Whoa, this has been a year... Sorry for taking so long!

Disclaimer 1: Star Wars is not mine, and is probably not yours either. If it is, hi Geroge!

Disclaimer 2: Uh, I actually didn't want to post this because I'm hoping for my band to make this into a song and perhaps perform it one day... I've composed the music, but we've not actually played anything together yet. So... basically, the copyright here belongs to me and the rest of the band, so uh, no stealing (not that you should steal even the other poems)... There's also the fact that not all the lyrics - subjected to change and rearrangement - were written by me. The first stanza was completely my friend's work.


Alderaan, oh Alderaan
Orbiting around the sun
Blown up by a star that stuns
Oh dear, oh my, so much fun

Tatooine, oh Tatooine
Miles and miles of sand be seen
Sandy landscape has no green
Twin suns heat is just so mean
(Makes you crispy human bean)
Tusken Raiders are so lean
Must consume meat for protein
Watch a baby Bantha ween
By a flying limousine

Kamino, oh Kamino
Lots of water down below
Home of Boba and Jango
Round the place, clones come and go
Aliens moving to and fro
Would be nice if there was snow
Santa Claus goes ho ho ho
Dead is Michelangelo

Dagobah, oh Dagobah
Swampy place, you can't see far
Luke in swamp makes fangirls AAHHH
'Tis good place to dump Jar Jar, oh
Yoda short guy, ha ha ha ha
Llama llama

Bespin, Bespin, oh Bespin
That's where Luke met Anakin
And found out that they were kin
Luke yelled, "NO!" and caused a din
(Chopping hands off is a sin)
Always let a Wookiee win
Lots of people like Ewan
Ford Prefect likes drinking gin
Keanu played Constantine
We're just des'prate to keep rhymin'


(Change key)

Geonosis, oh Geonosis
What a reddish planet, this
Filled with things that spit and hiss
Your sister, Luke, you should not kiss
(When you take a piss, don't miss)
"Obi-Wan is perfect bliss,"
Says a smitten little miss
George Lucas you should never diss
(By the Force, is that Elvis?)

Hoth Hoth Hoth Hoth Hoth Hoth Hoth Hoth
Stay warm, wrap yourself in cloth
Please use white, don't be so Goth
Tauntaun's mouth is full of froth
(It has rabies, by my troth!)
Look, here comes the great grand moth
Flying fast and heading north
Just to freeze up in mid-air
And the rhyming's dead!

Kessel Kessel Kessel yay
Miners work there everyday
Mining spices for no pay
Poor lil' slaves have got no say

Coruscant, Coruscant, Coruscant
Jedi ghosts return to haunt
"They do?"
"They don't.
"Well, they do return to haunt,
"But they don't go to Coruscant."
Coruscant, Coruscant, Coruscant
Dead Jedi go elsewhere to haunt.

Endor Endor oh Endor
Han and Leia on the floor
Doing things we should ignore
Ergo we won't say no more.