Target: Horrorworld

Chapter Six


Ryoko, Taena, and Mokuba were currently trying to locate a good seat at the Festival of the Lion King in the 'Camp Minnie-Mickey' area of the theme park. Ryoko had changed her shirt and overcome her hysteria about being 'forever separated from her one true love, Yuugi,' and Mokuba had singed the hair off several fanclub members' heads. All was well with the trio once again.

Several people had already filed inside of the tent-like structure and were waiting impatiently for the show to start.

"Let's sit over here!" Ryoko suggested, gesturing to a bench which was only occupied by an old lady and a young child at the moment. The trio sat down, Ryoko fidgeting excitedly and Mokuba glancing around suspiciously for any other fanclub members he might have missed. Taena just looked bored.

Ryoko clapped her hands eagerly when a stream of tumblers and dancers came leaping out of the back tent entrance and into the center of the room. Ryoko clapped Taena's hands for her to the beat of the exotic music since the younger princess refused to do it herself. Ryoko scowled at Mokuba, and he quickly began to clap, as well.

"Ai yi yi!" screamed one of the singers.

Taena yelped in startlement when the rest of the crowd mimicked him.

"Ai yi yi!"

Again, the crowd repeated the scream.

"Oh, brother," Taena muttered, crossing her arms over her chest. "Give me a break."

Just then, a few fire-throwers entered into the fray, blowing fire from their mouths and other various places.

"I can't see over that guy down there!" Ryoko complained, straining her neck to see the fire-throwers. In a bored flick of his wrist, Mokuba levitated Ryoko up above the seat.


A few gasps rose up in the area the three were sitting in as some people spotted Ryoko floating in mid-air. She seemed oblivious to the attention, but Mokuba cursed silently. He tried to hide his hand which was out to the side of him to hold the eldest princess up, but a kid saw his hand and pointed, yelling.

The Ascenian lord cringed and motioned for the kid to be quiet.

"He's doin' it!" the kid shrieked. "Make me fly! Make me fly!"

One of the dancers had apparently noticed the commotion, for he was making his way over. Mokuba dropped Ryoko back onto the seat next to him and stuffed his hands in his pockets, but it was too late. The dancer jerked him up and pulled him into the center of the tent.

Some people were laughing at him, and Mokuba did not want to be embarrassed even worse. He levitated the dancer who had brought him down, soaring the man around the tent, high above the crowd. The crowd screamed with excitement, and Mokuba's nerve went up a bit.

He smirked and held out his other hand, forming a ball of black, sparking electricity in it. The people ooh'd and ahh'd over it, so he twirled it on one finger, smiling dazzlingly.

"Fireworks, Mokuba!" Ryoko shouted. Her and Taena were cheering him on from their places on the bench.

Mokuba tossed the electric ball up into the air, then closed his fist, and it exploded overhead, creating a shower of sparks.

After the show, several of the dancers approached him and asked him to join their show, but he declined. "Sorry, but I don't live on this planet." With an apologetic smile, he was dragged off by Ryoko and Taena who were eager to start their next activity.



Careen shrieked excitedly as the Primeval Whirl in 'Dinoland, U.S.A.' spun around and around, faster and faster every second. The ride jolted from side to side, bouncing the car occupants up and down.

She yelled out Malik's name with a giggle, but when he didn't answer, she glanced over in his direction. Her eyes flashed angrily.


The blond Tevinelivian extracated himself from the breasts his head was planted between and turned his head in time to see Careen raising her hand to yank his head back over towards her, or to do some other damage.

"I fell on her!" he yelled, holding his hands up.

"You don't have to tell me; I noticed!" she shot back, glaring at him. "You stupid playboy! I'm going to castrate you!"

Malik looked horrified. "Careen!"

She didn't hear him because at that moment, the Primeval Whirl took a particularly violent spin, and the woman whose breasts Malik had been embedded in previously screamed slightly, her hand flying into Malik's upper lap.

"Oops!" she exclaimed, not looking the least bit remorseful.

"You hussy!" Careen screamed, trying to reach across Malik to the woman. The other occupants in the car, all children except one, looked rather uncomfortable at the fight breaking out in front of them. "C'mere, you!"

