally destroy the fire, the bell rang and class was dismissed.

"Wow! That was bloody brilliant!" Ron shouted when they were heading off to Divinations, "How did you do that?" Akuma pulled out a box full of unused and used matches.

Hermione shook her head, "That was ridiculous! It wasn't nice to set him on fir like that! He could've gotten hurt!" "He's lucky he didn't burn to death for all I see with her..." Akki mumbled to herself.

Harry, Ron, Akki, and Akuma head off to the Divination as Hermione went off to Arithmetic.

"Welcome to another year of Divination! This year we will look deep into the hearts of another! Read into their minds!" Professor Trelawney said in her misty voice, full of excitement.

"Can I have Hiei do the mind reading?" Akuma's voice was full of sarcasm as she walked in and took the seat at the very back. "Isn't Hiei a mountain?" Lavender asked. Akki fought the urge to laugh.

Akuma groaned and sank back in her seat, "Technically yes, but I have a... err... someone I know that's named Hiei." "Oh," with that said, Lavender when back to talking to her friends.

"But I thought you said you only had one friend." Ron butted in. "I never said he was my friend!" Akuma snapped harshly at him. He immediately shut up.

"Now class, please look into the crystal ball and tell the person beside you what you see," Trelawney's voice seems to carry out in the room.

Akki slowly looked into the crystal ball and looked at Akuma with the expression, 'why-did-we-take-this-class-again?' Akuma shrugged, "I didn't choose it. Come to think of it, I didn't choose any of the classes."

She, then looked into the crystal ball and started knocked it with her knuckles. She hit it a bit to hard, causing it to crack. Sighing, Akki said, "Can you not trouble for once...?"

Lavender and her friend, Parvati, gasped, "Oh my god! It's bad luck to break a crystal ball!" "She was already bad luck in the first place." Akki said with a grin.

"So true, "Akuma muttered, glaring at the crystal ball in front of her. Suddenly it burst out into flames. Sighing, Akki spared it a glance and with a flicker of her eyes it suddenly went out in a puff of smoke, as if water was poured over it.

"Oh my gosh! It's cursed!" Lavender screamed.

Behind them, Harry and Ron were secretly watching. "Whoa, did you see that, mate?" Ron asked Harry in a soft tone, not wanting to be heard by other people. Unfortunately, Akki and Akuma over heard. If they had ears on top of their heads, they would have twitch.

Akuma turned to look at them and gave them a half smirk, half glare, "Well, well, talking behind someone's back? Need any answers?"

Akki was half listening, half looking at the crystal ball.

"Why would we want to talk behind someone's back?" Ron was beginning to sweat. His ears were turning a bright red colour. Akuma shrugged and turned back to her cracked and burnt crystal ball.

The bell rung and the group was unsuccessful in seeing anything in the crystal ball.

A grumble was heard and they all turned to look at Akki. "What! I'm hungry!" Akki half whined. "Well good thing it's lunch next then." Hermione said, joining them.

When they got to the Gryffindor table, Akuma had a look of disgust at the food they were serving her, "I think I'll pass on this one." With that said, she flitted out the entrance door.

"What's wrong with her?" Ron asked, looking around with all the food such as sandwiches, soup, and noodles. Akki only shrugged and took a sandwich and apple juice.

"'Ere 'oo 'ou 'ink A'uma is 'ight 'ow?" Ron asked his mouth stuffed with a large amount of food. Akki looked at Ron with distaste and bit into her sandwich, choosing to ignore him. Ron shrugged and went back to his eating.

"Akki, is there something you're not telling us?" Hermione inquired with a raised of her eyebrow. Akki looked up from her sandwich and look at Hermione, "You mean besides the fact that's she's crazy and causes trouble too much?" "Err... Well, I wouldn't exactly call her crazy... Just... issues..." Hermione didn't quite know how to answer the amber- eyed girl's question.

They continued to eat lunch and in silence when Akuma burst in with a satisfied smirk on her face. There were stains on her black school robes. "Who'd you kill this time?" Akki said with sarcasm dripping in every word. Though her eyes were serious, the other three didn't notice. Akuma's smirk widened, "Just a couple of those birds and rabbits in the forest." Akki sighed and finished up her food.

Akuma looked over her shoulder with a face that clearly showed disgust, "Why do you eat that shit?" "'Cuz this shit is way better than the shit you eat." Akki said throwing an icy glare over her shoulder. Akuma shrugged, "Not for me."

"Next class should be Charms, hm..." Akki looked at her schedule and pondered for a while.

"How the Hell did you keep that paper alive?" Akuma asked with an irritated look on her face, "Mine just burst into flames when I started glaring at it."

"Gee... I seriously wonder why... Maybe it's because of the matches you keep in your pockets!" Akki scowled, covering up for Akuma on how the paper went up in flames. Akuma opened her mouth to correct her, but a look from Akki made her shut up.

They arrived to Charms class almost to late. When the opened the door, they saw that were yet again with the Slytherin's.

Akuma sent a few glares at certain Slytherins who snickered at her and teased her about her eye colour. "Did you get your contacts at those muggle shops?" a Slytherin sneered at her. "Or were they too ugly and you put a spell on them?"

Akuma glared dangerous at the boy that was mocking her eye colour. "You listen here, human, this is my real eye colour and if you say other wise I'll make sure you'll never have children. EVER."

"I'm so scared." The said mockingly, but behind his eyes you can see the fear.

"Please sit down! Everyone, please sit down!" The charms teacher, Mr. Flitwick ordered.

The students immediately sat down in the empty seats and waited for Professor Flitwick to start the lesson. "Now, class, we'll be learning how to defend ourselves from creatures we don't know," Flitwick squeaked from the stool he was standing on.

"There's a simple charm that immediately stops it from attacking you," he continued.

The class was silent and waited for him to continue.

"Now, please say Defaricio and flick your wrist like so," Professor Flitwick said, flicking his wrist sharply forward.

Harry saw that Hermione did perfectly what Flitwick asked for and of course, did it perfectly. Ron however had trouble doing it and a puff of smoke came out of it. Harry tried it and failed, tried again and did it jerkingly, but non-the less did the charm.

Akki looked over at the other three doing the charm, and looked down at her wand. Gripping it loosely, she tried and failed. Getting ticked, she flicked it a bit harder in the direction of Malfoy. A sudden jolt of electricity shot through him and his jelled hair stood on end.

Akuma snorted slightly at his new hair do before trying the charm herself. She flicked it a bit to harshly a small fox came out from the other end and decided that it wanted Malfoy as its dinner.

"PROFESSOR!" Malfoy screamed. "They are trying to kill' me!" He said pointing to the hair and the fox looking at him hungrily.

Akuma purposely made another mistake when she was flicking her wrist. Vines shot out of nowhere and bind him completely, immediately shutting Malfoy up.

A trickle of water somehow managed to make its way to one edge of the vine and it grew even more, covering him even more so. Flitwick's eyes widened, "Oh dear!" he squeaked, "Disapparo!" The vines disappeared completely.

"Damn," Akuma muttered to herself, but Ron and Harry, along with Hermione, heard her clearly. "Oh my gosh! Are you quite alright?" Akki asked playing innocent. Malfoy threw her a glare, lined with hatred. Flitwick shook his head as the bell rang, "Well homework for today is to practice the charm for our next class together!"

They continued the day without any more disturbances and entered the commonroom at sunset.

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