Immortally Yours

By William Gilmor

Disclaimer :I don't own any of the character contained with in this story If I did I won't be writing Fan fiction.

Pairing: X/J and X/multi

It was a brand new day. As a sleek custom silver automobile pulled up to Sunnydale High School doing an easy 70 miles an hour as it spun out and pulled right into an empty space on the curb.

Out of the car stepped a young man the newest student to Sunnydale High one Alexander Harris. As he stepped out of the car a beautiful red head climbed out of the passenger seat and she goosed Alexander as he came up next to her.

"Thanks for letting me take the old girl for a "spin" Mina." Smirked Alexander as he pulled the red head close and kissed her.

Mina smiled a seductive little smile as she headed for the driver's side.

"The pleasure was all mine Tom. We'll have to do this again sometime. Soon I hope." Laughed Mina as she slid into the car and pulled away.

As Xander walked up to Sunnydale High he smirked as he felt an old feeling in gut.

"There's a Slayer nearby. And where there is a Slayer a Watcher can't be far behind."

Alexander was an Immortal who had never had a Watcher. He found it just made life easier. It was a trick his teacher Methos had taught him about a very long time ago.

As Alexander walked thru the School he spotted the source of his feeling. The Slayer a short blonde girl sat on a bench next to a red head girl and a black haired boy. Alex was slightly shocked as felt the magic potential of the red head was amazing. Not since Jenny had he felt such raw power. As the thought crossed his mind he felt a pang of loss as the thought of his Megabyte Jenny. He had planned to propose to her the night he saw her last but fate had kept them apart. He had died a public death before he had told her about what he was. I forced him to walk away from the one woman he thought of as his true love.

Alexander steeled himself as he walked over to the little group and asked a question.

"Excuse me I don't meant to interrupt I'm new here could you direct me to the office."

The black haired boy smiled and point to down the hallway and said. " Straight down there. Make you first right and you there can't miss it."

Alex smiled "Thanks." As he walked a way he felt a pair of eyes on him and he heard the Slayer say to the red head. "Right there with you he has a great ass." He could hear the red head squeak as looked back and winked at her causing her to blush her face quickly matching her hair.

"This maybe be more fun then I thought" Alex as he rounded the corner only to smack in a tall raven hair woman spilling her papers all over the floor.

As quick as he could Alex dropped to ground and picked them up. "I'm so sorry miss." Hurried Alex as he looking into the woman's face only to receive the shock of several lifetimes.

He was face to face with his Megabyte. His Jenny.

Jenny Calender's looked with her eyes wide at the face of the young man who walked into her. It was the face that belonged to a Lover who disappeared from her life long ago.

Alex quickly smiled and said. "I'm Xander and I hope that if you're a Teacher and I'm in your class this won't be to damaging to my grade." The newly named Immortal moved and head toward the office hoping that Jenny had not followed him.

Once inside the Office Xander leaned against the wall and moan out. "Just when you think that dealing with Murdock was the weirdest thing that could happen to you."

Xander walked to the lady at the desk and said "I'm Alexander Harris I'm suppose to start today."

Willow Rosenberg's heart pounded a mile a minute as she sat in Ms. Calender's class when she saw the guy who asked her and Jesse and their new friend Buffy for directions. Rumor had it that he had shown up in this cool car with a red head that took off after she dropped him and Willow smiled at the thought maybe he had a thing for red heads.

Jesse McNally sat fuming at the new kid who had just walked into class it was the same kid he'd help before was now turning his best friend Willow and the girl of his dreams Cordelia in love sick pups and he hated it.

Cordelia Chase fanned herself lightly at the sight of the new guy who had entered the classroom. He was a good 6ft1 and built. She could see he's body underneath the tight t-shirt he wore. He was definitely worthy of her. He would just have to be her boyfriend.

Harmony Kendall took one look at the new guy in the class as he sat next to her and decided that with him on her arm Queen C might just become her new subject as Queen H after all she had seen the red head and the custom card the new guy showed up with.

