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Epilogue: The Demon

"I advise caution Verto, this enemy is likely very powerful," Dabura suggested as we landed on the ground of hell.

"I figured that, but I'm ready for anything. The only question is who did this?" I asked as I glanced around at all of the bodies.

"I do not know, but anyone who can leave the dead in a coma is nothing to be trifled with. Perhaps the Kais or King Yemma may know, once we find them that is," Dabura said, standing over what appeared to be an old Frieza minion. I spotted the short and red Jeice not far away and scanned his energy as best as I could. I sensed that the ki level was very low, but there was a reason for it. The Psi energy that every soul possessed, no matter how low, was pretty much gone. There were trace amount left, along with a large stab wound in the side like whoever did this was trying to suck his guts out, it was as if whoever did this only drained Psi energy. His neck was also turned harshly to the side with his mouth gaping open, like it was broken.

"There is a possibility that it is Friez.." Dabura began as I cut him off.

"No, even he wouldn't do this, and I doubt he could. These stab wounds are very specific, and all of the Psi energy within them is gone. He doesn't have a clue on what Psi energy is, nor could he use it to his advantage. There is still a tiny amount of ki left. If they weren't already dead, I'd wonder how they were holding on," I explained, glancing around at the other motionless corpses. I still didn't sense any major presence yet, just a huge amount of tiny energy signals that represented this crowd of comatose villains.

"I don't sense you know who, so unless he's hiding his energy, there is a chance that he may have been defeated as well. I can't say I've ever seen anything like this before, not even from the Zerg. It's like their souls have been taken," I said, scanning around. I suddenly picked up a very small energy behind us, slightly higher than everything else. It took me a second to recognize it, but the scowl that appeared on my face didn't have anything on Dabura's.

"Hahahahaha! We meet again Dabura, this time you will pay for your betrayal!" the tiny wizard cackled.

"Babidi, you're looking shorter than usual. And I did not betray you; I was released from your absurd spell when Majin Buu killed us. Since then I have become much more powerful, I doubt you could control me ever again!" Dabura boasted.

"You brought that rotten monkey kid with you too! Ha! It doesn't matter, my newest minion will destroy you both. It may not be as powerful as Majin Buu…yet, but it will suffice!" he said in a cocky tone.

"That sounds familiar you little imp, I've already wiped out Buu's most powerful form and now I'm even stronger! Bring on your next crony Babidi, I'll tear him apart too!" I said now, oozing with confidence since completing my training.

"I have to agree with the boy, whatever this creature is, it does not have a chance!" Dabura said, a slight smirk returning to his face.

"I will teach you two respect! Kaa, get out here!" Babidi roared. Dabura's smirk melted off once he heard the name, but my expression remained the same for a moment.

"No, don't tell me you released THAT demon!" Dabura asked in a shaky voice.

"Who the hell is that?" I asked. Dabura didn't answer, but I soon picked up a powerful energy surge behind a nearby hill, and it was only getting closer. I scanned it over and over before it appeared, getting a very strange signal back. It possessed a large amount of ki and a larger amount of Psi. It was the Psi signal that was strange, but it soon fit together, because it felt like it didn't belong to whatever this thing was, it wasn't its own. A large creature emerged and slowly walked towards us, its head looking like a sewn together skull with eyes. It's body looked to be in horrible shape, except for the large claw on its left arm. It appeared to be wrapped in bandages, and a few of the limbs looked to be lacking in body mass.

"Now go do something nasty to them!" Babidi screeched and pointed. This creature, Kaa, stopped where he was and his energy surged. First his ki rose to its what felt to be its maximum, which really wasn't anything worth mentioning. But then its Psi energy rose and then suddenly drained, and I felt added ki building up higher and higher. I swore I heard screams and other frightened voices in the air coming from a thin blue aura. All his Psi energy drained to nothing but residue, and his ki was much higher than it was before. What disturbed me though was the fact that I didn't sense a spirit within this creature, it was like it didn't possess one of its own and had instead taken the spirits of others, or at least their energy. Oh man, how horrible, he ate their souls! Kaa wasn't done when he powered up, I felt his presence surge outward. It passed throughout the plains of hell and beyond and I sensed something even worse start to stir around us. I glanced down at Jeice as his body began to convulse just a bit, but then settled down as his lifeless eyes opened. He sat up and a feral growl escaped his throat. Others corpses around also began to stir and sit up, and most of them looked at us like a rabid dog.

"What the hell?" I dared to ask.

"It's one of that creature's powers, it's victims can be raised into mindless zombies. Be cautious, they may retain their original power given enough time," Dabura said, ready for a massive fight. Jeice's hungry eye locked on and he dove for my leg with drooling teeth ready for a meal. I kicked Jeice off, watching him fly into a crowd of Zombies that slowly advanced towards us, all of them moaning and groaning in hunger.

A/N: There's my patented cliffhanger for you guys to chew on. There are a lot more things that happen in Series 6, but this is definitely one of the highlights.