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A/N- I will being using the Titans' real names. Robin is Richard Greyson. Starfire is Kori. Beast Boy is Garfield. Cyborg is Victor. AndRaven is...Raven.

The easy way out. Part One

Beast Boy's POV

Banging on the door is getting urgent and for the first time in my life, I don't care to answer it.

"Beast Boy?"

That's Kori's voice. The one person that shouldn't see me like this. At least not the first person. But sometimes things happen to you that you can't stop from happening. I feel myself sliding down the wall of the bathroom, my elbow hits the sink on the way down. Ah the funny bone, what a strange feeling it gives you.

"Beast Boy, is everything alright in there?"

Her voice is still cheerful, willing to sing her poems of happiness. Bet you when she sees me, she'll break out into the ones of mourning. My rear hits the floor and wetness sinkd into my green fur. I look down to see myself sitting in my blood. I feel dizzy now, about time. I slump to the side, face hitting the floor. My vision is getting darker.

"Beast Boy?"


Wow, that door went all the way across the room.

"Opps, I did not mean tobreak the...Beast Boy? GAR!"

I see her standing there, well I see her lower body. The rest of her is blurred out by this black fog. Why am I seeing black fog?

"Oh my Garfield...Raven! Garfield needs you! He is bleeding!"

Why am I on the floor? Why do I see Kori crying? I feel so tired.

"I am not going to heal his scraped knees agian!"

I smell blood, my blood. Oh yeah, I wanted the pain to end, the hopelessness I feel.

"Raven, the blood is coming from his wrists!"

So many things in my memory are sad. Oh look, a black hole in the wall...or is that the floor. My parents death is still hard to deal with and then there is Terra.

"Please Raven hurry!"

Oh look, Raven's hair is rising out of the hole. I remember the beast with in me, the one that attacked Raven...or protected her...I can't remember, but that was a terrible time. Oh look, theirs Raven's eyes. They look very...big? No wide, thats the word. I hear stomping in the hallway. Stomping? So many villians have said they will stomp me into the ground, and they have.

Oh look Vic is here. I turn my eyes from Raven to Vic. His one good eye is almost as wide as Raven's. But I can't see the red one, his cyber eye. Why is that?

"Oh my...GAR!"

Vic sure does have a loud voice. I'm sure if my head wasn't already ringing, it would after that shout. I so can't wait for peace to catch up with me. That's right, that is why I can't see well. Raven is bending over me, grabbing my wrists. But I can't feel her, strange. Almost like watching a game. Oh I am so tired. There's Raven's head, so close to mine.

"Stay with me Gar, stay awa..."

I can see Raven talk, but no sound is reaching my ears. then I close my eyes to see if that will help. Oh look, I think I see peace at last. Someone opens my eyes and I see a red light fill my sight. Peace left. Then my eye lid close agian. Ah yes there it is, peace at last. No more crude remarks from Raven, no more yelling from Dick on my performance, no more pranks from Victor. I will miss Kori, for she always loves my kitten form, and puppy form, cub, tiger, monkey, horse, infact she likes them all I think. There is a bright light way up ahead, I wonder what it is.

Let's go look shall we Gar. Sure thing Beast Boy, lead the way! No after you.
No I must say, you should go first.
But you were here first.
Ah, but you saved more lives then I.
Beauty before beast.
But we are both beasts right?
Oh yeah...forgot. I know, lets go togeather.
Now that is a bright idea.

The light disappears and a strange beeping sound can be heard. I open my eyes to see where it is coming from.I am ina blurrywhite room with a bright light right above me and to the left of me.Slowly myvisionclears up and I see the light above me is a over head lamp. The light to the left of me is the sun outside the window. I look around the room to see several machines with wires running out of them. Wonder where they go? This machine next to my bed has one running from it to...over the rail of the bed...over the covers...to my arm...oh, it stops there. Ah...I know where I am. The medical room in the Titan Tower...oh shit.

"Oh shit" I whispered.

To be continued...

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