Buffy Summers watched the other new kid as he gave her this goofy looking smile that made her melt. "Oh god." She whispered. Maybe just maybe she could have a normal life and a normal boyfriend.

Jenny held her breath as Xander walked into the classroom and asked where to sit. His walk his smile every mannerism he had was so hauntingly familiar. "I need to know if Xander is related to Alex some how." She thought as Alex sat next to Harmony and she had to start class.

Xander stood in the alleyway holding the silver cross in his hand waiting for Buffy. Xander chuckled at his plan to appear as the Mysterious info source to throw the watcher off from alerting his sister organization. Keep the Watcher guessing that he is some kind of seer or Warlock long enough to get him to trust him. So he won't reveal what he really is.

As Buffy walked down the street she turned in time to see a vampire about to jump her.

Xander swung his sword from the alley cutting the vampire's head. "You know you should be careful on a night like this bad things could happen if you don't" smiled Xander. "Here you may need this." He said as he tossed her a small box.

Buffy caught the box and asked, "Who are you?"

Xander smirked. "Just a Friend."

"What if I don't want a friend?"

Xander almost laughed. "I never said I was yours."

Buffy saw a flash and turned around to check saw nothing turned back to Xander only to find him gonna. Looking around once more and seeing nothing Buffy opened the box Xander tossed her and pulled out a small silver cross.

Buffy couldn't help but smile. If her life couldn't be normal maybe she'd have a few friends that were just like her and maybe something more then a friend. The mysterious stranger thing the new Guy pulled was really working for her.

As Buffy continued on her way home a vampire watched from the roof of the building next to her. Slightly pissed that some kid not only got to Buffy first but also trumped his act by killing a vampire in front off her then giving her a cross and saying what he would've said. And given what his nose was telling him it turned her on. That really annoyed him.

Xander walked in to the mansion on Crawford st that he had bought for his stay in Sunnydale a little tired from his long day of setting things up and ducking Jenny.

"Ah my new home and with the death rate here a steal at 50 grand." Xander smiled as he moved to his study and opened a hidden door behind a bookcase stepping inside the room he smiled at the items that hung around his private memory room. These items from his past hidden in his house away from the magic bubble that held his training area and the majority of his collection as well as the town he first called home.

Xander sat in front of a picture taken in 1992 it was of him and a younger Jenny Calender sitting on a porch swing Jenny nestled up beside him and him holding on to her as they rocked softly. Xander smiled at the picture. "God how I love her." Smiled Xander.

Xander smiled at the picture when he felt the familiar tremor coming his way the secret door open and Xander smiled at the heavy breathing behind him.

"Have a good day at School Tom?"

Xander laughed. "It was interesting to say the least Edward. What's brings you to my humble abode?"

"Skinner and I were wondering if you would be interested in a poker game on Saturday before we had off for home?"

Xander smiled. "Sure Edward as long as Mina doesn't play. The last time she played with us I recall we all ended up naked and broke."

Edward Hyde let out a full belly Laugh. "Very true dear boy. Fear not she will be out that night she wants to catch the revival Dracula at the multiplex. She said she was in the mood for a comedy."

"Very true Alucard laughed his ass off when he saw that movie."

Hyde smiled as he left. Xander looked back at the picture of Jenny and reached into his shirt and pulled out a cross and on the chain was a diamond ring. Xander clutched the ring in his hand as he started to smile at the memories of his time with Jenny.

Jenny Calender sat in her bedroom crying over the open photo album in it were pictures showing her and Alex as a happy couple. Jenny's heartbreak at his disappearance was compounded by the fact her roommate Sam Carter had told her that Alex and her had bought an engagement ring the day he disappeared. Since he disappeared she had not been with another man nor would she ever as she vowed until she knew what happened to her soul mate.

"I need to know what happened Alex and if this Xander is way of finding you I will. I will find you my love I need you now more then ever please come back to me."

As she slowly slipped to sleep she started to dream it was the dream about how she and Alex had first met it was her favorite and it always gave her the strength to keep looking for her Alex.