Waffling (aka: The Epilogue)

Author's Notes: Well, here it is: The Final Installment of "Reservations"! Just in time for Valentine's Day! It is now complete; there will be no more. ( Thanks to everyone for all your support and your lovely reviews. Don/Terry Forever!

Summary: It's time for Don and Terry to stop waffling around...

Disclaimer: I don't own them, I just took them out for a spin. I don't think they're too damaged, though they may be in need of therapy...

Don woke slowly, as was usual lately, shifting comfortably against the warmly familiar weight pressed against his side as her breath whispered over his collarbone. His first thought was, 'Wow, she feels good.'

'Why am I naked?' was his second.

Suddenly very awake, Don took stock of his surroundings, starting with the person lying partway on top of him. Between the naked skin his hand was touching and her sensation of her phenomenal breasts pressed right up against his ribcage, he was pretty sure that she as wearing considerably less than she usually did.

The clincher was the silky soft skin of her inner thigh lying across one of his and the ('Oh my God!') nest of soft curls riding high on his hip. Terry evidently noticed how tense she was because she squirmed delightfully and did a cat-like full-body stretch.

So that instead of merely resting on him, she was trying to mould herself into him. Oh, holy…

While he was busy trying to dispel the fog that settled over his vision, her hand flexed slightly, gently squeezing part of his chest, and she blinked awake, peering up at him through her lashes. "Hi," she murmured, settling back down to wallow in his warmth.

Don knew the instant she realized what had him so tense, because she reared up and back, taking most of the covers with her. He scrambled for a part of the blankets to cover his lap, and glowered at her. "What?"

"Don!" she cried. A glint of gold near the blanket covering her left breast caught his eye and he peered at it. Apparently, something about him captured her attention because she squinted at him, too.

And promptly reared back so fast she fell off the other side of the bed. Taking all of the blankets with her. "Terry!" he exclaimed, scrambling over to check on her. She stood, one arm holding the covers tightly to her chest while the other brushed hair out of her eyes. Terry took one look at him and he watched, utterly fascinated, as her ears turned a delicate shade of pink. She spun, hunting for something on the floor, and presented him with her incredible backside.

And then she bent over to pick whatever it was up, and he caught a brief glimpse of paradise. She straightened and turned back to face him, freezing as she noticed his intent, very interested, gaze. It took her a moment to work out why he was looking at her like… that, and when she did, Terry made a noise of disbelief and she chucked his boxers at his head. "Perve!" she accused, but it was terribly difficult to stay angry at him when his eyes had turned black, and he was eyeing the sheet like that.

Terry let her eyes roam the room while he donned the boxers, but her attention was caught by a piece of paper on the nightstand. Not normally a cause for alarm, but this piece of paper had a very official-looking seal on it. She staggered forward, quite a feat when she was trailing a few extra feet of bed-sheet and blanket, and picked the paper up.

She scanned through it once, and her grip loosened and she sank back down on the bed beside Don. Who promptly plucked it out of her slackened fingers and read it for himself. His eyes widened and the little piece of paper fluttered down to rest on the floor.

The little piece of paper that declared that Donald Adam Eppes and Theresa Jane Lake had been married at Cupid's Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada the night before.

"Don, what the hell happened last night?"

"I have no freaking idea."

And neither of them could remember a thing about it. They stared at the simple gold wedding bands on each of their left ring fingers for several minutes before Don summed up their thoughts in two succinct words:

"Holy shit."

After showering – separately – and dressing (also separately), they met in the kitchen where Princess happily gobbled up her breakfast, stopping occasionally to quack a greeting. Don placed a mug of coffee in front of Terry when she sat down and they both stared at the marriage certificate.

"Well, it's Sunday; we can go over to my Dad's house for breakfast (it's Belgian Waffle Day), and then take a day trip up to see if it's legit," Don suggested after a while.

Terry considered that for all of two seconds. To willingly miss out on Waffle Day at Casa Eppes was a sure sign of insanity, especially since he pulled out all the stops. It was sacrilege to go over and not find every sweet, gooey, fattening topping in the house piled on the table. It was the one day of the week when healthy eating went right out the window. Terry herself would start with a healthy layer of butter, peanut butter, and Nutella©. Then would come the strawberries (sliced the night before and with a generous amount of sugar added so that there would be sweet strawberry juice to pour on as well), and the maple syrup. Last would be a scoop of ice cream, and a huge dollop of whipped cream to cover the whole thing.

Just thinking about it made her mouth water. Her mind made up, Terry tossed Don's car keys at him and dashed into the bedroom to find her purse. Don refilled Princess' water dish and checked her food dish and litter box. Terry met him at the front door with a pair of golden chains, to hang their rings from she explained. Don was surprisingly reluctant to take the little gold band off but complied.

