Through The Eyes of Love

"Why can't you see that I'm in love with you?" he yelled in her face.

AU. A sasuhina fic . The characters are not mine. Kishimoto does. I don't care if this fic already have a similar one. Don't like it? Then don't read it.

Chapter 1

On to the story….

Hyuuga Mansion 9:00 p.m.

Hyuuga Neji is currently typing on his computer when his cell phone rang.

"Hey Hinata, what time are you coming home? It's already 9:00. Tell that stupid boyfriend of yours to bring you home now. Your parent's are getting worried" he heard a sob "are you crying? What's wrong!"

"Neji-niisan…take me home now..."

"Where are you?"

"Ken's house"

"What the hell are you doing there?"

"Ken told me that he wanted to celebrate his birthday here demo…" he heard another sob "what did that bastard do to you?" he's getting angry now

"He…he wanted me to sleep with him…"


"He said it'll serve as my gift to him after all we're engaged"

"Where is he!"

"He's down stairs. I told him I'm going to get ready so that he'll let me out of his sight. I took the opportunity to call you here on the washroom. Nii-san, I love him but I'm not yet ready to give my self to him. Pls. hurry! And don't tell chichiue and hahaue about this okay?"

He heard Ken's voice getting nearer

"It's him. I'll hold him off for a while. Nii-san pleased hurry! He could get violent if he wants to…"

"If that bastard hurts you I'll break his neck. Calm down now, I'll be right there okay?"

"hai. Thank you. Bye"

"Damn gotta hurry!"

He saved the files he's working on his laptop and quickly took his car keys. Neji run out of his room and was practically taking the steps two at a time down the stairs. He's halfway to the door when his aunt spotted him.

"Neji what's the rush? And where are you going? It's quite late…" Hikari asked

"Hinata called me"

"Is something wrong? Is she in trouble?" she asked worriedly

"Well you see…"

"Hyuuga Neji! You promised no secrets from me"

"hai. Well, she called me asking to pick her up. Ken is causing her a problem" he said uneasily

"What did that boy do to my angel!"

"Aunt lower your voice…I don't want uncle to hear this. I'd better go now, she's waiting"

"I'll come with you. I want to see Hinata"

"Demo aunt…" she gave him a look that says "don't argue"

With a defeated sigh he said "okay let's go"

A/N: this fic was written before Conquest. I was feeling angsty and dramatic at that time so I was able to write this. Hope you guys will like this. All of my fics are currently under a major editing like this one because they are going in the wrong direction unlike what I wanted them to be that's why I haven't been updating for a while. But I'll make sure that it'll be a major update. Oh yeah before I forgot some major characters won't be appearing on this fic, hope you'll forgive me. That's all for now. Ja nee