Things I'll Never Say

By Duck Goddess

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Chapter One

Ginny Weasley and the other members of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team walked out onto the pitch to meet cheers and screams of, "Go Gryffindor!" and "Slytherin suck!" Meaning that everyone (except for the Slytherins of course) were supporting Gryffindor. She smiled. This was just another day, another day filled with flying...


Warily, Ginny walked up to the old broom shed. Yes, this was definitely the right thing to do. Ever since she saw her brothers play like that, she knew she wanted to fly; not sit in a boring old kitchen listening to her mother ranting on about how wonderful Gilderoy Lockhart was and how she should learn how to cook.

This is not the time for Gilderoy Lockhart, she told herself sternly. How was Ginny going to get in? She knew the broom shed was always locked. Ginny couldn't bash through the door because she was too little, she was only six.

Defeat erupted through her as she realised that this was the most stupid idea she ever thought of. I'll never be able to fly. Bill and that lot won't ever let me just because I'm a GIRL. Tears filled her eyes and Ginny bowed her head.

Suddenly, Ginny heard a click. Gasping, she looked up at the broom shed. The door was wide open, as if it were inviting her. Merlin's beard! How the hell did that happen? Oh, who cares? She ran inside and gave a cry of glee as she saw all her brothers' brooms, stood up and waiting for her to mount it.

Which one should I use first? Fred and George's brooms would probably shoot something up your bum and Charlie's looked very old and worn out so she decided on Bill's.

Ginny instantly knew what to do since she watched her brothers so many times. She raised her hand over the broom and said clearly, "Up!" The broomstick shot up into her hand. She was astonished. It worked! Holding the broom in her hand, she stepped over the broom and kicked off from the ground.

Surprise overtook Ginny as she realised she was in the air. I'm flying! I'm actually flying! It was a wonderful feeling. The wind soured through her soul as she swerved and dived. Ginny closed her eyes and savoured this moment. She spread her arms wide out and sighed. Nothing could ever take this away.

"GINEVRA MOLLY WEASLEY! WHERE ARE YOU? I NEED YOU TO HELP ME WITH DINNER SO GET BACK HERE NOW!" Molly Weasley's screams rang through the air. Great, she just had to ruin the moment.

"I'm coming, Mum!" Ginny called. Sighing, she put the broom back to its place and whispered, "I'll be back. Maybe Ron's broom will be just as good." Grinning, Ginny ran back to the Burrow and listened to her mother's lectures.

End flashback

Ginny snapped back into the present. She looked at the opposing team. All of them had very nasty smiles on their faces. Ginny shuddered inwardly. "Captains, shake hands!" Madam Hooch said firmly. Harry and Malfoy quickly shook hands, glaring at each other. "Mount your brooms!" Hooch called. Pheet!

The Quaffle was up in the air and Isabel, her fellow chaser, snatched it and swerved quickly, avoiding a Bludger coming her way. She passed quickly to Leah Campbell, the other chaser and one of Ginny's best friends, who glided along towards the goal. Just as she was about to shoot, Leah passed quickly to Ginny who scored.

Flying below Isabel, Ginny caught sight of Harry Potter, their star seeker, looking very glum as he searched for the Snitch. She sighed. I wish he'd just cheer up. He's not the only one who has to fight. He's not the only who's going to lose people. "GINNY!"

She snapped out of her trance and caught the Quaffle just in time and scored. Yes! In your face, Slytherins! She caught sight of Malfoy and smirked at him. "WEASLEY! WATCH OUT!" Huh?

Suddenly, pain overtook her as she felt something hard break against her skull. Bloody hell, she thought faintly as darkness began to overtake her. Ginny felt herself lose grip of her broom and slip off.

The wind brushed against her as gravity pulled her down. But something was in the way. Ginny felt something warm yet cold at the same time and looked up to see a pair of familiar silvery-grey eyes before she fainted.