Malik tried to still his lover's hands, but Careen's jealousy was her worst trait, and it knew no bounds.

"I'm leaving you!" the blonde woman yelled furiously. Malik's mouth opened and closed like a gaping fish for a few minutes before he finally stuttered out her name.

"You can't do that! We're not even married!" he yelled over the sound of the ride.

"Exactly!" she screamed back. "It'll be a lot easier to get rid of you!"

"Oh, yeah? Well, I'm cutting you off from sex!" Malik threatened.

When Careen sneered, "Good! You sucked anyway!", Malik whimpered pathetically. As soon as the ride was over, Careen jumped out of the car and stormed off.


"What show are we going see, mom?" Baku asked. He had bought some replacement pants, throwing away the pair with the gaping hole on the buttocks from the goat.

"'Tarzan Rocks,'" she answered, leading her husband and son towards a stadium.

Bakura's eyes narrowed thoughtfully. Why did that sound so familiar? He shrugged it off, taking a seat next to Anzu at the front of the stadium, a short distance from the stage.

The Bakurian king nearly jumped a foot when loud music started up and a plethora of mechanical monkies on skates zoomed onto the stage from every which direction.

"Dude!" Baku exclaimed. "The monkies are skating! This freaking rocks!" He cupped his mouth with his hands. "Go, monkey, go!"

Bakura was uninterested in the demonic, skating machines; however, he sat up straight in the seat when a certain bronzed man in a loincloth stepped out onto the stage amidst the ridiculous monkies.

"I knew I recognized that name!" Bakura declared, standing up from his seat. Before Anzu or Baku could wonder what he meant, he was climbing up on the stage.

"Bakura! Get down here!" Anzu shouted. Her husband ignored her though and headed straight for Tarzan. The ape-man seemed oblivious to the fact that someone was about to attack him.

"Tarzan, watch out!" Anzu yelled.

Baku laughed outright when his father yanked Tarzan over to him by the arm. "Go dad!"

"You! Darzen! You're the one who tried to molest my daughter!" Bakura yelled, shaking Tarzan a bit.

"What? Hey, man, I didn't molest anyone!"

Bakura glared hard at him. "Look, Tanzun, you did at that 'Magic Kingdom' or whatever the fuck!"

Anzu growled under her breath and stood up, prepared to stop her husband from killing the poor Disney actor. She clambered up onto the stage, but when she stood, she was knocked back off of it by a monkey zipping past her. She flew back into Baku's lap, knocking her head on her son's. A stream of curses flew out of both of their mouths.

Tarzan looked frightened up on the stage. "But, I don't even work at Magic Kingdom! That's a different Tarzan!"

Bakura released Tarzan, a devious glint in his eyes. "Oh, reeeeeeeally..." He clucked his tongue thoughtfully. "You will live to see another day, Dorzan."

With that, he jumped down off the stage and approached his wife and son who were still rubbing their heads painfully.

"Well, Anzu--" The king was interrupted when he was quickly tackled by two security guards.


Ryoko, Taena, and Mokuba trotted along happily, looking for something else to do.

"This is actually kind of fun," Taena allowed grudgingly.

"Yeah, nothing can ruin my mood right now!" Ryoko replied with a big smile. At that precise moment, her younger brother ran straight into her, sending her flying off her feet to land painfully on her backside.

"Baku!" she screamed, slamming her fist down on the ground.

"Oh, Ryoko! Hide us! Hide ussssss!" the prince screeched, ducking behind his sister. She didn't do much to hide his figure. Bakura and Anzu had already run up and were hiding behind a tree. The latter had reached out and grabbed her son, yanking him back behind the tree with them.

"What on Bakura is going on?" Mokuba wondered after two guards ran past them.

The king, queen, and prince peeked out from behind the tree. Seeing that the guards were gone, they came out completely. Anzu punched Bakura hard in the shoulder.

"You pasty-looking idiot!"

"Shut up, cow!"

"How could you attack a Disney character? You psycho!"

"You're just pissed because you got beat up by a monkey!"

