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VERY A/U (alternate universe for those of you who can't figure that out!)

Dragonball Verto Series 5: Zerg Wars 2: Swirling Destinies

Prologue: A Burning Past and the Winds of Change

"Are you ready to proceed?" the shadowy form asked. I couldn't help but sulk a bit in the presence of the lifeless body before me. I had barely known her, and yet it was if I had spent a lifetime with her watching over me from afar.

"Can I have a few minutes?" I asked.

"Take all the time you need. I will be above, I sense our time is running thin," he said, leaving the room quickly. The door remained open, but the light had long sense faded out, more than likely due to the recent loss of its caretaker. I lost track of the one who had brought me here quickly as he left the area, leaving me in a slowly darkening room as the torches around me slowly began to fade to blackness one by one. Ten in all, some yellow and some blue, all of them destined to fade out like so many I had seen. All of them passed into the winds of change much like my life as I reflected upon it.

Nothing ever stops these thoughts and the pain attached to them.

Sometimes I wonder why this is happening.

It's like nothing I could do could distract me when,

I think of how I shot myself in the back again.

Cause from the infinite words I could say,

I put all the pain you gave to me on display.

But didn't realize, instead of setting it free,

I took what I hated and made it a part of me!

It never goes away…

One. I thought about my previous life. It seemed so long ago that I left my planet, and yet it had only been about two years including the time in the hyperbolic chamber. My human mother and all my loved ones from there, my friends that may or may not have been there for me. I felt I had not always been there for them and that I should have been.

Two. All of that life, gone in barely forty-eight hours. My life completely changed and flip flopped. Everything I had dear was taken, no, stolen from me by a heartless monster. To have that back, I was sure I would sacrifice anything to do it.

Three. A new life, supposedly given to me by that same monster that had stolen my old one. New family and new friends, eventually I would care for them in the same way. I had to give up that old part of me to realize and gain the new one. That seemed to have healed my damaged soul in a way that I had never realized until now.

Four. Losing that new family igniting a new spark in me during the Majin Buu crisis. That fact that the Supreme Kai had blocked my mind from accessing what may transpire became a prime factor in the slow release of my hidden potential. Another monster was trying to take my family and friends away, and I fought against it along side of them, eventually winning.

Five. A series of strange twists regarding my life and my potential. My more potent Saiyan aspects were made known to me by negative emotions that as I understood were supposed to be held back and in check. Trying to be the good-hearted warrior was impossible because I never understood how to deal with conflicting emotions that built up over time. Not too mention the sharpening of my body and soul without that time and experience. I almost feared what may have happened if Old Kai had released all of my power at once.

Six. My mind, body and soul restored after some horrific things had been done to my enemies whether they deserved it or not. Once again a child, but once again forced to go through the stress of dealing with a threat to love and peace. A trait I will probably have forever. Maybe now, for the first time, I will truly understand what my life will consist of from now on.

Seven. The Zerg. I could write several books on them just based on opinion from what I knew now. I had always known that they were a threat to peace. Their chaotic and consuming will to please their master the Overmind, the driving force behind them. And what I went through and learned during my capture was potentially more frightening that any scenario that death could bestow upon me. The single worst thing that came from it was knowing that my greatest fear and possibly most dangerous enemy was not the Overmind at all…

And now…

You become a part of me, you'll always be right here

You become a part of me, you'll always be my fear

I can't separate, myself from what I've done

Giving up a part of me, I've let myself become you!

A/N: Strong opening eh? See if you can figure out whom I'm talking about before I get there.

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