The nerve of the little Weasley. Smirking at me like that. Holy shit, the Snitch is right by her. I can finally beat Harry bloody Potter because he's so stupid he can't even see it! Okay, here goes. Oh crap. She's so busy staring at me that she doesn't even notice a Bludger is right behind her! What the hell should I do? Warn her or let her die? Why does it have to be such a hard decision!

Draco's conscience took over him and he couldn't help shouting, "WEASLEY! WATCH OUT!" But it was too late. The Bludger crashed into Ginny and in slow motion; she fell forwards and off her broomstick.

Harry spotted the Snitch as it darted around near Ginny, one of the Chasers on the team. He stared at her for a moment. Harry had finally noticed that she was beautiful, judging from her personality and looks. She was the only one who put him in his place in the summer. Ginny was a great friend and he discovered he had feelings for her. Why didn't he see her before?

Why now, when she's 'given up' on me. I guess that's my punishment. He started to speed towards her but a sudden CRACK! made him wince. Harry looked around to see who was hurt but his stomach dropped when he saw it was Ginny.

In a second, Harry felt his mind go numb. What should I do? He tried to dive but it seemed like his muscles were made of jelly. Harry couldn't move.

Suddenly, he saw a flash of pale blonde hair and realised that Malfoy could get the Snitch. His mind was wired back again and he quickly felt the winged walnut-sized ball in his hands.

The crowd cheered but Harry couldn't hear it. He was diving towards Ginny but he realised she was already safe. He ran his hand through his jet-black hair. How come I couldn't catch her? How could MALFOY, the evil piece of crap, save her?

Oh great, bloody Potter has to come to save the day. Draco continued racing towards her and saw that Harry caught the snitch. That's a change. He was going for the Snitch, not the girl.

Draco caught Ginny and was surprised because she was very light. She looked so radiant, with her wavy reddish hair flooding around her. He thought she looked up at him for a second before she passed out. She feels so soft and warm.

He saw Potter shouting at the Beaters, Jack Sloper and Andrew Kirke, threatening to kick them off the team. I guess Potty does care a little about Weaselette. Or is it because Weasley's a good Chaser? Draco snapped out of his reverie to find Harry at their side. Oh great. The interrogation

"Ginny! Are you okay?" Draco heard Harry say.

"She's unconscious, you idiot. I have to take her to the Hospital Wing," he replied.

"You can't take her to the Hospital Wing!"

"I just saved her life and she's injured. So what would a person think: Going to the Hospital Wing is stupid so I'll just leave her like this and she can die! Merlin, you really are a fucking prat."

"That's not what I meant. I don't trust you with her. You could –" He was interrupted by the sight of Ron, Hermione, Leah and Colin Creevey (Ginny's other best friend) rushing towards them.

"Oh, Ginny! Are you alright?" Hermione and Leah shrieked, nearly bursting into tears.

"Oh Merlin, she's unconscious!" Ron said hysterically. "I'm so dead..."

"Yes, I think we've already established that fact," Draco said, rolling his eyes, "So move out of the way because I need to take her to the Hospital Wing."

Ron gaped at him. "No way, she's MY sister! I'll take her!"

Leah started crying on Colin's shoulder, not noticing the colour of his face which was bright red.

By now, Draco's robes were all bloody from Ginny's blow and everyone was crowding around to see what happened. We're wasting so much bloody time. Weaselette could be dead by now.

"Look, we're wasting time. Weasley could be dead right now and we might not know. Weasel, you take her to the Hospital Wing for all I care. Here." Draco thrust Ginny into his arms and the Golden Trio (with parts of the Younger Trio) rushed off, along with Dumbledore and McGonagall. He grimaced.

Potter's so perfect that it makes me sick. How can he stand it? How can he be so heroic and good, with everyone worshipping him? Even though I'd be happy if he defeated the damn creep, he still thinks he knows everything about everyone. Well, he doesn't know about me.

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