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Chapter 9

Sasuke sat on the black leather sofa while Neji stands, leaning on his table with his arms crossed on his chest. He cocked his head on the side "well?"

"I'm an engineer now Neji"

"As expected"

"Studying there is quite hard especially it's a foreign land, one that I'm not accustomed to. It became a challenge and you know how I love challenges. I was able to get along well for that"

"Aside from studying, what else did you do?"

"Played some sports, dated once in a while and modeling"

"Really? You took up modeling?"

"hn. It took away my boredom and as a source of income"

"Any serious relationship?"

An eyebrow arched up "yes and no…something in between those lines, you know what I mean"

"Yeah. You'll always been the elusive type. No strings attached. Heh! After all who could resist your looks?" a smile tugging at his lips but Sasuke's face tells otherwise

"Demo, she didn't even noticed me" he said in an audible whisper

Silence. "Enough of me, what about you?"

Neji heaved a great sigh "well, after graduation, Uncle trained me for this business that my father had governed once. I was able to become president 6 months ago. Uncle said that I'm becoming what my father had wanted me to be. Hmm…what else, ah!...no girls"

"You really are a busy man. You're family?"

"Their fine. Uncle's busy with the insurance company; aunt is there to help him as usual. Hanabi will be in college in no time and Hinata…" Neji watched his face for any reaction "she's now a professional musician"

"That is good to hear" but his face remained impassive. I wonder what the dobe's doing?"

"Hah! Believe it or not, he's now an architect. He took the licensure exam and even passed it with flying colors. Damn. Never thought he could do it"

Sasuke shook his head then smirked "that dobe, he's really unpredictable"

"And not only that, he got himself a beautiful girlfriend. His grandmother's protégée in fact" and he laughed at Sasuke's incredulous expression

"To think that that dead last got ahead of us with girls…I'm sure that if he sees us right now, he'll gloat -"

"No doubt about it"

Sasuke scowled "speaking of that dobe, do you know his number?"

"Nope. But I think I know how, wait a bit"

Sasuke watch as Neji makes a phone call


"Sakura-san, its Neji"

"Oh, hi! Do you want to talk to Hinata?"

"No. actually I want to ask for Naruto's number"

"Naruto? Wait I'll call him now"

"What?! Naruto's there? Since when? And how?"

Sakura gave a laugh "yes he's here. Hinata invited him to stay with us. He only came yesterday afternoon"

He sighed "okay, what is she doing right now?"

"Rehearsing from piano to violin"

"Good. After all, she only got a week before the concert. Sakura-san, please see to it that she doesn't tire herself"

Sasuke's ears perked up when he heard the words her and concert.

"I will. I'll have Naruto to talk to you. Give me a moment"

Neji turned to Sasuke "want to speak to the dobe?"

He nodded and Neji pushed the speaker phone button on

"Yo Neji! Hey, before you say anything, she invited me here coz' she misses me and I'm not causing her any problem"

"Good. Naruto, somebody else here wants to talk to you"

"Eh? Who is it?"

Sasuke stood up and went to Neji's side

"Me dobe"

There is only one person who calls him dobe

"Sasuke bastard is that you?!" yelling out

"Really dobe, my parentage is well documented"

"Hah! You are a bastard. You left without telling me, vanishing for 4 years, and now you have the gall to talk to me?!"


"well?! Aren't you gonna say sorry?!"

"since when have I said sorry?"

"see?! You've gotten more arrogant that ever and-"

"Fine. Sorry. Are you happy now? Good. And can you lower your voice? We're not deaf"

"what an idiot"

"Shut up Neji. Oh well, at least you've said sorry. Apology accepted. Wait, when did you arrived?"

"Yesterday afternoon. Listen dobe, I heard from Neji that you're an architect now-"

"Of course I am! Why wouldn't I be? So?"

The two just rolled their eyes

"Well, chichiue gave me the handling of our family's construction firm; I want you to work for me"

"temeh! Couldn't you ask nicely? The hell you are ordering me around!"

"Do you want to or not?"

"Shut up! You know I will. Need to get a job now-"

Neji drawled out "yeah or else Sakura-san will ditch him for good"

"Shut it you prick! And Sakura-chan will never ditched me for she looooovvveeesss me! Got it?"

"Damn. This conversation is getting stupid" Sasuke said

"It is expected considering how dumb he is"

"Go to hell both of you"

"I have to go. Dobe, meet me here at Neji's office tomorrow morning at 8"

"Yeah sure"



"Don't be late"

"No problem"

Sasuke nodded to Neji and he left

"Hey Neji-" he was cut off with a scream

"What the hell is that Naruto?!"

"I don't know but it is Sakura-chan's. I'll check it out"

Neji's worry increase when the screaming continued on and "Naruto! Naruto! Help her! There's a huge snake!"


"Hinata don't move! Hurry up and kill it! No! it's going to strike her!"

A shot rang out and hurried footsteps were heard "Neji gotta go!" and the line went dead

Neji never realized that he's been holding his breath all along. Exhaling, he immediately took his cell phone and car keys then ran out of his office and out of the building that his employees stared.

"Damn! How the hell did a snake got inside the house?!" he said as he drove his car away.

A/N: any questions, just PM me. Thanks. Here's a thing for you guys. The lyrics for the tv version of the new Shippuden opening. Damn! I love this song. Listened to it and edited the lyrics from an anime website.

SIGN by Flow

I realize the screaming pain
Hearing loud in my brain
But I'm going straight ahead with the scar

Can you hear me (3x)

So am I

wasurette shimae ba ii yo kanjinaku nachaeba ii
surimuitta no kokoro ni futa o shitanda
kizutsuitatte heiki da you mou itami wa nai kara ne
sono ashi no hikizuri nagara mou

miushinatta kibun jishin ga
ototattete kuzureteita
kizukeba kaze no oto dake ka...

tsutae ni kita yo kizua tatadotte
sekai ni oshifusarete shimau mae ni
oboeteru kana namida na sora o
ano itami ga kimi no koto o mamotte kureta
sono itami ga itsumo kimi o mamotte runda

(Can you hear me So am I)