Partway to his brother's house Don was a little surprised to note the slender hand resting peacefully in his, fingers entwined, on the console between them. Don flashed her a smile and gently squeezed her fingers, pleased when she returned the gesture. They didn't speak, neither willing to be the one to break the peace.

"Morning!" Don called as he ushered Terry inside.

Alan appeared in the kitchen entrance. "Ah, Don, Terry, you're just in time. Donnie, go get your brother, would you? He disappeared in the garage bright and early this morning."

"Sure thing, Dad."

He returned, with Charlie in tow, to find Terry moving around the countertop, happily (one might even go so far as to say excitedly) piling her plate high. Don could have sworn he heard her chuckling gleefully, but he knew that unless he wanted to spent the next week sleeping alone (that is to say, not sleeping at all), he'd keep his mouth shut. Charlie chuckled affectionately at the tiny blonde agent and joined her, laughing when she playfully smeared whipped cream on his cheek.

Charlie did her one better and placed a dollop of Nutella© on the tip of her nose. If she crossed her eyes, she could see it; however, it was simply out of reach of her tongue. Terry pouted and reached for a napkin, mourning the waste of perfectly good chocolaty goodness, when Don stepped forward with a smile.

A thoroughly wicked smile. That rat she used to call a friend didn't wipe her nose off with his finger, oh no; he leaned down a bit, and kissed it off, swirling his tongue around just to make sure he'd got all of it! Terry couldn't help that her eyes glazed over, but in her defence, the man was simply too sexy for his own good. Really, that much sex appeal in one person should have been illegal. Don drew back and licked his lips. "Yummy," he murmured, eyes twinkling down at her. Terry was suddenly very glad she'd left her plate sitting on the counter because her knees were very close to buckling.

A hastily stifled snicker brought her back to earth with a bump. Holy crap! She'd been this close to jumping Don's bones in his brother's kitchen while Alan and Charlie watched! Eyes narrowing, Terry grabbed her plate and shoved past Don with a sound of outrage. She joined Alan and Charlie at the table, noticing too late that she'd forgotten to grab some bacon because Don the Rat had distracted her. Terry knew her ears were turning red but ignored it, and them, choosing to bury herself in her breakfast.

Don joined them a few minutes later, and shovelled half of his bacon onto her plate. He gently nudged her with an elbow when she refused to acknowledge him and she glared at him over her fork. "So, you kids got any plans today?" Alan asked jovially.

"Terry and I have an investigation out of town, so we won't be here for dinner," Don replied.

"That's too bad," Alan said. "I was going to make barbequed spare ribs tonight." He smiled at them when their eyes widened. "But, with the right kind of bribery, I could probably be convinced to set some aside for you."

Don considered swearing over his and Terry's firstborn and he realized that Charlie was looking at them rather bizarrely. "Charlie, you all right?"

Charlie blinked at them as a queer sort of smile crossed his face. "No, no, I'm fine. You guys have fun on your field trip. If you guys'll pick me up on your way to work in the morning, I should have something for you."

"Deal. Done, Terry?" Don asked as he stood and took his plate over to the sink. Terry scowled at him but rose as well, shovelling the remains of her breakfast into the garbage can with a tiny whimper of dismay.

"Thanks for breakfast, Mr. Eppes. It was fantastic, like usual." She walked back over to affectionately buss Charlie's and Alan's cheeks.

"How many times do I have to tell you, dear? It's Alan. You're practically one of the family. Maybe eventually we'll get you up to "Dad"," he added with a pointed look in Don's direction. She grinned shyly at him and took her leave, with Don trailing behind her as he promised his father the moon in exchange for some leftover ribs. "A daughter-in-law and grandchildren should do nicely," Alan said, grinning at Don's discomfited groan.

"Anything a little less lofty on your list, Dad?"

"Oh, I don't know about that. How about it, Terry? Would you mind helping to make this old man's dream come true before he dies?"

Terry turned bright red and escaped as raucous laughter was heard from the kitchen. "Dad! Now you've gone and embarrassed her!" Don complained.

"Donnie, that there is a wonderful girl and before you know it, she's going to give up on waiting for you to wake up and realize that she's right in front of you."

"Dad!" Don exclaimed as he, too, escaped into the warm Los Angeles sunshine.

"Donnie, wait!" Alan rushed down the stairs and pressed something into Don's hand. "That was your mother's. She wanted you to have it for when you found The One." Don stared, flabbergasted at the diamond solitaire engagement ring that sparkled in the light. "Think about it." Alan walked back inside, his work done, as Don could only stand, speechless, staring at his mother's ring.