For the next five minutes, the children plugged their ears and drowned out the sound of their parents bickering. The only reason they even stopped at all was because Careen had stalked up to them, yelling at Malik over her shoulder.

"Well, I have to fake it every damn time!"

"Oh, bullshit, you do! 'Ohhhh, Malik! You're so huge!'"

Careen sputtered angrily. "I don't sound like that! I'd rather screw my ladymaid than you!"


A throat being cleared hesitantly drew the angry family's attention to it. "Pardon me, but are you all going to order?" The employee in the barbecue stand pointed to the line waiting impatiently behind the Bakurian royal family. The royal family chuckled nervously.

"I'll have a turkey leg, please!" Mokuba piped up.

"Me, too!" Taena added happily.

The rest of the family grudgingly ceased their arguing and put in their orders. After eating a silent and quick lunch, Mokuba timidly suggested that they all go on a ride together.

"Hey, why are you all wearing different clothes?" Careen questioned. She had seen Bakura change, of course, but now Ryoko and Anzu were also wearing a different shirt, and Baku was wearing new pants.

"I got shit on, remember!"

"I got bit in the ass by a goat."

"Mokuba threw up on me."

"I just liked this shirt!"

Malik whistled lowly. "Alrighty then. Shall we go on a ride?"


Twenty minutes later found the group seated in the car, prepared to start the DINOSAUR ride in 'Dinoland, U.S.A.' It was supposed to be the most exciting ride in the park.

The ride started off heavy with thunder, lightning, and a visible asteroid headed right for them. It was the extinction of the dinosaurs, although nobody except Anzu and Taena knew what 'dinosaurs' were.

All Baku knew was that there was an iguanadon (statue) straight ahead that was going to be blasted to pieces by the oncoming asteroid!

"I'll save you, little man!" he vowed gallantly, jumping out of the slow-moving car. "Cover me, Mokuba!"

No one yelled at Baku to get back in the car. Malik had mysteriously 'fallen' out of the car; however, he thoroughly blamed Careen who was looking rather innocent from her place next to him.

"You crazy bitch! You pushed me!" he yelled, holding onto the side of the car with one hand while Bakura and Anzu struggled to pull him back inside. The fact that the car was bumping around made the task difficult.

"Oh, I did no such thing," Careen responded lightly, examining her manicured nails.

Ryoko was rendered speechless from fear due to the constant booms of thunder and flashes of realistic lightning. She was clinging to Taena, but the blonde princess was too busy ridiculing how fake the fleeing dinosaurs looked to notice.

"Real dinosaurs don't float around on the ground like that! How stupid!" she mocked, shaking her head disapprovingly.

Mokuba was blasting random trees in front of the car, clearing the path for Baku's gallant saving of the iguanadon. The fact that the trees were merely illusions did not spoil the pair's fun.

"I am coming, little guy! Superbaku is on the job!"

For extra measure, Mokuba levitated Baku, and the prince pretended to fly over to the iguanadon. He scooped up the statue, promising it that it was safe, and 'flew' back over to the car.

Taena was scoffing at the two, but they were laughing hysterically and did not notice. Malik had finally been pulled back into the car and looked as if he wanted to stab Careen repeatedly with whatever sharp object he could get his hands on.

As the ride coasted to a stop, Careen perked up. "Hey, I've got an idea!"

"Decided to shoot yourself?" Malik asked with a cruel smile.

"No, but I may shoot you instead," she replied, nonplussed. "But, I saw in a brochure this 'Downtown Disney' thing with dance clubs and restaurants and stuff! We should check it out, don't you think, Anzu?"

The queen nodded enthusiastically. "Yes, that sounds like a lot of fun! We've pretty much done everything here. Why don't we head over there tonight?"

Bakura held up a hand. "I am not going anywhere without changing this awful shirt."

"Fine, fine, we can stop by the hotel first," Anzu assured him.


At Downtown Disney, the group of eight had split up to enjoy themselves. After the trip to the hotel and some appreciated silence, the moods within the group were considerably better.

