"Elliott I need to talk to you!" Benson came in the office late. She pulled Stablor out of his chair as she headed toward Huang's office.

"Can we use your office?" She asked.

"Sure" Huang said as he went back to working on a file with Fin.

"What's up?" Stabler asked as he sat down and she leaned on the front of Huang's desk.

"I met a guy" She smiled widely.

"You met a guy? Congratulations- what am I- a dog?" he joked.

"No, come on! You know I stayed here late last night, like every night. And half way home this guy runs into the back of my car. So we get out and swap information and everything and we get to talking."

"And?" Stabler prompted her to keep talking.

"So we went out for coffee. And he's going to take me to lunch today" she smiled widely.

"That's great! So you like him a lot?" Stabler smiled.

"Yeah. You know I just wanted to thank you."

"Me?" Stabler asked.

"Yeah. I mean you really gave me some hope and good words for finding someone, and now I did and—I just wanted to thank you" She said as he got up.

"You're my partner- I would do anything for you" he smiled as they gave each other a hug.

"So do I get to meet the guy?" he asked as they headed for the door.

"Yeah… only if your nice though" she smirked as they stood right inside the door.

"I'm always nice." He said with a smile.

"Good luck with this guy- I hope he's as good of a person as you are" he smiled as he took a step closer to her. She smiled warmly.

A couple hours passed and it was inching near lunchtime. A man walked in to the station and Benson smiled widely. She got up and the guy and her hugged as he came in. And she brought him over to introduce him around.

"I want you to meet my partner- Elliot this is John" Benson smiled as the two shook hands.


"Hi" Stabler said back as she introduced him to the rest of the crew.

"Well, I'm going to go- see you in an hour or so" Benson said as she put her hands on his shoulders, while he sat at his desk.

"Be back soon" he told her as she walked out.

Stabler frowned in the lunchroom as his co-workers watched him.

"What's wrong man?" Fin asked finally.

"I don't like him" He said. The others had left and it was just Fin and him in the lunch room.

"What do you mean? He seemed nice" Fin said

"I don't like him" he said again.

"You just met him" Fin reassured him.

"Benson said they had everything in common, and that he ran into her" Stabler told Fin not looking at him.

"What? No one can have anything in common with Benson now?" Fin asked.

"I don't like him. There's something about him." Stabler whined.

"What?" Fin asked.

"I don't know, but I'm going to find out" Stabler promised.

"What do you mean?" Fin asked concerned.

"I am going to search his place tomorrow night. Unofficial police business, while he's out with Benson" Stabler looked up at him.

"What do you mean? You're going to break in to his place?" Fin asked quieting down.

"Yeah" Stabler said confidently.

"You just met him- what do you think your going to find?" Fin asked.

"I don't know- but I know I will find what I need there" he said standing up. He threw his uneaten food away and headed for the door.

"Hey wait man…" Fin said as Stabler closed the door again.

"Your gut feelings are right 99 percent of the time. Count me in" he said as Stabler nodded.

"Thanks" he said as he left. Fin shook his head as he finished his food.