"Don! Sin City can't wait forever, you know!" Terry's impatient shout brought him back to his senses and his finished the walk to the SUV. He tucked the ring into his pocket for later as he opened the door and climbed into the driver's seat. "Well, what did he say to you?"

"Nothing," Don claimed, starting the engine. He cranked the volume on the radio as he began the arduous and highly frustrating task of getting onto the I-15 to Las Vegas around irritating weekenders who didn't know how to drive.

Don held the door for Terry as they entered Cupid's Wedding Chapel on Las Vegas Boulevard South, and shoved his sunglasses up to rest on the top of his head while Terry did the same. She pulled out the marriage certificate and preceded up him up to the main desk and the person manning it. "Hi, we're looking for Reverend… Dan?" she said, squinting at the name underneath both of theirs on the license.

The amiable older gentleman smiled warmly. "That's me, honey. What can I do for you?"

"Do you remember officiating this?" she asked, placing the certificate on the counter and shoving it towards him.

He placed a slender pair of reading glasses on his nose and peered through them. "Oh, now I know why you two look so familiar! You were my last couple of the night!"

"We were?"

"Oh, you kids were so cute; you couldn't keep your hands off each other!"

"We couldn't?" Terry repeated with a squeak.

"Nope," he confirmed with a smile.

"Did we seem drunk at all?" Don asked cautiously.

Dan shook his head with a smile playing about his lips. "Drunk on love, maybe. I have standards here, and one of them is that I do not marry people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You kids were stone sober," he confirmed. "Why? You can't remember?"

Evidently, their expressions spoke for them because Reverend Dan burst into laughter. "Want me to repeat it for you? Free of charge," he offered.

Don retrieved the marriage certificate with a grin. "We're going to have to get back to you on that. Thanks, though."

"Any time, folks."

The moment they were out of sight of the main doors, Terry turned on him. "Holy shit, Don!"

"I know," he responded. "Fully legal and everything. What are we going to do about work?"

"Or we could just get this annulled and nobody has to know."

He pouted a little. "You don't want to be married to me?"

She scoffed. "I'd just hoped that when the time came, I'd remember it!" Her eyes widened and she nearly clapped a hand over her mouth.

Don couldn't take it any more and yanked her close enough to lay a kiss on her. A kiss that quickly spiralled out of control. When they separated, they were both breathing hard and their pupils had dilated so wide, their eyes were almost black. Don smiled as he planted little butterfly kisses down the line of her jaw. Something in him snapped into place and he found himself pulling away. He ignored her questioning "Don?" and slowly went down on one knee. Terry's eyes widened and her breathing started coming faster as he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out the singularly most beautiful diamond ring she'd ever seen in her life.

"We've never followed convention before when it comes to our relationship, so I don't know why this would be any different," he started. "Terry, I've loved you for so long now, I can't remember what my life was like without you in it. Will you marry me and put me out of my misery?"

"Oh, Don," she breathed. Then she reached out and dragged him to his feet so she could kiss him properly. Then she slugged him. "You dolt! We're already married!"

Don leaned in for another soul-stealing kiss. "I know, but I figure this time we'll both be there to remember it. So, you want to take Reverend Dan up on his offer?"

"Your Dad'll murder you. Just like my mom will murder me," she added after a moment of consideration.

"So we'll have another ceremony to re-new the vows. Come on, Terry, what do you say?"

"Whose apartment are we going to live in?"

Don grinned and kissed her. "There's a house down the street from my dad and Charlie that's up for sale. Feel like going dutch?"

"How do you always know just what to say?"

"It's just part of my charm. So, wanna get hitched?" He grinned and waggled his eyebrows at her.

"You jerk."

"You know you love me."

"I didn't say that. Did you hear me say anything of the sort?" The next sound out of her mouth was a shriek of laughter, as Don chased her around the parking lot.

Late that night, as the newlyweds rested after yet another mind-blowing round of lovemaking, Don brushed his lips over Terry's hair. "Terr, what are we going to do about work? I don't want to have to keep this a secret forever."

He felt her smile into his chest. "Merrick approached me on Friday afternoon," she said. "Apparently, Homeland Security is recruiting profilers to work with the Bureau. The Homeland Security guys get assigned to work with actual teams, but because I'd be officially working for them, there's no conflict of interest or fraternization issue. Merrick said I'd still be assigned to your team, just answering to a higher power."

Don whooped with delight and rolled her under him, kissing her until they were both feverish with desire. "I love you."

"I love you, too, Don," she replied on a moan. There wasn't much more said after that.

At least, not until Princess decided that the moving lumps under the covers were fair game for practicing pouncing.

On Don's backside...

With her claws out...

Terry laughed for ten minutes solid.

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