Bakura and Malik set off down the street to get a drink while the rest of the group walked off in the opposite direction to do some dancing.

"I'll have a Mai Tai," Malik ordered of the bartender, deciding to delve out of his usual brandy for the night.

"What is that?" Bakura asked his cousin.

"I saw a really macho man order one of these on a movie," Malik whispered, looking confident. He winked at a nearby pretty brunette. The bartender brought over a pink drink with a red umbrella in it. Malik looked shocked; apparently, he had never actually looked at the drink on the movie. The brunette was laughing behind her hand.

"Really macho," Bakura laughed. He ordered a brandy for himself, not wanting to take a chance.


"This is so much fun!" Ryoko exclaimed over the loud music. She was dancing with her brother who nodded.


Anzu and Careen were sharing a margarita over at a table, and Mokuba was dancing with Taena. The latter didn't look too happy to be dancing, but smiled up at her big 'brother' just the same.


"Ten!" Malik declared, slamming down another empty glass. "Beeeeat that, B-Bakura!"

His cousin jerked his head up, looking around wildly. "T...Ten? Hell, I-I already had tuuuuuwelveeee!"

"Twelllllve?" Malik moaned. Bakura nodded emphatically.

The cousins wobbly stood up from their seats at the bar and wandered outside and onto the street. They looked around curiously as if they hadn't been out in the same street a few hours before.

Malik gasped loudly and pointed frantically at a nearby shop. "Look!" he squealed, jumping up and down. Bakura looked over where the man was pointing and saw an enormous gorilla in a shop window.

They ran over to it like young children and peered into the window. Telling each other that they must have it, they darted inside and toted the hairy gorilla statue out of the store. Bakura tossed some money over his shoulder, not caring or simply too drunk to notice he had severely overpaid the store clerk.

They toted the gorilla out into the middle of the street, not noticing the passersby who had stopped to stare at their strange behavior.

"Look!" Bakura shouted. "I-It says iiiiit... dances!"

Malik peered closer at the gorilla. He noticed a button on the back of the enormous statue's back and pressed it. Immediately, the gorilla sprang to life and started throwing its arms up in the air and shaking its toosh.

"Hell yeah!"

Bakura and Malik started dancing around the gorilla, singing happily.


The group of six left their most recent club, laughing contently. Anzu glanced around. "I wonder which bar Bakura and Malik are in?"

Careen started laughing hysterically and pointed off towards the end of the street. The rest of the group followed the direction of her finger and startled.

At the end of the street, Bakura and Malik were dancing around what appeared to be a gigantic monkey. The six glanced at each other warily before taking off down the street.

"Don't'chu wish yo' girlfriend was hot like me!" Malik sang loudly, grinding up against the gorilla.

"Don't'chu wish yo' girlfriend was a freak like me!" Bakura joined in.

"Don't'cha... don't'cha..." they sang together, pointing at random members of the crowd that had gathered around them and their dancing gorilla.

Anzu, Careen, Mokuba, Ryoko, Baku, and Taena could hardly move, so helpless they were against their laughter and the pain in the side it caused. Tears of laughter streamed down their cheeks ruthlessly.

"Oh, my God!" Ryoko gasped out, holding her stomach.

Baku was banging on the cement street, sounding like he was choking he was laughing so hard. Taena and Mokuba were trying to pry Malik and Bakura off of the gorilla and also to stifle their own laughter. Anzu and Careen were holding onto each other for support.


Thirty minutes later, Bakura and Malik were passed out cold. They had fought over whose room their gorilla would get to stay in, so Careen and Anzu had opted to share a room, so the pair could sleep in the same bed with their gorilla.

"I've never seen them so drunk in my life," Careen remarked, smiling in recollection.

"Me neither," Anzu replied, shaking her head and laughing a little more.

The three youngins plus Mokuba were also asleep in their room. The next day the group would go to MGM Studios, but Anzu gathered that Bakura and Malik would probably be very irritable with their hangovers. Her and Careen shared another laugh at that prospect before climbing into bed and falling asleep.


And there we have it: the conclusion of Animal Kingdom. Malik and Bakura will be miserable the next day. Grins cruelly